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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 2

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Two.

*Noah’s point of view*

Waking up with a terrible headache, an aching arm and a stomach pain is one thing. Waking up with a terrible headache, an aching arm and a stomach pain in someone’s house is another thing. But waking up with a terrible headache, an aching arm, a stomach pain, in someone’s else’s house and a beautiful brown eyed girl staring at your face is a whole different kettle of fish.

“Who the fuck are you? And how the hell did I get here? I checked, grabbing my head as I sat up.

I felt a Bandage over my head and my arm ached at the pressure.

“Don’t you remember?” She smiled at me, taking my arm away from my head. “I saw you bleeding across the road and helped you, i know a lot about medicals so, yeah. You were in a really bad situation”

Then it all came rushing back to my head. After school I went home, drank, then went racing. Ugh! That stupid Ryder must have hit me again. The bastard! Always trying to win unfairly.

“Thanks, but I have to get going now” who knows she may call the police on me. And the last thing I need is some idiots gunning after me Again!

“What? No. I have to look after you, in case the stitches open up” She pushed me back slightly to the bed.

Uhm. Excuse you. “It’s my head, if I want the stitches to open it’s none of your goddam business” I said , getting up again.
But as soon as my feet touches the ground, I fell backwards. “Fuck!”it felt like a thousand people were beating drums in my head. I shut my eyes in pain and relaxed a little.

“Sorry” She whispered. I glared at her.

“What did you do to me?”

“Me?” She asked, placing her hands in her chest.

“Yes, you could have drugged me so you could rape me!”

“Oh my God! So this is what I get for skipping chemistry class! I helped you ass hat. I could have easily handed your ass to the police, Noah Bricks!”

Wait what?

How the hell did she know my name?

“What did you just call me?” I said, getting up again, glaring holes into her head.

“U.uhm…Noah?” She stuttered, getting up slowly from the chair she sat on. “I’m sorry, I might have taken your library card from your front pocket just to know who you were, I know you’re a racer and a member of the bad gangs around here, I’m really sorry. Please don’t kill me!” She said all at once.


Kill you?

Me? Part of the bad gangs?

There are really bad rumors about me around here.

“Ok, weirdo, first of all I’m not part of any gangs around here, and second of all I have to leave like right now!”.

“No! Wait” She tried pushing me back to the bed, grabbing my arm. And then I slipped, crashing on the bed with her on top of me.

Her lips locked with mine. Her eyes stared deep into my eyes. They were hazel I thought not brown. And dammit she was gorgeous, a straight nose and those soft lips on mine.

“Oh God! I’m really sorry! Oh my God!” She got up freaking out, and wiping her lips. “I didn’t know, I’m so sorry, oh Gosh! This is so embarrassing” she buried her face into her palm.

“It wasn’t so bad. Your lips are really soft. And you have beautiful eyes” I smirked. I was really loving this. This girl was so cute

Shut up Noah! Get out of here now before she Calls the police!. My mind screamed.

Thanks beautiful mind.

“Thanks for the care” She removeed her hands and stared at me. “But I’ll be going now to avoid trouble” I walked carefully towards the door to avoid falling again.

“Make sure to visit the clinic to re dress the wound” She called out, following me to the door.

I looked down at her, she was really short, barely reaching my shoulder. “Oh! And thanks for the kiss anyway”

I smiled when she blushed, her cheeks turning to a deep shade of red.

I closed the door behind me and released the breath I’ve been holding.

What the actual fuck!

Get a grip on yourself Noah. You’re never going to see her again!

I wiped my face, avoiding the injured side and walked away from the building.

It was dark outside. I glanced at my watch and it read 2am . I might as well go home and catch some sleep.

My head pounded seriously. I had school tomorrow or today whatever. I haven’t even done my homework. Fuck my life!

I got home in a few minutes.

“Hey Noah” my next door neighbor came out of his room when he heard need opening the door..

“Hey” I smiled at him. Even though it was forced.

“You got an email” He handed me a small envelope with my name in it. And my school heading.

Opening the door, I went inside and sat on the bed. Then proceeded to read it.

What did I do to our school again?

If it was about the broken windows, it wasn’t me!

“Mr and Mrs Bricks. This is to inform you that because of your son Noah Bricks bad attitude, inability to focus, skipping classes, poor grades, failure to do homework, coming late to school, and pranking teachers. He would to transferred to a more DISCIPLINED school”

What the hell?

I continued reading.

“WEST HIGH SCHOOL, would be happy to accommodate your son, and discipline him very well. I promise you, you’ll see good changes in him after his last year there. Yours sincerely, the principal. East High school.”

I was transferred? I was fucking transferred to West High School. The school of nerds and weirdos.

Ugh! Who was I going to play pranks with.

My life was screwed.

I was injured, not only that I was transferred to another school.

I fell to the bed. “I might as well not for the homework from yesterday. Fuck my life!”

I closed my eyes, but the memory of the kiss I shared with the hazel eyes girl played in my mind.


Hey guys, Oh God! I’m really enjoying this story. Noah is such a funny character. He’s injured, and he woke up to Anna’s house. And the kiss, lols. Now he’s back home and he’s been transferred to another school because of how bad attitudes. This boy eh. Next chapter would be out soon , stay glued to this story to find out more.


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