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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 22

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Twenty-Two.

*Noah’s point of view*

I couldn’t drive with this hand. I tried but I hadn’t move an inch from this place.

My shoulder was bleeding profusely, my head injury was opened, I was in serious pain.

I looked out of my window and saw the car I had just hit.

It windows were broken and I could see his driver from here. Head rested against the steering.
What was I going to do? I couldn’t make it to the finish line like this, with this driving I’ll loose.

And I couldn’t loose, not when Drew already knew about Anna and Casey.

I had to do this for them, I glanced at the car again and saw a blinking blue light.

The RF!

The RF was in there. The radio beam gun was in there, if I could get it and use is in both Ryder and the other car ahead of me then I had a chance of making it to the finals.

With that thought, I stepped out of my car very slowly, holding my arm carefully to my chest. When my feet touches the ground, o heaved myself up and rested on my car and took a deep breath before taking a step forward.

Fighting the urge to just fall to the ground and remain there, I forced my body to ignore the pains tearing through my flesh and continued my walk.

On getting to the car, I noticed the glasses were broken with it’s pieces resting on the chair.
I peeped through it and saw the driver was unconscious but not dead, I could see the slight rise and fall of his chest.

Recognizing the RF sitting at the back of the car, I picked it. It’s blue flashing light stopped Immediately as I pressed the reset button, analyzing it I discovered it wasn’t as heavy as I thought. I held it close to me and went back to my car, cradling my shoulder.

Hitting the accelerator, I started the car. I placed the RF on the passanger seat and attempted to drive.

The car jerked in motion and I used my left hand to direct the tires to the road. My shoulder screamed with pain but I ignored it, putting Anna and Casey at the back of my mind.

If I could just get within thirty feet of any of the other racers, then I was ok. Because the RF could stop a car within that distance, all I had to see was the car and it was done.

I made my way carefully through the road and increased the speed when I was getting a hang of it. It was my first attempt driving with my left hand. My dad had only thought need to drive with only my right or both.

Increasing the speed again I passed through the bridge in a few seconds almost hitting a pole, but directed my way around it. Turning was the worse but after a few minutes of driving, I saw a brown car.

I sighed in relief and reached for the RF with my arm, but screamed at the movement of my shoulder. I would have to use my left arm. And I’ll have to stop the car.

Increasing the speed I moved closer to the car, surely the driver must have seen me because he started moving faster, but I didn’t chase after him.

Instead I stopped my car abruptly and pulled out the RF and pointed it at the car.

Pulling the trigger, I watched the bullets which was drawing along the electromagnetic wire, in a few seconds, the bullets pierced through the bonnet of the car and it stopped Immediately.

I would have jumped for joy if I wasn’t in so much pain. But instead I smiled and says a quiet thank you to God.

I got into my car and made my way to the last lap of the race.

Surely Ryder would have gotten to the finish line and only two people made it to the finals.

After two minutes of driving, I saw the red line that signified the end of the race and I crossed it. Turning to my left I saw Ryder getting out of the car, smirking devishly.

“Sorry, but your bitch ran off.”
I gave him a smile. Thank God Anna made it out, all I had to do now was get to Clary’s place and see her and Casey.

Ignoring Ryder I walked past the guys looking everywhere for Drew. But he was nowhere to be found.

Has he gotten to them?

Has he taken Anna and Casey?

Even when I tried to think that Anna and Casey had made it out of the house, I couldn’t stop that gut feeling that what if? What if Drew had gotten them?

Letting out a deep breath, I looked at my arm, the blood had soaked the top I was wearing and was already forming a pool around me.

I made my way out of the racing grounds ignoring the looks people were giving me.

“See you at the finals Noah, you better check out that arm, because it’s going to be one hell of a race” Ryder called before giving me that smirk and walking off.

I made my way through the alley to my home, just to make sure Anna and Casey had left before I went to Clary’s house to meet them.

Taking a turn, a figure stepped out of the shadows, hitting my head with a bat.

I fell to the floor motionless and tried to look up, but the image appeared blurry but I knew whosoever had hit me was definitely a man, an older man because of the way he was built.

A pool of blood was already surrounding me blood from NY head and shoulders.
And I felt darkness closing in around me. But I managed to see a blue sneakers designed with black skulks walking away.

Please Anna and Casey be safe. That was my last thought.

Before my body couldn’t hold it any longer and went numb, then I succumbed to the darkness.

Hey guys, ok Chapter 22 is up and the next chapter would be up tomorrow morning. Thanks to you all for the quick recovery messages.

So Noah made it to the finals and wanted to make sure Anna and Casey were safe and no more in his house, but then someone jumped him and hit him with a bat and he fainted.
Who did this? And why did they do it?
Remember Anna is still with Casey in the house and Drew is there. Would she and Casey make it out on time and find a way to escape Drew?

Find out in the next chapter.

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