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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 23

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Twenty-Three.

*Anna’s point of view*

A shiver ran down my spine and I forced myself not to cry. Standing here in front of Drew and his men after all my hardwork, falling out of a car, jumping of the bridge, swimming to shore and getting here. Was all a waste.

In the end Drew had caught up to us and there was nothing I could do.

I felt Casey hand wrap around my arm, I could feel the smell radiating off her and I held until her closer.

“Anna where’s dad?” She asked softly, peeping at Drew and his men.

I took a step back when Drew smiled, who knew what he could be thinking of right now.

“He’s on his way” I chocked, blinking profusely, I was going to fry damn it. I couldn’t hold it in. How was I going to explain to Casey this men were here to take us and do horrible things. She didn’t deserve this. No one did. Especially a two year old.

I took another step and Drew smile grew wider. “Hello dear, we are your dad’s friends, we are here to take you to him”

At that Casey rose her head and looked at Drew with hope. “You know my daddy?” She asked. “Where is Daddy?”

“Daddy is working now, come honey” Drew held out his hand and I stepped backwards.

What was Drew playing at? We had to get out of here. Now!

I looked behind me and noticed the room door was still opened.

Drew noticed this. “Get them!” He shouted.

I ran to the room with so much speed and shut the door behind me. I placed Casey on the floor.

“What’s going on. Drew know daddy and Drew want to take me to daddy. Why we running?” Casey cried, wiping her eyes.

I didn’t answer, I walked up to the small couch and dragged it to the door .

Loud bangs came from the parlour and I jumped in fright and Drew’s men banged the door in obvious anger and strength.

The door creaked and I glanced around the room looking for anything else to hold it longer.

I pushed the bed towards the door and it seemed to hold the door.

The bangs increased and for a moment I thought the door would break.

“Come out Anna, you’re welcome not making this harder on yourselves. I promise if you come out I’ll reduce the number of men that would have you per night” Drew laughed, and the thought of his men putting hands all over my body shook me to the core.

I looked around the room, ignoring Drew’s voice and the loud pounding of the door.

A window.

There was an opened window. I ran to it and looked down. The height between the window and the ground was about 10 feet. Not that high. But without proper landing one could break a leg.

I glanced back at Casey and I saw her sitting on the floor, her hand wrapped around her legs and her head resting on her knees. Her frantic cries were heard and at each pound to the door, she shook in fright.

I ran to her and rose her eyes to meet mine, her eyes were filled with tears and my heart broke, I didn’t have time to pet her so I took her to the window .

“Look at me Casey” I said, blinking away my own tears. “Look Drew and his guys want to hurt us ok? They hate daddy and they want to hurt you so that daddy would be sad. So we have to get away from them ok?”

“But daddy didn’t do anything to them, daddy is good” She cried harder, jumping at the noise of the door.

“Do you want Daddy to be sad?” I didn’t want to reply the question she asked, because I didn’t know what to say.

Casey shoot her head and I drew her close. “Good, so you have to jump out of this window”

Casey’s head snapped up immediately and she looked through the window. And shivered immediately. “No, me don’t wanna jump, I’ll fall hard” She cried, moving away from me.

“No honey, look. I’ll jump first and then you’ll jump, I’ll catch you ok?”

“But what if you don’t?”

“I will. I promise” I said, kissing get cheeks.

I walked towards the window and threw the bags down. And watch it fall to the ground. I readied myself, taking in a deep breath.

The pounding stopped and me and Casey looked at the door.

Why did it stop?

Immediately a sharp blade cut through the door, tearing it open.

“I’ll jump first ok, then you will. I promise Casey I’ll catch you” I said.

Then jumped out, I had never done a high jump before but I knew I had to to this.

My knees touched the floor first and I thought I heard a crack. My hands touched the floor first and I screamed in pain.

My knees were probably broken and my hands were bleeding but I didn’t have time to cry and nuture the wounds so I looked up and sat Casey standing close to the window.

“Jump Casey!” I shouted at her and the fear in her eyes didn’t go unnoticed.

“I can’t, I’ll fall and break my bone” She screamed back.

And a shiver ran down my spine. Casey had to jump unless Drew’s men could get her, she had to or Noah was literally going to kill himself. If Noah found out Drew got to his little girl then he was done for, he’ll do anything Drew asked.

“Casey jump! Jump! I swear I’ll catch you!”

“I can’t!” She cried, holding herself and wipes her eyes.

Oh God! Drew was already breaking the door it would only take a few seconds before he got to Casey.

“Casey please jump! We are going to meet your dad. I promise I’ll catch you. Come on! Noah is waiting! Just jump! Godammit!”

Casey cried and I saw her walk closer to the window, looking down at me with fright and just as she wanted to put her legs out, a pair of arms grabbed unto her and she screamed.

“Casey!” I shouted, this time I couldn’t stop myself from crying anymore.

“Oh God! Casey! Drew let her go please! Please! Let her go!” I screamed.

Drew came closer and smirked at me. “Noah is so going to be pissed, I’ve gotten his treasure he’s done for” He said before walking away with Casey screaming.

Oh God!

Drew got Casey! What was I going to do?

Hey guys, Chapter 23 here, ok so Anna had a good plan on getting away from Drew and his men but Casey seemed to think differently and was scared of jumping off and Drew got to her taking her away.

What is Anna going to do? And how would she get Casey back? What if Noah he’s still unconscious somewhere bleeding. Who would be able to save Casey now?

Find out in the next chapter.


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