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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 18

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Eighteen.

Anna’s point of view

To say I was scared was an understatement. I was mortified, afraid, frightened, every word that was related to fear could be used on me right now.

There was a lot to be scared about. I was in a car, not just any car, a racing car that moved at a very high speed and could crash into anything. I was in the middle of a competition with no rules any car could decide to run us over and a word wouldn’t be uttered. I was in a car with a psycho, a sick, crazy bastard who was currently touching my laps to annoy Noah.

Let’s just say the situation I was in right now was deadly, but I had to put all that aside, because I had a job to do. How the fuck was I supposed to do that when my heart was moving faster than the speed of light light. I was beyond scared. I wasn’t even wearing clothes. I was just putting on Noah’s big Jacket.

Thanks to that, because Ryder would have touched every inch of my body and I wouldn’t do anything because I had to maintain my cool.

Why haven’t I passed out of fear already?

That was the question I kept asking myself.

But as usual, my brain was too numb and still in shock so it couldn’t provide an answer for me.

The sound of the car accelerating drew my attention back to reality before me.

The race was about to begin, a lady was standing in front of us, swaying her hips, she was only dressed in bra and undies. How could someone be comfortable with that, I didn’t know.

She pointed at Noah and his car roared in anticipation. Then Ryder, he smirked and stepped on the accelerator, my heart hammered.

This was it. Anna get ready.

I can do it. I can do it.

“Buckle your seatbelt bitch, it’s going to be a long ride” Ryder said, giving me that shivering look.

As fast as a lightning bolt, I did as he said and buckled up. Then the gun sounded and Ryder zoomed off.

At first it felt like my heart had jumped out through my back. Because the force at which the car jerked forward almost drove me to a state of shock.

I had never been in a car moving so fast, i was surprised my head hadn’t fallen backwards.

My eyes suddenly became blurry as tears filled it, thank God Noah had packed my hair, because I couldn’t even raise my hand because of the speed at which the car was moving.

I turned to look at Ryder who was laughing menacingly, while turning the wheels of car. He looked perfectly fine.

I rested my back on the seat, and I could feel my spine against the softness. I closed my eyes and prayed not to die.

I haven’t even won any chemistry competition yet.

Even with the wind gushing into the car, I felt hot, very hot.

I decided to look out of the window if I’d see any bridge, but it seemed we were still on the road.

Before I took my eyes off the raid, another car came to view beside ours.

A green sport car, a black guy was in it, he turned to look at me and gave me a smirk before hitting ours.

“Fuck!” Ryder shouted, turning to look at the green car, and gaining control immediately before smashing into a telephone pole.

“Fucking asshole!” Ryder roared before making a sharp turn and hitting the green car, it caused so much imapact and my head connected to the door frame.

Pain exploded in my skull and I opened my eyes to see the green car had hit an electric pole and causing it to burst in flames.

“Oh God!” I gasped.

“Don’t be scared sweet heart. I ain’t the best racer here out of a joke” He smirkes and continued driving, not even sparing the green car a glance.

This wasn’t a joke. This was real. These guys would do anything to win.

My head, burned in pain and I touched the bruise forming there. Blood was already seeping through it and staining Noah’s jacket.


I hadn’t even seen his car yet. It was blue with white designs on it. I looked out the window again expecting to see his car but instead a pink one came to view.

This time it was a girl that drove it.

What? Do girls do this kind of things too?

With all I’ve experienced today, anyone would do anything for money.

I shared glances with the girl maybe I thought if I looked at her with sad eyes she’ll just go away and not pay attention to us.

But boy, it seemed her heart was made out of stone because the next thing I saw was a gun in her hand. Pointed at us.

“Duck!” Ryder shouted, spotting her immediately, and I bent low immediately, it was hard because of my seatbelt, but considering this was a life or death situation I had to muster all the energy I could get.

Bullets blasted our car, and I screamed as loud as I could. I was in a racing car and there was someone shooting at us. How beautiful!

“Put your hands on the steering!” Ryder shouted using one hand to drive and using the other to bring out a gun from one of the drawers.

“What?” I couldn’t drive, I never had the chance to learn how to drive how much more a racing car.

“Are you fucking deaf, bitch? I fucking said you should put your fucking hands on the fucking wheel!!” Ryder screamed at my face.

With shaking hands I moved closer and put my hands on the wheel.

Another bullet went through the car and I shook in fear..

“Tilt it gently to the left and right, I’m gonna kill this mother fucking bitch!” He left the wheel and directed the gun towards the window and shot at the pink car.

I looked at the road, and saw I was driving almost perfectly.

The things fear do. It is the greatest teacher.

“Turn right! Turn right!” Ryder shouted, and continued shooting at the pink car, the girl didn’t seem bothered about it. If anything I’d say she was winning because she was getting farther than us.

I turned the steering to the right causing it to bump slightly to the pink car, distracting the girl completely so Ryder had a clean shot, to her head.

I screamed in fright.

Oh God! He killed her! He just killed someone!

Oh God!

The pink car lost direction and it crashed fatally into a pole.

“That was awesome! Sweet!” Ryder laughed, pushing me away and taking the wheel. He then quickly kissed me on the lips so fierce my lips burned in pain.
“Where did Noah get this bitch?! Asshole! I’m taking you after Drew is done with you!” He squeezed my laps again.

I almost vomited out of disgust. But I kept my cool. My hands shook, my face was bleeding seriously, but I had to stay awake.
I had to be strong for Noah and for Casey.

I forced my eyes to open and I saw the bridge ahead. It was a long bridge.

“Fucking height! Fucking bridge!” Ryder slammed his fists to the steering in anger.

Noah was right when he said Ryder was afraid of heights. His hands trembled slightly on the wheel.

“Take is slow a little” I muttered.

“Don’t fucking tell me what to do bitch!” He screamed, but even with the anger as we got to the bridge, he slowed down a little and looked at the rear mirror to see if any car was coming behind him.

He sighed in relief when he saw none. His hands trembled and he stole glances at the bridge.

I tried to remove my seatbelt, this was it. This was the time I’ve been waiting for.

Remove the belt, jump out with my arms in front of me.

Easy to say, but when I inside a fast moving car it was almost as scary as death itself.

Even as Ryder had slowed down a bit, the car was still moving faster then a police car in chase.

I took a deep breath and steadily started to remove the seatbelts.

Fear rocketed through my arms and the shook profusely, I turned to look at Ryder, but he seemed to be lost in his own state of fear.

You have to do this Anna!
Remember Drew would kill you and Casey if you don’t do this!

I tired to assure myself things were going to work fine, but fear I’m me was driving me insane.

I was scared! I was scared!

I sniffled in a cry that was about to burst out of my eyes. And took off the seatbelt.

This is it Anna!
As soon as the seatbelt was off, a car came to view and slammed into mine.

My head kissed the headboard, there was no seatbelt to hold me back this time.

And that was it. The impact was too great, I couldn’t fight the darkness coming to view, I tried. But it consumed me completely.
And soon I was floating in a state of unconsciousness.


Hey babies, this was the most difficult chapter I had ever written. Because I don’t know how to drive and I don’t know a shit about racing. But I tried shey?

Just when things were going fine, Anna has hit her head causing her to Black out, remember she’s on the bridge and if she doesn’t wake up soon and the pass the bridge, that’s the end of Saving herself, Casey and Noah.


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