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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 29

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Twenty-Nine.

*Noah’s point of view*

It’s been only a day. Twenty four hours and it felt like a year. I couldn’t sleep, I kept tossing on the bed. How the fuck was I going to sleep when Anna was still with the person that took her, doing God knows what.

And Casey was still with Drew only God knew what he was doing to my little girl. I’ve tried calling Anna’s phone again just to talk to whosoever took her. But it wasn’t going through.

I called Drew to ask about Casey but the bastard had only told me that the finals had been shifted till tomorrow.

I had tried to use my right arm but it still hurt and Anna not being here yo change the bandages I left it that way, wrapping it with a cellophane bag whenever I wanted to shower.

The house was still the way it was. Scattered and dirty. I couldn’t find the strength to arrange it. I couldn’t do anything, it felt like my heart had been cut out thrown into a furnace. And I had to stand and watch it burn.

I got up from the bed, picking up Casey’s teady bear, the one Theo had gotten for her at the mall. Theo, I hadn’t even talked to him for a while. I only hopes he was doing fine.

The teady bear was light and it stared at me with huge green eyes, it was like Theo knew they were just the same as Casey’s.

I missed her. My little potato. I wanted her back here in my arms. I wanted to run my fingers through her black silky hair. I wanted to sit her down and tell her stories while she looked at me with so much admiration and pride. I wanted to kiss her goodnight. And I badly wanted to tell her I loved her with all my heart.

I glanced up to see Anna’s broken glasses and the little hope in need crashed. What if I never saw those hazel eyes again?

I never wanted this for her, she was just a high school student who was obsessed with chemistry. She never asked for this kind of life. But then I had stumbled upon her and changed her life for good, causing her shame, embarrassment and havoc. I had put her through trauma, and distrupted her perfectly carved life.

When this was all over I was going to stay away from her. I didn’t want to cause her more pain, I already knew what Happened to women that dated people who belonged to the Snakes and Ladders. Mira, Theo’s wife died, because Theo tried to steal his cars but my dad had ran away with it, leaving him behind.

Me and Theo were both a mess because of my dad, we had both paid dearly for my father’s betrayal. That was why Theo took good care of me and treated me like the son he never had.

I owed my life to him. And after this was over I was going to meet him and tell him how much he meant to me. That was the least I could do.

I got off the bed and went towards the window, looking at the empty street, it was almost nine in the night and everyone was in already.

Casey’s teacher had called asking why she wasn’t in school I had told her she was sick. Even Clary had called me, I wondered how she got my number. But surely Anna would have given her. As they were besties. How stupid.

She had asked of Anna and was worried but I told her she went in a trip with her aunt and forgot her phone. I couldn’t tell her she was abducted by someone I didn’t know.

I sighed, stepping away from the window, picked up my phone and tried to call Drew again to see if I could speak to Casey.

He picked-up almost immediately. “What?”

“I need to speak to Casey” I said, not wanting to sound angry, but it was hard keeping it in.

“She’s not here. Shouldn’t you be preparing for your race tomorrow? I already called Theo to put the cars in good shape”

“I’ll prepare later. I just wanted to make sure Casey was safe. Please Drew I ask that you treat her well. I swear I’ll give you your money tomorrow”

“That’s if you win the race” The line went dead and I dropped to the chair. I needed to see Casey. I needed to know she was safe. I needed to touch her.

I stood up abruptly, running my hand through my hair and walking out of my apartment. Drew’s house was just down the road in the next street. I could go there and see Casey and make sure she was fine.

With that thought I walked out, covering my head with my hoodie. My shoulder still hurt from every core and I wondered how I was gonna drive with it tomorrow.

The finals was no game. It was the real thing. I couldn’t think of anything but winning. I didn’t even know who I was going to give the money to if I won..

Drew or Anna’s abductor?

I shook my head, I didn’t want to think about that now.
Nearing Drew’s house I noticed the white mansion standing amongst the smaller houses. Drew had a thing for beautiful surroundings.

Green Grasses layed around moving towards the direction of thenight breeze. I noticed his lights were still on signaling he was awake.

On getting to the entrance, I saw one of Drew’s men guarding it. Maintaining my cool I walked towards him.

“I need to see Drew” I said, trying to keep my face stoic.

“He said no visitors, especially you” He didn’t even spare me another glance as he started to push me away.

“Get off me! I need to see my daughter!”

“What’s going on here?” The door opened to reveal Drew in a black sleeveless turtle neck and trousers. His tattoos visible under the porch light.

“He said he wanted to see you” The man mumbled avoiding eue contact with Drew.

“I need to see Casey” I fought my way out of the guy’s grip and he tried to grab unto me but Drew just waved his finger at him and he let me go.

I followed Drew into his home and noticed everywhere looked surprisingly neat. For a gang leader I expected half naked girls around smoking and guys drinking. But instead the house was as decent as a family home.

“You have no right coming here, if you didn’t already have a wounded shoulder I’ll make my guys beat you up and send you back” Drew looked at me. “But no man should hit a wounded man. I’d rather him be able to defend himself”

“Daddy!!!” I loud, childlike voice sounded through the house, echoing loudly.

I turned around to see Casey running towards me in a pink night dress and a huge pink teady bear in her arms.

“Hey!” I ran to her, scooping her in my arms, and hugged her close to my chest. I couldn’t fight the tears and I let them run down my face, hiding them behind Casey’s hair.

Casey hugged me tightly too. “I miss you daddy! Drew said you had to go for a while. You and Anna”

I sniffed, wiping my eyes quickly before looking at Casey. “Yea, I had some errands to do. I missed you potato. I missed you badly”

“Me too. But don’t worry Drew is taking care of me very well. He bought me this bear, see”

Casey shoved the pink bear in my face and I turned to Drew looking at him with shock. I expected him to have beat Casey or hurt her but instead he bought her a bear?

Drew? Drew Goodman? The leader of the most feared gang, Snakes and Ladders bought a two year old a teady bear?

“I didn’t buy her that. We just found it around” Drew said, trying to cover up but I smiled.

“No. Drew took me to the mall and bought it for me and this beautiful night dress” Casey pointed to the pink dress that flowed sweetly on the floor as she moved.

I tried smiling, but it was hard. I was jealous, Drew was giving her everything I couldn’t. He was rich, he could buy everything Casey needed and I couldn’t. I was jealous of that.

“It’s beautiful” I forced myself to say.

“Yes, and Drew bought a lot of toys and chocolates and cartoons. He let me watch TV. But you no have TV.”

Drew laughed and I shot him a glare, shutting him immediately.

“Go upstairs Casey, you’re tired you need to sleep” Drew said, bending low to meet Casey’s eyes.

“But daddy just came. Me want to play with daddy”

I held unto Casey not wanting her to go.

“Me and your daddy have something to talk about so he doesn’t loose what he loves the most” Drew glared at me, his eyes threatening me and I let go of Casey.

“It’s ok potato. Go to sleep. I’ll be here when you wake up”

“Pinky swears?”

“Pinky swears”

Casey grumbled and kissed me on the cheek before yawning and climbing up the stairs, dragging the bear on the floor.

“I love you” I whispered but she heard, turning back, then running to hug me once more.

“I love you too”

Then she left, closing the door behind her.

“Get out!” Drew barked. “You’ve seen her now go!”

“Look, thanks for taking care of her” I said sincerely, walking away.

“This act if kindness would stop soon. You better win the race Noah, or else Casey would suffer a great deal. Tomorrow would determine”

He slammed the door to my face and his guard dragged me out of the compound.

I was scared, and for the first time in my life my heart sank, filled with sadness. I had to win this race, for Casey and for Anna.


Hey guys.

Ok back to the story. Noah decided to see Casey and she’s doing well but Drew said he was going to become harsh towards her if Noah doesn’t win this race.

Anna is still with the abductor we still don’t know who he is.

The ball is in Noah’s court. And there’s only one option and that is to win.

Next chapter coming up after 1k likes.


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