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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 10

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Ten.

*Noah’s point of view*

“Where is my glasses?” Anna asked, going through her bag. “I’m already late for class. I have a physics test. And you” She pointed to me. “Where were you last night? I waited till one” She pinned me with a glare.

I groaned getting up from the chair, my body ached liked hell. “I closed late”

“Jeez, I changed your bandages yesterday didn’t I? She came closer observing my head.

“I must have hit it during work”

“What kinda work do you do?” She buttones her top while running to the kitchen to heat up the pasta.

“I..I..I work at a bar” I owed smoothly, taking a chair in front of the stove.

“Hmm, I’m sorry I slept off yesterday, I should have left.”

“No, it’s ok. I’m glad you stayed with Casey. Didn’t want her alone”

“Coffee! Then I’ll change your bandages” She handed me a glass of coffee and I ripped the strong liquid.

Wow. Since when did someone make me coffee?

“Ok so I was wondering if you want me to get Casey ready for school. She gave me a transfer file. Apparently, she was transferred to the elementary school beside ours” She switched off the gas and served my food. She looked so beautiful in my kitchen. She easily found her way around it.

“Casey was transferred here? Seems Andrea had made plans” I took a fork and ate the pasta. Good.

“Who’s Andrea?” Anna stopped.

“Casey’s mom, my first girlfriend. Didn’t know she was pregnant for me, she left and Bam! She dumped Casey at my door” I took another bite, humming in delight.

“Wow, that’s not a nice way to find out you’re a father” Anna smiled. “How’s the food?”


“So you going to keep her or beg Andrea to take her back?”

“I thought of the blue eyed little girl sleeping in my room and smiled. No way I was giving her back. “No, I’m going to keep her”

“But you’re a student, you’re barely taking care of yourself how much more a two years old girl ”
Anna reasoned.

She had a point but I was willing to make this work. “Don’t you have any family members she could stay with till you’re done from school?”

I thought of my dad, no way, I didn’t even know where he was. If not I’d have killed him myself.
My mom? She was dead, six feet under. Died of cancer.

My mom’s parent and family? I didn’t even know them, my mom ran away from home, never got to meet them.

My dad’s parents and family? Lives in Africa, were always travelling.

“No, it’s just me” I muttered, glancing at Anna, she looked tired, probably from waiting your for me yesterday.

“Thanks for staying with Casey, I Know it’s just been a day since we met, but I’m so grateful”

She smiled, touching my head and peeling off the bandages. “No problem Noah, you look like you needed help, and that’s my hobby. Helping people”

There was something about her, the way she smiled, the way she talked. She was different. So different. And I wanted to kiss yet again. Her Standing so close beside me. Her lios just above mine. It was a perfect moment.

I drew closer to her and my lips almost touched hers when….

“Daddy!” Casey shouted, coming to high ne tightly.

“Hey potato” I smiled, hugging her tightly as if she were an egg. “Did you sleep well”

“No” She pulled away from me. “Dad bed is so strong, me bed at home is soft, very soft, and dad bed smell like him. Bed smell like daddy!” She put her nose closer to me and took a deep breath.

“Anna” Casey smiled, looking up at her. “What happened to daddy head again?” She asked, touching the new bandages around my head. “Big monster get daddy?”

“No, no monsters got to me, I killed them all. These” I pointed to my head, “Are battle injuries”

“So daddy kill all big monster?” Casey asked, eyes wide opened in awe and my heart swell with pride.

“Yes, potato” I pinched her cheeks and she grinned, showing small with teeth.

“Why daddy call me potato, potato is small ,me is big!” She jumped down from my lap and stood on her toes, raising her hand. “Me is big like daddy, not like Anna, Anna small, small like a baby when she stand next to Daddy” She laughed.

Anna gasped and put her hand on her chest as if she were hurt. “Me small?, I’m taller than you”

“But not tall like daddy, daddy the biggest, them me, then Anna”

“Ok Casey, you have to come get ready for school now, or else you’ll be late like Daddy” Anna said, pulling Casey away from the room and taking her to the bathroom.

I sighed, watching them go. They were both beautiful.

I touched my head and felt the fresh bandages. I had already taken my bath, I just had to drop Casey at school and go to mine.

This was weird, just few days ago, I had no problem, was going to clubs, drinking and racing. Now I had a daughter. Fuck my life.
I stood up from the chair and went to gather mine and Casey’s bag. Putting all my books into my bag.

In a few minutes, Anna and Casey walked into the sitting room laughing at the top of their lungs.
“Daddy, Anna say you’re a big goat”

“What! What happened to our girly secret” Anna gasped, walking off to make breakfast for Casey.

“Me? Goat? Wow, well you kissed a goat, so that makes you a goat too” I said, taking a bite out if Casey cornflakes. It tasted horrible.

“Dad kissed Anna!” Casey gasped, taking a seat close to mine.

“Dad kissed Anna! Dad kissed Anna!” Casey shouted.

“It’s ok Casey, eat you’ll be late for school”

After forcing Casey to stop shouting she finally settled down to eat. Anna ate too and in thirty minutes we were walking to school. Funny how dad and kid were going to school together.

I stopped at Casey’s school gate and bent down, facing her.

“I’ll pick you by three ok?” But Casey looked at me, tears filled her eyes, threatening to fall

“Me don’t wanna go there, mom said she’ll pick me but she didn’t come, she sent driver to take me to dad place. Me didn’t see mummy again”

My heart shattered, when the tear slipped, running down her cheeks.

“I’ll be back potato, I’ve got you. And no one else is going to take you away from me, I’m not going to leave you. I promise, I’ll be right here, waiting for you when you close”

“You and Anna going to come pick me up?” She sniffed. I turned to Anna and she gave me a nod, holding my shoulders. That felt nice.

“Yes, we’ll be right here”

“Pinky swears?”

“Pinky swears”


Ok so Noah is really getting attached to Casey and she’s so cool, Anna too is trying to help as much as she can. They make such a perfect family. Family? You think they are all going to end up happy? With Drew on the loose for anyone Noah cares about? Well we’ll find out. Just stick to this book.


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