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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 25

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Twenty-five.

*Anna’s point of view*

I bandaged the last wound on Noah’s body and he still hadn’t woken up. After his panic attack, he passed out immediately and it’s been hours since he opened his eyes.

I couldn’t fight the urge to run my fingers through his hair and he didn’t batter an eyelid at my touch. I sighed, putting the medical kit away and walking towards the window.

It was morning now and the sun seeped in through the torn curtains. I hadn’t had the time to clean the apartment, I didnt have the strength.

I smelled terrible, my hair was messy and dirty and even after cleaning all my wounds I still felt dirty so I went to the bathroom, giving Noah one more glance.

But he still layed on the bed, unmoving, only the slight rise and fall of his chest gave me hope that he was alive. But his injuries were severe and he probably wouldn’t wake up for a while.

I slammed the bathroom shut and put on the shower, I stood there, watching the water flow into the drain.

I looked up to see a pink sponge on the shower handle. Casey’s sponge.

Guilt ate me up from the inside and I couldn’t help but think it was all my fault, but then what was I supposed to do. Thrown Casey first? No way there was no way I could have done that, she would have broken her legs because there was no one there to Catch her. And we couldn’t jump together, I couldn’t jump on my own without injuring myself. She would have been badly hurt.

But then I couldn’t still stop that voice telling me I was the cause if all these.

Casey’s screams echoed in my ears and I put off the shower and left the bathroom, not wanting to see anything related to the green eyed girl.

I gasped when I saw Noah sitting up and staring at the floor. He didn’t even look up as I moved closer to him, hugging the towel close to my body.

“Noah” I called out, but he didn’t even raise his head to look at me, nor acknowledge my presence, instead he seemed to be lost in staring at the floor and I knew he had heard me.

His thoughts were probably somewhere else so I touches him.

“Noah” He flinched, moving away so my hand dropped, and I felt hurt by that.

Why was he moving away from me like I was some disease.


“What the fuck do you want Anna?!” He shouted, snapping his head up and I saw the pure anger and hatred in his eyes as his mouth spat hurtful words at me. “What the fuck do you want?!!”

I stepped back at the tone of his voice, Noah had never should at me before and as he did so I wanted to cry.

“Why are you yelling at me?” I asked in a small voice, trying to make eye contact with him.

“You’re seriously asking me that! It’s all your fault Anna! It’s all your fault Casey’s gone. It’s your fucking fault!” He roared, stepping closer to me.

Following my instincts I moved backwards, fear creeping slowly to my heart, why was Noah acting like this?

“Noah, why are you acting like this. You know damn well that I wanted Casey to be safe” I reasoned with him. But Noah was having none of that. Instead he laughed, not his usual charming laugh, no he laughed exactly how Drew would if he was being wicked.

This was a part of Noah that scared me. I didn’t want him acting this way, he took another step forward and I took one back.

“I don’t believe you! I don’t fucking believe you for one second! Then why didn’t Drew take you too. Surely he wanted you as much as he needed Casey. I’m sure you just ran off to save yourself leaving Casey behind!”

“Noah stop! You know I’ll never do that!”
“I don’t fucking know anything! You’re a fucking liar, you’re wicked, you gave Casey is for your own selfish reasons, how could you? How the fuck could you?!” Noah screamed at my face, and I had to squirm in fear.

I was scared, I didn’t like this part of Noah. How could he blame me for everything and accuse me of running off and leaving Casey behind. I knew he was angry but this was no way of burning off your anger.

“You know I didn’t do that. I wouldn’t run off like that Noah, you know that. You’re just letting your anger get the best of you. Just stop already, stop!”

Noah raised his fist in an attempt to hit me and I turned away, waiting for the blow to hit my face.

My heart race Increased, could Noah really hit me? But he said he loved me didn’t he?

He said he loved me before the race and he kissed me. Did all that mean nothing to him? Did he just say that because of the moment we were in? Just to make me think he loved me enough to keep his daughter safe.

“Fuck!” Noah screamed then slammed his fist to the wall, I could hear his bones crack but he didn’t mind, he looked away from me, and I saw a glimpse of tears in his eyes.

He turned his back to me, screaming curses and calling out Casey’s name. My heart melted and I walked towards him as he fell to the floor, clutching his chest in pain and crying badly.

This was the first time I had ever seen him cry, all because of Casey he must have missed her so terribly, considering Casey was his light at the end of the tunnel I could understand his grief.

I stepped away, quickly putting on Noah’s clothes then turned to him. His head was bowed, his knees to the ground and he screamed in pain. Still crying.

I didn’t know what to do, so instead I knelt down behind him and touch his shoulders.

“Noah, it’s going to be alright”

“Get the fuck away from me!” He shouted, but not turning to face me.

I removed my hand from him immediately, trying to stop myself from crying at the pains we was causing me.


“Get out!” Noah shouted, raising his head but still not looking at me.

“What?” I asked, in shock, staring at his hair.

“I said fucking get out!” He rose, turning to me with so much anger in his eyes.


He grabbed unto my arm and dragged me with so much force my arm would have detached from it’s sockets.

“Noah! Stop this!”

But he didn’t listen, he dragged me along the room and I clawed at his fingers.

“It’s all your fault! Get out of my house! I don’t fucking house! I don’t need anyone here!’ He shouted, reaching for the door and opening it.

“Noah, stop please! Stop this! I don’t deserve it, I swear I tried to help, I’ll never hurt you” I pleaded with him but Noah was too angry to listen to me.

He threw me out, causing me to fall to the ground. “Never come back here, I hate you!” He screamed at me them slammed the door shut.

I couldn’t contain my tears and I sat there crying for minutes before standing up and walking away.

I left the building, wondering what had happened to Noah. I get he was angry but then he was punishimg me for nothing and he was hurting me.

Saying he hated me was the worse and my heart broke I didn’t know what to feel. I felt angry, sad and broken.

I walked through the alley and noticed someone step out of the shadows but I didn’t even glance at him instead I kept on walking

I had never admitted it to anyone but I had grown fond of Noah his cute green eyes and his charming smile..

I loved him, but now he hated me.

I stopped walking when I felt someone behind me, but I didn’t have the chance to look at the face when a black cloth covered my head, I struggled but a blow landed to my head and everything went dark.

Hey guys, two updates in one day. I fulfilled my promise. I feel so sad for Noah and Anna. They are both going through a lot. And Noah is really angry blaming everything on her, and Anna is broken. He sent her out, no he threw her out if his apartment and now someone has abducted her.

Who could it be? And would Noah ever find her and rescue her and Casey?

Find out in the next chapter.


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