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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 12

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Twelve.

*Noah’s point of view*

“I’m here you pick Casey” I told the teacher standing in front of the gate.

“And who are you?” She added, eying me before sparing Anna a glance. “Only relatives are allowed to pick my pupils”

I tried controlling my temper, so u took a deep breath and spoke. “I’m her…” I wanted to say father, but the words didn’t come out. I was scared telling people.

“Daddy!!” A voice called out, and o saw Casey running towards me. The teacher gasped as she turned to Casey giving her a curious look.

“Daddy, see!” Casey jumped on me giving me a hug before I balanced her on my left arm. She shoved a blue pencil, with spidermam designs on it. Where did she get it from? Casey had pink pencils.

“Jake give me, me like pink pencils, but Jake like blue and spidermam, so me tell Jake give me, so me give Jake pink pencil. Jake kind, too kind” Casey said I’m a single breath, admiring the pencil with a huge grin.

“Who’s Jake?” The idea of Casey already talking to her classmates unnerved me, even worse a guy. He could be dangerous.

Shut up Noah! Jake is probably two years old too.

“Jake is me friend, Jake in me class, we do finger painting together” Casey squealed.
“Casey is this your father?” The teacher who I had forgotten about spoke to, still eyeing me.

“Yes, see me dad. Dad carry me high to the sky” Casey said, before turning to look at Anna. “Hi Anna, you come with daddy to pick me”

“Yes, baby. We told you we’ll come” Anna rubbed her cheeks and Casey blushed.

“Mr Bricks” The teacher, whom I had still forgotten about called my attention agsin. “Casey would be needing some paints for her palm print painting”

What was palm print painting? What the fuck was this?

“Ok” I said, then took Anna’s hand and we walked away from the school. I didn’t want anyone to spot us, especially any of Drew’s men, cos the bastard had eyes everywhere.

“Daddy go to school?”

“Yes, potato, school was boring” I looked at Anna who shoved my hand before turning to Casey.

“School was fun, baby. We mixed chemicals, beautiful chemicals, Tetraoxosulphate six acid, sodium hydroxide, and physics was the best we finally studied waves. It was fun”

Me and Casey shared a look. “What Anna talking about dad?” She asked me.

Did I even know?

“Err…School stuffs, you’ll get there soon” I pecked her lips.

“I think it’s better we go to the Mall now, and get those paints for Casey” Anna said.

As far as it was only paints, it couldn’t be more expensive. I didn’t have money, all my money I made went to Drew.

Stupid assholes. My father and Drew.

“Ok, leys go get your paints, potato” Casey jumped in my arms before wrapping her arms around my neck.

After few minutes of walking we came to the mall and went to where the paints where.
I noticed Casey looking at a small Barbie doll on the shelf.

“Ok, what color do you need honey? Anna asked, going through the paints. “Let’s just take a whole box of it since you can’t identify colors yet”
Anna picked a box and placed it in the cart before walking off to where some foodstuffs were.

“Let’s get more cereals for Casey and a few other foodstuffs you’ll need needing”

I couldn’t even find the words to say I didn’t even have money, I just stood there gawking at her as eyes the other hallway of foodstuffs.

“Come on Casey” I grabbed onto Casey and placed her on the cart before wheeling her towards Anna.

“Me want that one” Casey pointed to a box of cornflakes. Anna placed it in the cart then picked a box of chocolates too.

“No, no chocolates. It hurt my teeth. Mom says no chocolates” Casey said, picking yo the chocolate and handing it to Anna.

Phew. Chocolates were expensive. One down.

“Ok then Noah would eat it?”

What? No!

“I hate chocolates”

Fat lie. I loved it.

“Ok” Anna placed it back on the shelf before proceeding to the next one. “We’ll need laundry detergent, bathing soaps, shampoo for Casey, oh and you too. I’ll get vanilla for Casey and mint for you. We’ll need more pots, you only have one. Frying pan, kettle, cleaning detergent, more spoons, kinfe, forks. Plastic plates for Casey, Plastic spoons for Casey, bottle watrer, a new clock, bedspreads, pink preferably because of Casey. Pink curtains because of Casey,”

I couldn’t even catch up on the number of things we had in the cart. We already had two now! Two filles carts! With things I didn’t even know. One was non eatable things, the other had food stuffs I had never even seen. And a lot of cereals, milk, coffee, biscuits, and other snacks.

How was I going to pay for all these with 5 dollars. The paints alone were more expensive that that.

“Look Anna” I finally spoke. When she was going to bring the third cart.

“Don’t worry about paying for all these, my aunt spoils need a lot. I’ll rather use the Money fur something important than purchasing every single chemistry book in town”

To say I was dumb struck was an understatement. I was shaken time the core and I couldn’t stop myself from engulfing Anna in my arms.

“I’ll pay you back I promise” She wrapped her arms around me before pulling the cart and going towards Children shows shelf.

“Casey do you like Barney?” She asked, I turned to look at Casey.


She wasn’t beside me, she was here, just now. Where was she?

My heart struggled to jump out of my chest.

“Casey!!” I shouted.



Hey guys, another chapter is up, sorry for the long wait. This chapter reveals us to the good side of Anna. She decided to pay for all the stuffs they took and Noah couldn’t be any more happy. But things are getting hotter and Casey is no where to be found. Where is she? Where did she go? Could it be a coincidence that after Anna told Clary about Casey, now she’s missing.

Find out more in the next chapter. Click on the react button and drop a nice comment.



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