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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 28

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Twenty-Eight.

*Anna’s point of view*

My body was in unimaginable pains, with my hands tied at the back, I’ve been in the same chair for hours. The bandages I had were already soaked with blood, even my breathing was painful considering I’ve been tired around my chest to the chair.

I couldn’t breathe properly and my body was numb from sitting in the same positions. I was so tired. Weak. And I knew it was only for a few hours before my body shut down.

But I didn’t give up hope I knew Noah was going to come get me. He would. His voice, just hearing it alone when my attacker whom I haven’t seen due to the blindfold around my eyes. I didn’t even know where I was. All I knew was that I was strapped to a chair.

Noah’s voice. He sounded so upset It soot every fear on me and I knew it would only be a matter of time before he won that race and took me back.

I sighed, my thoughts wandered to school. I missed chemistry, and Clary too. My best friend. She was probably worried sick about me. My aunt too, she was always too busy to worry but considering I haven’t been to the clinic for a while would bring up suspicions.

I rested against the chair, struggling out of the ropes but to no avail. It was tied around me too tight.

I heard footsteps from a far distance coming closer to me. It’s heavy shoes stumped the floor loudly and I shook in fright.

Squirming as much as possible didn’t help because in a moment, the footsteps stopped, and I felt a presence close to me. His breathe could be felt on my neck and his nose touched my ears.

My body jerked away from him, trying to move as far as I could but I couldn’t go far.

“Stop shaking, you’re only making me more excited to touch you” the same deep voice that came to threatened me earlier said, kissing my neck softly.

I wanted to scream and shout and insult him. But I couldn’t my mouth was tired. He breathed again, and I could smell acohol in it. Funny how being blindfolded heightened your other senses.

His breathe reecked of acohol. And it only added to my irritation.

“You know, Noah’s really hardworking. He’s been living the past three years of his life racing and paying off Drew. The brat”

My heart beat accelerated. This person knew about Drew and Noah. He knew Noah owed him.

“If Noah wins this race he’s going to finish paying off Drew and he can be free. I don’t want that”

My breath seized. Why wouldn’t he want Noah to be free from Drew’s grip. Only a wicked person could wish such.

“You see Noah doesn’t deserve to be free, no not after what his father did to me. He deserves every pain coming his way. When he looses the race, I’m going to make sure of that. He’ll loose his daughter to Drew, the Stupid bastard. And he’ll loose you. Don’t worry honey I’ll make it a slow painful death”

I shivered in my seat and I felt his fingers surround my mouth, he traced his hands over the cloth around my mouth. Before he yanked it down. Allowing me to take a deep breath through my mouth. It ached at being tied for long.

“Why are you doing this? Noah had no part in this. He’s just paying for his father’s crimes” I said, I could feel tears gathering in my eyes. But they couldn’t slip because my eyes were blindfolded.

“Let me tell you a story” he said, and I heard a chair being dragged along the floor and placed in front of me before the man sat on it.

I could feel the tension forming between us, but I didn’t say anything and he spoke.

“You see. Me and Noah’s dad have been friends for as long as I could remember. I was his best man during his wedding. We we’re both into racing. Just because we loved it. And nothing else. After Noah’s mom died while giving birth to him. Noah’s dad was so grieved” He stopped as and I felt his pain.

“He tried bring up Noah in the best way he could, but about four years ago, he couldn’t take it anymore. So he decided to run away. He couldn’t deal with the responsibilities of a father. He told me of his plans and since we both didn’t have money. We decided to steal some of Drew’s cars. After all the plans, Noah’s dad took off with the cars. Leaving me behind. I can never forgive him for that betrayal” I heard him say. He started to sound angry.

But I didn’t say anything I waited for him to continue.

“Eventually Drew being the smart ass found out, he sent out his men to look for him but he was long gone. Leaving me to pay the price of his betrayal and the cars. But when Drew found out he had a son, he put it all on him. But he wasn’t done with me. No one offends Drew and went away Scot free”
He sighed and I heard him sniff.
“He killed my Mira, my beautiful wife. She was the only woman that accepted me for who I was. She knew I was into this kind of illegal sport but she loved me that way. I wanted to join Noah’s dad to steal the cars so I could give her the best life she deserved. She could have been living in luxury, she deserved so much more than a bullet to her head”

I heard the man sniff, he was fighting back tears and I felt sorry for him. No one deserved that.

“She died, all because of Noah’s dad. All because of that bastard!” He shouted and I flinched at the rise of his tone.

“But Noah is just a victim, he’s suffering just like you. He has a debt to pay because of his dad. Drew took his daughter, he-”

“Does it look like I give a damn?! I don’t fucking care about that. He’s going to suffer just as his father made me suffer!”

He laughed now, coming to touch my face and I scrambled away from him in fear, my heart sinking in fear.

“Noah is going to pay for all his father has caused me. And I have just what he cares about. I have something that’s very important to him. I have the person he loves”

He touched my face, then kissed me on the lips, I whimpered moving away, but he caught my jaw and forced me to kiss him again.

“And that is you Anna, Noah loves you too much. And when he finds looses his match and looses his daughter, I’ll finish him off by killing you. It’s such a shame to waste such beauty. But then my Mira was more beautiful”

Hey guys! Thing are getting hotter and hotter and more secrets are being reveales but we still don’t know who it is that captured Anna or do you know who?

Anyways, now we know why this person is doing all this to Noah. And he’s nit going to stop until he finishes with Noah causing him his greatest pain.

Next chapter coming out after 1k likes.


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