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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 26

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Twenty-Six.

*Noah’s point of view*

I slammed the door shut trying to block out Anna’s plea and cries. I felt horrible, why?

I knew it wasn’t her fault. She had just tried to help me and Casey. So why did I treat her that way? Why did I throw her out?

I was so angry, I tried to console myself, I was so angry that Casey wasn’t here, my daughter wasn’t here with me and there was nothing I could do about it. All I had to do now was win the race, pay Drew before I could have my little girl in my arms.

Anna had helped, she jumpes out if a car after being alnost stripped naked in front of a lot of guys. She still wanted to help me. If it was others they would have ran away not wanting to have anything to do with me.

But Anna stayed, she risked her life for me and Casey, she jumped off a bridge, swam to the shore and walked around with only my jacket on. She came here to take Casey away but Drew got my little girl.

It wasn’t Anna’s fault, and I knew that. But I threw her out.

I threw get out at the early hours of the morning, where Drew’s men patrol the areas.
Oh God!
What have I done?

Drew’s men went around collecting the money people owed them in the morning, before they left for work. And I just threw Anna out.

What if the found her?

No! I slammed my door open, hurrying out, then went back to take my phone so I could call Anna.

What If they got her? What if they got Anna too?

I didn’t want to think of the horrible things that could happen. I couldn’t loose Anna too. She was my strength when I was weak. She was there for me at my weakest.

And I wasn’t lying when I said I loved her that night of the race because I did. I really did love her.

I hurried down the stairs calling Anna’s phone but she wasn’t picking. I didn’t even know if she had gotten home.

What was I thinking? Oh God! Please keep her safe.

I got downstairs looking at the street, no one was walking around. Most people knew Drew’s men came out early in the morning so they waited till it was bright enough.

I looked towards the direction of Anna’s home and started walking towards it, glancing left and right to see if I’ll find anything out of order.

Where was Anna?

I walked through the street, peeking at the dark alleys but finding nothing.

My heart race Increased and fear gripped my soul. I couldn’t loose Anna, not after Casey was gone.

My eyes brimmed with tears, this was all my fault! If I hadn’t been so angry and taking it out on Anna all these wouldn’t have happened.

What the fuck was wrong with me!

This time I had no one to blame but myself! I had used my own hands to give Anna to Drew all because of my foolish anger tantrum.

I gripped my hair, screaming at myself, raining curses they would put a gangster to shame.

I couldn’t loose Anna! I couldn’t!

I walked into her building and went to her apartment, kicking the door open. I expected to see Anna rushing around to pick her books getting ready for school.

But the house was empty, it looked like no one had been here for a couple of days. I could breathe, I a lost her.

I had lost the last most important thing to me! I slumped down the floor and started to cry.

“It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have been so stupid!”

I screamed, slamming my fists to the ground. “I’m so sorry Anna, I never meant for this to happen”

After all my attempt to keep the ones I loved safe, they were taken in the end. And the only way I could get them back was winning the race.

But how was I going yo fucking do that. My shoulder was damaged, my head felt like a thousand soldiers were marching in there.

I couldn’t compete like this.

My life was ruined. Ruined beyond repair. And it was all my fault.

My phone vibrated in my pocket and I rushed to fish it out thinking it was Anna but I saw a strange number. I answered and placed it to my ear.

It was silent at first but then I heard ragged breathing. Then a laugh. I waited for the person to speak.

“I have something you want, a pretty little thing, beautiful, brown hair, hazel eyes”

I froze, feeling cold ice run down my spine. That description gave no other than Anna.

“Who the fuck are you? I swear if you fucking lay your hands on her, I’ll find you, rip out your intestines and hang you with it!” I roared unable to keep my anger.

The person on the line only laughed. “You’re unable to make threats at this point Noah, I have your girlfriend and I’ll use her as I please”

“Fuck you! If you lay as much as a finger–”

“Shh now darling” I heard him say, I listened harder that was when I heard Anna’s voice, it sounded like her mouth was nuzzled so she couldnt speak. But her whimpering spoke for her. “Say hello to your boyfriend”

The whimpering becamw louder and my body boiled with fury. “Anna! Listen to me it’s going to be alright ok? I’m going to come get you!” I shouted.

“Not so fast Noah, I need something from you”

“What the fuck do you want? And who the fuck are you?”

“My identity is of no use now. I need you to send me the five million dollars”

What? Where was I going to get such amount of money? The only money I could ever have that’s if I win the race was going to be given to Drew so I could be free of his debt. There was no money.

“Where the fuck would I get that amount of money?” I asked. But the person laughed, a cocky laugh and my blood boiled faster.

“Be sure to win the race Noah, or else you’ll loose two people at once. I’ll contact you soon. Don’t worry about Anna I’ll kiss her for you”
The line went dead.

Someone was with Anna and I had to pay to get her back. Drew was with Casey and I also had to pay to get her back.

If I won the race, who was I going to release?


Hey guys, things are getting really, really bad. Anna’s abductor still has no identity. And he’s asking for a ransom, also Drew is with Casey asking for a ransom too. All these is making Noah crazy and putting him in a state of dilemma.
Next chapter coming up.



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