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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 16

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Sixteen.

Noah’s point of view

What the fuck was wrong with Drew? It wasn’t even time for the semi finals and he was calling me here, and asking his boys to take off my shirt. Showing my Snakes and Ladders tattoo.
I hadn’t even done anything wrong to him. I still had a few weeks before my time limit to pay him would be gone.

The tattoo. Thank God Anna wasn’t here, I was going to tell her all about it when the asshole called.

I never had the intention of joining the gang, but I guess when you owe someone you become a slave to him. I didn’t know why Drew forced me to join, he never told me. So I joined not out of my will. Almost everyone here was a member of the gang, so I guess me being different wasn’t a choice.

“Good, now you know, you’re part of us Noah, no matter where you run to. Other members of the game would find you by the mark” Drew slurred,, before landing a blow to my cheek.
I fell to the ground, my head hitting against the stone.

Surely the wound there would spilt open again.

Anna would be pissed, the injury is supposed to be healed by now, but now it was bleeding through the bandages, again! What would I tell Anna or Casey?

Funny how I was thinking about them at this point of time, when my head was being smashed repeatedly on the ground.

“Drew?” One of the gang whispered, coming to stand beside him. “Do you hear that?”

“Here what?” He asked, trying to listen to anything that sounded out of place.

I used this opportunity to move away from them, and rested on a car.

“Stop! Stop!” A voice shrieked. “Get away from me!”
That voice, my head snapped up to see Anna. What the fuck! What was she doing here!

I groaned before standing up slightly.

Two guys were dragging her towards us, she was screaming and trying to get out their grip.
“Look at what we found hiding behind the cars”

Jesus Christ Anna! I couldn’t even speak, for fear that Drew would think i knew her.

“Get off me, assholes!” Anna shouted, and spat at Drew’s face when he came closer.

Drew laughed before he wiped his face and landed a slap on her face causing her to stumble to the ground.

I flinched, holding myself back, if I moved an inch, Drew would know. And the last thing I needed was Drew finding out I liked Anna, if he knew then I was done for.

Why was Anna here? Did they capture her? Or did she follow me?

My mind flooded with unanswered questions, Anna gasped then coughed out blood before locking eyes with me. She didn’t give me a look of fear or sorrow, no! She looked at me with pure hatred and anger!

Why? What have I done?

Oh God, the tattoos! She must have seen them, she thought I lied to her.

“You asshole! You lied to me! You said you weren’t part of the gang. I helped you! I did everything to help you, I didn’t know I was harboring the enemy!” She screamed, and I could see tears in her eyes.

My heart broke. No I didn’t want her to find out this way. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. No! No no!

“Hmm, what’s going on here? Do you know this girl?” Drew asked me.

There was still time to deny this.

“No, I don’t”

Drew smiled before motioning his hands to the guys. “Take her to the cell, our guys would have their way with her tonight”


“Wait!” I shouted, and Drew stopped at his tracks before facing me. “You can’t do that”

“And why not Noah? You wanna have her all to yourself?” Drew asked, moving toward Anna and observing her. His fingers trailed along her face, and Anna trashed around.

“Feisty, I like her” He smiled.

“Please Drew, let her go, I’ll give you your money” I said, wiping the blood trailing down my eyes.

“Why are you so protective of her? You said you didn’t know her, didn’t you?” Drew said, his hands moving towards Anna cleavages, and I resisted the urge to smash his head against the stone.

“Stop Drew, leave her alone. She has no part in this!”

Drew smirked. “You love her don’t you?”

No! I didn’t love anyone.

Anna gasped, Drew had torn of her shirt, her chest showed a pink bra, opened for everyone to see, she was only with her bra

“You asshole!” I lunged for Drew, Landing a solid punch to his face. But I didn’t have the chance to do anymore because the rest of the gang held me,

“You didn’t answer my question, for every question I ask and you fail to answer, I’ll tear of her clothes until she’s naked” Drew spat

Fuck! No!

“Stop this Drew! This isn’t about her!! Stop this!! She has no part in this!” I screamed, trying to get away from the pair of hands holding me back.

Anna cried, she looked at me, now I saw real fear in her eyes.”Noah I’m scared”
Dear God! “It’s ok, look at me! I’m going to get us out of this ok?”

Drew sighed. “Blah blah, let’s try this again, shall we? Do you love her?”

I looked at Anna, the girl who had helped me and accidentally shared a kiss with me. She had been there at my weakest point, she helped with with Casey. Those hazel eyes that brought out the best in me. She was the only one I had ever thought of telling my secret. Did I love her?

“Take if her trousers!” Drew barked.

“Yes, yes! I do!” I shouted. “I answered your question, let her go!”

“You answered late Noah, take it off!”

“No! No! Leave me alone!” Anna cried

“Drew please stop this, I beg you, let yet go!” I screamed, trashing around, but their grios were too strong for me to break

In front of me they riooed Anna’s trousers and she took only in her undies. “Stop! Drew! Stop!”

“I thought I’ll never see the day the almighty Noah Bricks falls in love. I guess your heart isn’t that Stony” Drew drawked, not peeling his eyes off Anna’s body. The lust shone clearly in his eyes.

“I’m sorry” I whispered to Anna, who cries harder.

“To think if it, she looks vaguely familiar. Ive seen her before, I think at the Mall, isn’t that so?”

Fuck no! If Drew remembers he say her than he’ll remember Casey. I can’t let this happen. Casey mattered to me.

“Take off the bra!” Drew shouted.

“Yes, yes, she was at the mall that day!” I shouted back.

“Too late, Noah”

“No! Fuck! No Drew! I answered already, please stop!”

“No, please! Stop this!” But mine and Anna’s plea fell to deaf ears, and the bra was torn off.

Anna screamed, and tried to cover herself, but with her two hands held by the gang it was Impossible. Her face was filled with humiliation and fear. By now everyone was here, watching the scene unfold.

My hear broke into thousands of pieces, having Anna stand here almost naked was worse than the pain cracking my skull.

“Then there was the little girl with her, I swore I had seen a resemblance between you and her, black hair, green eyes. Who is she Noah? Is she related to you?”

I couldn’t say anything. I couuldn’t let them know about Casey and at the same time I couldn’t let them embarrass Anna like this, not when all these guys were watching. It was humiliating.

“She’s–” I stammered, looking you at Anna, tears blinded my vision. I had to tell Drew. Or else she’ll be naked before all the gang

“She’s my dau–“

“Take off the rest of the clothing!” Drew shouted.



Hey babies, this chapter was really scary to write. Poor Anna z poor Noah. Drew is really a wicked soul, embarrassing the poor girl like that, exposing her right there in front of Noah. And just when Noah wanted to answer telling him Casey was his daughter, he said they should remove the rest of her covering.

Let’s find out more in the next chapter.


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