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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 19

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Nineteen.

Anna’s point of view
My head screamed in terror as I came out of the darkness. It felt like a parade was going on there because it hurt like hell. My skull probably threatened to split in half.

Opening my eyes, the first thing I saw was blood, red, thick blood all over the headboard. My blood.

I raised to my head, shutting my eyes completely because of the terrible pain that now rushed to my back and arms.

I took deep breaths and opened my eyes again. Looking out of the window to see if the car was still there.

No, it was ahead of us now and Ryder was shouting at the top of his lungs, muttering why he hated heights and bridges.

The bridge! Oh no!

I turned to my right to see that we were still on the bridge and in a fee seconds we would be off it.

How long was I out? I was supposed to have jumped out since.

But no! The car had slammed into mine causing me to black out.

“Put on the fucking seatbelt!” Rufer shouted, pouring all his frustration on me.

I gulped.

Ten more seconds before we were off the bridge.

Wiping off the blood running through the side of my face, I took in a deep breath and prepared yo open the door.

This is for Casey and Noah.

You can do this Anna, you can.

I took a glance at Ryder and saw he was too angry to notice my movements.

Five seconds!

I shut my eyes and silently prayed not to get hurt, and immediately I opened the door.

“What the fuck! Close the damn door, bitch!”
Ryder lunged for me grabbing me back so I couldn’t jump.

“Get off me!” I screamed, we were getting to the end of the bridge, I had to get out of this car.

“Do you have a fucking death wish or something?”
I summoned all the strength I could and punched Ryder in the nose, and he left me immediately.

“Fuck you bitch, if you wanna jump then I’ll just help you” He pushed me out of the car.

At first it felt like I was flying until my face connected with the hatd concrete floor.
An unimaginable pain rocketed through my body. A pain that would take a century to relieve.

My body was on fire, almost in a state of shock as I laid there on the floor, my bones felt broken, my elbows, joints and knee caps were bleeding and my face gave off an excruciating pain.

I couldn’t move, my body felt sore. I wasn’t prepared when Ryder had thrown me out, if I had jumped exactly as Noah said, it would have saved me this pain. But no I was pushed, pushed out of a moving fast car, not only that, pushed out of a moving fast car, unexpectedly

Fuck you Ryder!

I opened my eyes to see his car moving faster than before and I silently prayed he got I to an accident.

Slowly and carefully, I rose from the floor, using my none too injured hand to support myself, but as soon as my feet were on the ground, I stumbled again.

Tears burned at the back of my eyes, but I couldn’t let that distract me. Few days ago all these had yo worry about was passing my school test, now I was in a duel between the guy I liked and the guy who wants to have me for himself out of hatred.

Now I was being embarrassed and thrown out of cars. As if that wasn’t enough, I still had to jump over a bridge.

Just the typical High school teenage life right?

Getting up again, I steadied my feet on the floor, and smiled a little in victory.

Step by step I made my way to the rim of the bridge, with each step I could feel my bones breaking, then arranging then breaking again.

And I couldn’t stop myself from crying when I saw how high the bridge was above the river.

About 50feet, and I was supposed to jump? How could I do this? I wasn’t even a good swimmer.
And even if I was, I was in too much pains, walking was a problem how much more swimming, that required a lot of energy.

I was going to die.

I wiped my tears and started to climb on the bricks, then steadied myself, as I stared at the water below I couldn’t help but think. What if I died?

I didn’t want to die! But then this was the only way I could live. Regardless that if Drew found me I’ll be alive but living as a sex doll to all the gang. My aunt wouldn’t be able to do anything because the Snakes and Ladders were feared by the police here.

So I was going to live that life till they got bored of me. And I couldn’t even start thinking of what they would do to Casey, that small, sweet innocent girl in the hands of dangerous guys, nah! It wasn’t a good thought.

And then Drew, he’ll forever live with the guilt of not being to protect us, and would be a slave also to Drew. He would loose the two important things in his life.

A part of me wondered if I was important to Noah, and a small voice inside told me I was. I wanted to be mad at him for not telling me sooner about being in the gang. But then I knew that was what he was going to tell me before Drew called him.

So as I stared at the water below me my life flashed before next but I settled on the one of me, Noah and Casey before I released myself so I could fall freely.

With eyes shut, arms spread wide, I travelled through the empty space and for a moment it felt as if time had stopped.

And I felt like I was flying, flying in the sky, freely falling but in control.

I wasn’t scared anymore, as my mind played picture of Noah and Casey happy in my mind. I was doing this for them. I was doing this for our happiness.

I soon lost myself to the wind.

And in a single moment I felt buried under water, at first everything moved slowly, and then, water rushed into my lungs and I soon managed to make it to the opened air.

I coughed profusely and looked at the bridge where I had jumped off from.

“I’m fucking crazy” I whispered before swimming to shore, lying on my back and blinking at the stars.

Another job done. Now I had to find Casey and get her out of here before Drew found her.


Hey guys, as you can see the chapters are getting longer. And more interesting. Anna made it and now she has to go and save Casey before Drew gets to her.
Would she make it on time, or ouod she face another battle?


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