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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 27

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Twenty-Seven.

*Casey’s point of view*

“I want my daddy!” I shouted again, hitting the big man that carried me to a big house.

“Shut up child!” He barked at me, but the other big man that had so many tattoos laughed. My mommy said tattoos were bad and anyone that had tattoos were bad people.

And that man was bad. “She took after her father” he said, smiling at me.

“No laugh at me. I’m angry. And I want to meet my daddy!” I was sad, I wanted to meet daddy, I miss him and I wanted to see him and Anna too. Anna is always kind to me. And I wished I had jumped when she told me to.

Now I feel sad, Anna was tired and she tell me to jump but me was scared. Mommy always say not to jump on the couch that I could fall and injure myself. But Anna say she will catch me and she promise me, but me was too scared.

Now the bad man take me. He take me away from Anna and daddy.

I wanted to cry, the tears had gathered around my eyes but hadn’t fallen yet. I no want bad man to see me cry.

“Put her down, and go get the room close to mine ready” The bad man said to the man that carry me.

He put me on the floor quickly and I stumbled to stand properly, looking up at him.

He just ignored me and walked upstairs. I looked around the house. It was big house. Bigger that daddy house. Daddy house is small. Tou small, but me like it.

I no like bad man house.

“You like the house?” The bad man asked me and I shook my head meaning no.

But he smiled at me. “Whether you like it or not, you’ll be staying with me. You aren’t going to see daddy anymore”

That was when I burst into tears, it slowed down my cheeks and I attempted to wipe them away but too many was coming down my face.

The bad man walked up to me and knelt down in front of me, making me look at him with teary eyes.

“Why are you crying? I didn’t say anything bad” he spoke.

“You say I no see daddy again” I cried harder. I wanted to see Noah and Casey and Jake from school. I wanted to do palm painting with him and show daddy. I wanted to see my teacher.

“It’s ok” the bad man said, drawing me close to him, I cried harder as he wrapped himself around me and hugged me close.

After crying for about ten minutes, I rose my head. “What’s your name?”

The bad man wasn’t really bad, he hugged me and tell me sorry. He is good man.

“Drew” He said, smiling at me. “You hungry?”

I nodded. “Me is Casey, I want to eat cornflakes” I grinned and Drew led me to the kitchen.

“Your kitchen big!” I exclaimed, looking around at the glassware, kitchen island and high counter.

“I know, I love big things, and expensive things.” He explained, opening one of the cupboards and bringing out a box of cornflakes. I also noticed all other cereals.

“You have many cereals, daddy no have one. He say cornflakes for small people”

“Well your dad is dumb” he deadpanned.

“Dad no dumb. Dad tell me story and teach me homework. I love daddy” I said, taking a seat in one of the stools, but I couldn’t reach it.

Drew picked me up and placed me easily on it and I smiled in appreciation. “I know you love Noah. You look exactly like him. How old are you?”

“I turn three in January” I said, watching Drew pour the cornflakes in a bowl before being out of Bottle of milk from the fridge and turning it in the bowl.

“You’re a big girl now” he handed the bowl to me pointing to the spoons beside me.

I picked it and started eating, Drew stared at me. He looked at me the same way dad looked at me. Like he was happy I was here, he didn’t look bad. He looked happy and even when I thought he would treat me bad. He treated me well.

Drew wasn’t a bad man. Drew was good.

“Thank you” I muttered, Drew only smiled before going to meet the other man that carried me.

“Is the room ready? He asked

“Yes sir. I’ll be going to home now. It’s late and my wife would be worried” He walked away, leaving me with Drew.

I didn’t even realize it was still dark outside, probably 2 in the morning. I had been sleeping when Anna had come to wake me up.

Eat quickly, you must be tired”

I yawned and ate a little more before leaving the bowl, getting off the chair and going to meet Drew.

I was too tired to ask him when I’ll be going home. I yawned again and walked slowly up the stairs alnost stumbling.

But Drew picked me up and carried me, I layed my head against his chest and fought my eyelids to open.

But I was too tired and they shut against my power.

Drew continued walking up the stairs and soon he stopped, opening a door and placing me on the bed, he covered me gently before walking away.

“Won’t you tell me any bed time stories. Daddy always tell me” I whispered opening my eyes.

“I don’t know any. Now go to sleep” He said, sounding a bit sad, he walked off and close the door behind him..

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but I couldn’t, I thought of Anna and Noah. I missed dad so much. And mom too.

Mommy say she will come visit me soon. But when?

And Drew would he take me to daddy and Noah? I didn’t know.

I continued staring at the ceiling, for a long time until I looked round the room. The curtains were black. Black wardrobe, black walls. It was scary and I didn’t want to be here alone.

I had never slept alone in the dark. I always slept with Mommy, or dad. So I got up from the bed and walked out off the room.

Opening the one beside mine, the room was dimly bright as a small lamp shone from the nightstand.

The bed was huge, bigger than the one I was in, so I walked closer to it.

Drew was already sleeping and I tried climbing the bed to sleep with him.

But I was too small and the bed was high so I tapped Drew’s arm that dangled beside the bed.

He groaned, opening his eyes to look at me.


“Me is scared, no want to sleep alone in big room. Want to sleep with you” I told him.

Drew sighed before picking me up and laying me beside him.

He tucked me in and stared at me with wide blue eyes. I moved closer to him and he put his arms around me. “It’s ok Casey, I’m here. Don’t be scared”

Then I had the courage to close my eyes and sleep.


Hey guys. SURPRISE CHAPTER RIGHT!!!! For the first time since this book we have a Chapter from Casey’s point of view, the two and half year old girl.

Why? Because this book was so filled with suspense and I decided to ease it a little. But this is the only one you’re getting. Next chapter we are going back to the main thing. No time to laugh again. Haha, I’m wicked shey?
We finally saw a whole different side of Drew today, who knew he could be so caring. I thought he was going to kill Casey when he took her, but it seems he has a soft spot for her.
Is Drew what we think he is? Or his he just putting up this act to woo Casey? We shall find out in the next chapter.

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