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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 14

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Fourteen.

Anna’s point of view

The moment I heard Casey cry, I left the mall attendant who was sneaking glances at my boobs. Pervert.

I thought she was probably in trouble, but I was shocked to see her crying and Noah was the cause of the tears. He was shouting at her and shaking her profusely.

I get that Noah was probably angry because she left, but that was no way to treat your daughter, a two year old.

But then who could blame him? Noah was a teenager too, stuck with a two year old daughter. He couldn’t even take care of himself and discipline himself and a kid was dumped for him.

The guy was in a state where he was just confused as hell. But Noah was strong, he was trying to handle things well.

I saw the regrets in his eyes as he left me with crying Casey. He was born apart and I almost cried too.

Scooping Casey in my arms I apologized on behalf of Noah.

“Baby, your dad is really sorry, he didn’t mean that. He loves you and he was really worried about you” I wiped her tears and after a few minutes, she fell silent. But her chest was still heaving.

“Me is sorry too. Me shouldn’t go anywhere without Daddy” She picked her teddy bear. “Let’s go meet daddy” She took my hand and we walked out of the store.

“Make yourself useful and get the things we bought delivered to this address” I shoved Noah’s address at the mall attendant who was now staring at my ass.

On getting outside, I saw Noah he was resting on the wall, and I took a step towards his direction. When I saw someone step out of the shadows.

Drew Goodman.

What was he doing here? He muttered something to Noah and I could see his muscles clench. He turned to my direction, and in his eyes I recognized fear. Real fear.

Did Drew know Noah? Did Noah know Drew?

What was going on?

I wanted to walk up to them but something held me back.

If Drew, a leader of the Snakes and Ladders was talking to Noah, and me and Casey, two important people in his life, walked up to him. Something might go wrong, and Drew would put two and two together. And besides Noah looked scared of him.

I turned away from Noah, and acted as if I didn’t know him. Thankfully, an ice-cream cart was passing by so I turned Casey away from them, so she wouldn’t see them.

Casey picked a vanilla flavor and all her attention was on it. So I used the opportunity to look back at Noah.

Him and Drew looked to be in a deep conversation, and I could see the way he clenched his fist in pure anger. In the end Drew left not before tapping his shoulders, smiling like a fool.

Noah waited for about two minutes, checking if Drew was really gone, before coming up to me.

“What was all that about? Do you know Drew?” I asked, grabbing Casey’s hand because she wanted to touch a little puppy that had walked up to her, licking the drops on ice-cream on the floor.

“No, he needed help with something, that’s all. Wait how did you know Drew?” He asked, sneaking glances at Casey as if scared she would catch him staring at her. But the little girl was just trying so hard to touch the dog with the same hand she used to hold the ice-cream.

I couldn’t tell Noah I had seen Drew kill someone, he was probably his friend.

“Rumors” I lied. “Casey don’t touch it, it might have diseases, see your dad” Casey froze, then looked up at Noah, before looking at her feet.
Slowly, she walked up to noah. “Me is sorry, won’t run off again” I could almost see the tears glittering in Noah’s eyes and he picked up Casey with ease and hugged her tightly, as if she’ll be taken any time soon.

He breathed her as if she were life. His huge arms wrapping over her little frame and Casey small arms around his neck.

“I’m sorry potato, I promise I’ll never yell at you that way again. I promise. I promise”

“Pinky swears?” Casey looked at Noah with a small smile.

“Pinky swears, and if I do just step on my foot and I’ll stop immediately. I promise” Noah hugged her again.

“Let’s go home, that mall attendant would probably have reached your place” I said, moving beside Noah, who took my hands in him and gave me a warm smile.

Everything looked perfect, Noah holding Casey with one arm and the other wrapped around mine.

We looked like a perfect couple.

But then there was a bad feeling that the thing with Drew wasn’t just a little issue. Something was up.

And whatever it was, it seemed to scare Noah pretty bad.

And whatever it was, I was going to find out.

One way or the other.


This are better now with Casey and Noah, but Anna being the smart type has noticed something is going on between Noah and Drew and she’s curious about it..
How far is Anna Willing to go to find out the truth? And what are the consequences? How would she react?

Find out in the next chapter.


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