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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 17

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Seventeen.

Noah’s point of view

“She’s my daughter you asshole, now let her go! Let her go Drew!” I barked at him, struggling out if the grips of the guys.

Drew nodded at the guys and they stopped holding Anna causing her to fall to the ground, crying loudly.

She made attempt to cover up her self and the guys left me, I picked up my jacket from the floor and ran to Anna.

“Hey, you’re ok alright? It’s ok, I’m here” I wrapped my jacket around her, shielding her body from the eyes of everyone here.

She hugged me when she felt my hands surround her. “He- He tri–, my clothes” She couldn’t make complete sentences because of the crying.

“It’s alright” I hugged her closer. Drew voice cut us off from our little session.

“This isn’t over Noah. You still have a race to run and it’s time. Get your bitch ready. She’s riding with Ryder. I’m cancelling the rules of the game, the semi finals, you do anything you want to get to the finals.”
He announced, before smirking at us and walking away.

Anna snapped her head to mine. “Racing? What racing?”

No, Drew can’t do this. He was so smart. I knew the game he was playing. If Anna rode with Ryder and the game was to do anything to win.
I couldn’t touch Ryder, as much as I would like to crash and hit his car, I wouldn’t be able to do that because Anna would be in the car with him.

I couldn’t touch Ryder, I couldn’t touch the asshole, because doing so would endanger Anna.

“Noah! What’s he talking about?” She asked, watching everyone leave.

A loud siren sounded and I picked Anna up. That was the warning bell. Drew didn’t even give us some time get ourselves ready. Anna stumbled before gaining her balance.

“I race Anna, and you’ll be in the car of my opponent, I need you to listen to me”

Anna tried to get out of my grip, tears filling her eyes. “I can’t Noah, I wanna go home. I hate this place”

“Listen to–“

“No, Noah! Please I can’t do this anymore!”

There was little time left.

“Listen to me Anna! If you don’t you’re gonna die!” That shit her up Immediately. “Look, Drew said you were going to ride with Ryder during the race so I won’t be able to touch his car because that would affect you too. So I want you to listen carefully. Ryder’s passenger seat door, isn’t that great. The lock is damaged so even if he shuts the door and pins it down, it would still be able to open. This is what you’re going to do. Ryder is going to move at a very high speed, he’s a really good racer but he’s a sucker for heights, so. There’s a bridge we are going to pass, Ryder always slow a bit at that point. High places makes him scared. So at the point of the bridge, you’re going to open the door–“

“No! No I can’t Noah!” Anna cried.

“Shut up Anna! This is the only way. If Ryder wins this semi finals and I don’t make it to the finals, Drew is going to take everything that belong to me. You, and Casey. He’s going to use you in ways you can’t imagine. He’ll give you to the boys to have a taste of. Is that what you want?”

I didn’t want to go down this road but Anna was forcing me to scare her, because that was the only way she’ll listen.

The second warning siren went off, and this was the time we were supposed to be in our cars.

“Shit! Shit! Ok listen. When you jump out of the car, jump out with your arms out so you won’t fall on your face, then jump off the bridge”

“Noah–” I shook Anna causing her to shut up immediately.

“There’s water below the bridge, when you jump off, swim to the shore.” I opened my jacket pocket and showed Anna a couple of cash in it. “There’s ten dollars here, it should get you home from there. Then I want you to take Casey out of here. Get her to somewhere safe. There’s money under the bed Incase you need anything. I need to trust you with this Anna, I need you to be strong. There’s no need crying crying ain’t gonna solve anything”

I hugged her tightly. “I’m scared Noah, what if I can’t do this”

I brought her face to meet mine. “You can, just do as I say. Anything Ryder says, don’t answer him. If he tries to touch you, let him. Because screaming and shouting would anger him, and he might hit you. He’s a sick bastard. Then you’ll see the bridge, what did I say you should do there”

“Ju– jump out with my arms in front, and roll over. Then jump into the river below, swim to the shore, get home. And take Clary out of there to somewhere safe. I’ll take her to Clary’s house. Her parents are rich so they have good security”

“Good!” The third siren sounded. I gathered Anna into my arms again.
“I’ll be safe Anna, just get you and Casey out of here. I don’t want the both of you going to school. Drew’s eyes would be everywhere. Just stay in the house, with Casey till I get back”

“Make sure you come to get us. Clary lives at the last house at 50th street. A blue house. Promise me, Noah”

I captured Anna’s lips allowing myself get lost in it. Savoring the sweetness before letting her go.

“I promise” I adjusted my jacket on her, so now it covered her thigh, since she was very short. I tired her hair in a bun. So it wouldn’t hit her face or eyes when running. I tapped where the money is in my jacket and she nodded.

By now the cars were set and Theo had brought out mine. I walked over to Ryder’s car first.

“I’m going to be riding with Noah’s bitch. You can’t touch me Noah” he smirked, before casting a lustful look at Anna.

“Don’t forget everything I asked you to do. I won’t touch his car before we get to the bridge, I’ll try and get the other competitors out of the game, giving Ryder a chance to move forward and slow doesn’t at the bridge knowing that I won’t be behind him. Do as I’ve said Anna”

Anna looked like she was going to burst out crying anytime soon.

The last siren sounded and Ryder got in. “Get in, bitch. Daddy’s gonna take you on a joyful ride”

“I love you Anna” I hugged her once more, the kissed her forehead.

Then I turned around to my car, I couldn’t look back at Anna, I did t want her to see the tears that had gathered in my eyes. I got into my car, and Anna got into Ryder’s.

Ryder smirked at me, then took his arms to Anna’s laps, giving it a squeeze.

Anna flinched but didn’t do anything to him.
Good girl.

Fuck you Ryder, once Anna is out of that car, I’m going to crush your bones. Let’s see how untouchable you would be then”

The gun went off, and the race began.


Hey guys. This chapter is crazy!! Lols, Drew is smart but thinking of it now. Noah is smarter, I hoped you guys understood, that drew told Anna to ride with Ryder because if she’s in his car Noah won’t be able to hit it to win. So we all know Noah has told Anna what to do, but is she you to the task? Also, Noah confessed to Anna that he loved her.

Late just hope everything goes as Noah and Anna had planned it. Because there’s nothing that’s going to stop Drew from getting his hands in Anna and now Casey because that’s the only way to make Noah pay for owing him.

Lets stick to the next chapter. Guys please don’t forget to react to each chapter, I’m making a lot of effort here. And it would be really appreciated if you could react and I really want to hear your opinions too.


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