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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Epilogue

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Epilogue: Last Chapter.

*Noah’s point of view*

“Happy birthday Casey!” We all shouted.

“Come on potato, make a wish” I said, kissing her cheeks as she closed her eyes before blowing out the candles resting in the huge pink cake. Ryder had to place her on his neck so she could reach the cake.

It was Casey’s three year old birthday and we had done a small party for her, just me Drew, Anna, Seth and Clary.

No one else, considering we had just moved in to a new neighborhood, where my dad had gotten me a six bedroom duplex after we left the hospital three months ago.

I was walking well now, all my Injuries healed. My body felt like it hadn’t almost completely torn apart few months ago.

“It’s time to open your presents” Seth said coming to hand Casey a small wrapped gift box.

Casey squealed then unwrapped the gift and opened it, she gasped in surprise and pulled out a very beautiful bracelet that spelled Casey. It was pink with little shinning diamonds on it.

“It’s beautiful” She said as Seth placed the bracelet to her wrist.

“Just like you honey” She kissed his cheek, admiring the shiny object glittering under the chandelier.

Clary stepped forward and gave Casey a medium size box. Casey frowned and said a small thank you. She opened it and practically jumped up screaming in delight.

“No way! No way!” Wrapped in a pink gift wrapper was a doll house puzzle, you’ll actually have to arrange it very well and you’ll have a doll house as huge as a kitchen island. It was every little girl dream to have a doll house.

“Happy birthday dear” Clary smiled softly, before turning to Ryder who smirked at her.

I swear those two have been looking at each other since, I was starting to think something was going on between them.

Ryder walked forward next handling her a small box and Casey squealed before opening it to see a pink blouse with car designs. And it spelled “Ryder’s no. 1 baby, so bitches keep off”

“Ryder!” I gasped and Casey smile fell in disappointment.

“What? Don’t you like it?” He asked, obviously hurt.

Casey just gave him a small smile and said she did.

Ryder laughed, then went out if the room bringing a huge box with him. “I got you this too”

“It’s a Barbie doll!” Casey jumped away almost falling the cake and Drew laughed, before frowning again.

“Yes baby, the blouse is just a bonus. This is your gift” Casey hugged Ryder very close I almost felt jealous.

“Barbie can play with me in doll house. Thank you Ryry” Ryry was her new nickname for him, and Ryder carried it with pride.

“What did Drew get me” Casey walked up to Drew who was standing far away from us, frowning, but a smile broke out from his face when he noticed Casey walking up to him.

He pulled out a box from behind him and handed it over to Casey.
I wondered what Drew must have gotten her.

“It’s heavy” Casey said, opening the wrapper.

“I’m sure you got her a gun” Ryder joked.

“No, not yet. Gun is for her sixteen years birthday” Drew deadpanned, glaring at Ryder who was secretly hoping towards Clary.

Anna laughed. And Casey gasped in shock.

“A snow globe!” She held the globe in her hands and looked into the glass. A small house was sitting in the snow and two people stood in front of it, considering it was a little girl with a man. I figured it was Casey and Drew. And written by the side was. “Drew loves Casey”

“It’s beautiful Drew” Anna spoke up coming beside Casey to admire the globe.

“It’s snowy inside” Casey said, before dropping it in Anna’s hand and hugging Drew so fiercely.

I could see Drew fighting back tears as he snuggled behind Casey’s hair.
“Me love you too” She said, then pulled away and gave him a kiss on the lips.

I twitched at that.

“Daddy and Anna haven’t given me present yet”

Immediately, as if they knew what was going on, two little white puppies ran into the room and Casey literally screamed and blew off my ears.

She ran to them, and they barked waggling their tails as Casey picked them up, kissing them.

“I should have thought of that” Ryder groaned.

“That’s our gift to you” Me and Anna said at the same time.

“They are so cute, what should I name them?” Casey asked, snuggling the two puppies who were too happy licking her face as she giggled.

“Anything you want” I said, wrapping my arms around Anna before kissing her cheeks.

She blushed at that.

“What about One and Two”

“What?” Seth was the one who asked, looking baffled.

“I like it, you’re one” She pointed at one of the puppies. “And you’re two” She said to the other.

“Ok can we now go eat the cake” Ryder wined.

“You only care about food” came Drew.

And we all walked out to the cake and Anna cut it into separate pieces for everyone.

“I have a question to ask” I said, drawing everyone’s attention.

I turned to Anna and she appears confused for a second before smiling at me, so I got down on one knee and pulled out a rose from behind me.

“Anna Waters, I’ve been in love with you since the day I met you, and I ask you today, in front of all our friends if you’ll like to be my girlfriend?”

My heart thumped loudly in my chest, I knew she was going to say yes but I couldn’t swallow that fear that she’ll say no.

Just as she opened her mouth to answer, the door flew open and someone walked in, I hadn’t seen her in a few years and she looked different now even with the dark shade covering her eyes I recognized her.

Her heels clicked loudly in the floor and she removed the shades.

Andrea. My heart stopped.

“Mommy!” Casey ran to her, the two puppies trailing behind her.

And Andrea picked her up and kissed her cheek.

“Seems I wasn’t invited for my daughter’s birthday”

I walked to her, leaving Anna. “What are you doing here?” I asked, those eyes were still the same, those eyes I had fallen in love with.

“I’m here for Casey’s birthday, or aren’t I invited”

“Of course you are, we are just about to eat the cake.” I said, ushering her inside.

“And who are you guys?” She asked pointing to Ryder and Drew. “And you?” She asked Anna.

Things were getting heated and awkward here.

“I was just about saying yes to Noah because he asked me to be his girlfriend” My heart swelled with pride at that, and Andrea hmmed before turning to Ryder and Drew.

“And you?”

“Oh, hey, I’m Ryder, this is Drew” of course Ryder would become so kind to someone as pretty as Andrea.

“I’m Anna’s best friend”

“And I’m Noah’s dad”

“You finally realized you had a son” She scoffed before turning to Casey.

“Mommy everyone here is my friend and I like them, so be nice to my friends” Casey said.

Andrea looked at everyone before sighing. “Ok, ok her mom as you all know” She announced. “I’m not here to cause troubles, just wanted to see Casey that’s all” she said.

“Ok” Ryder drawled feeling the awkwardness.

I sighed before walking back to Anna. “So you’ll say yes?”


*Few hours later*

“No, you’re cheating” Casey whined, hitting Ryder.

We were currently playing an eating game, both Ryder and Casey were given a bowl of ice cream to finish before thirty seconds.

Of course Ryder being the elder one was spooning the ice-cream into his mouth very quickly.
“I’m not” He said through gritted teeth. “Oh God, brain freeze, brain freeze!” He fell to the floor clutching his face, giving Casey the time to finish off hers then jumped in triumph.

“I win!!”

Drew scoffed. “Ryder you’re a loser”

“No, I’m not” Ryder retaliated, scooping a small piece of the cake and throwing it at Drew’s face.

Drew gasped, wiping his face then picked up his own piece of cake and slammed it to Ryder, it went straight to his mouth and he gagged.


“No, no hit Ryder!” Casey said, picking the cake and it hit Drew’s hand.

Drew just smirked before hitting Casey’s face with his cake.

“No one touches my daughter and gets away with it” That was Andrea and let’s just say she went to the extreme and hit Drew in his balls causing him to bend in pain.

“Fuck” Everyone erupted in laughter.

“What are you laughing at?” Ryder said to Clary who responded with a cake to his face but missed and touched Seth’s.

“I didn’t want to do this before but I guess your best friend would have to pay” A cake to Anna’s face cane next and I laughed.

Of course I couldn’t get away with it and I was cake slapped, not hard enough to cause me pain but enough to paste the cake to my face.

Everyone then started playing the cake fight, and in a few minutes the whole cake was finished, some were pasted to the floor, walls and chairs.

And we all layed to the floor tired.

“So no cake for Jack” Casey said.

Jack was her schoolmate, Casey’s best friend since she talked about him a lot.

“Who’s Jack?” Drew sat up.

“He’s a friend” Anna replied for her.

“I don’t want Casey near him, he might be a kidnapper or a murderer”

“For once I agree with Drew here” Ryder sat up next tugging Drew at his shoulders.

“I think we should get her that him now, huh Casey so you’ll blow his fucking brains out”

“And nail his intestines all over the walls of the classroom” Drew laughed.

Casey sniffed, and she had covered her eyes and was crying.

Immediately Drew and Ryder stopped their jokes and looked so remorseful.

“Me no want Jack intestines on wall” She wailed.

I turned to Drew who was already petting her and Ryder kissing her hair.

“Ok honey, we’ll just nail the intestines to the floor then as doormats” Drew laughed again this time.

And Casey cried harder. “Sorry baby, we are just joking”

I smiled pulling Casey close and Anna to my right.

Drew and Ryder continued making a joke out of it and Andrea was talking to Seth. Clary was trying to gain Ryder’s attention and when he finally looked at her she smiled.

Let’s just say I was happy with all my friends around me, Drew the once bad boy had finally accepted he was good even though he tried to act all serious. Ryder the once Playboy had finally found someone who wasn’t ready to give him what he wanted and he seemed comfortable with it.

My dad Seth had finally gotten me back and now I trusted him whole heartedly, even Casey did.

Even Andrea talked about someone she had met in school and was going out with.

And I had Anna here in my arms where she belonged, and Casey too. The most important person in my life.

Who knew that withing the past months I’ll have a daughter, a girlfriend and amazing friends who would do anything for me and Casey.

I couldn’t have asked for more, and even though I knew thing would still be bad at some point, now I knew I wasn’t going to face those battles and bridges alone. I had my dad, Anna, Casey, Drew ,Ryder and even Andrea there to support me every step of the way.

And there’s no joy like having someone by your side.

I was the bad boy whose life changed all because of a green eyes little bundle of joy.


I really want to appreciate everyone who has read, liked, commented and contributed to this story.

Thanks to GOD my source of life and inspiration.
To my family and friends for your words of encouragement.
To my crazy and disturbing fans, for your troulbes and making me update faster.
And finally to you, for reading this book.
And giving me a reason to smile everyday by reading all your lovely comments.
And to those who don’t comment and like, welldone oo. Silent readers, at least say something in this last chapter. And like too.
Well. Thats it.
I had so much fun writing this book, I enjoyed every chapter and every twist snd plot, i hope you enjoyed reading it.
And for those asking if i would still write another book. Yes! I would so watch out.

Your loving Queen of Suspense.

Chimdi Jane Samuel.

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