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He licked his lower lip and rushed in. I walked towards the door about to lock it. Suddenly, he yanked me in with him closing the door behind him.

Throughout the rest of the day, my thoughts were filled with ways in which I could get Ashton away from my house. So far, I could only come up with one. "kidnapping." It might sound a little extreme but I had so many ideas of exactly what he's capable of.

"And that's exactly why I'm going to stay. Let your imaginations run wide about the many things I'll tell your dad. See you by 5. Bye."

"When you come over you don't try to give my mom any impression about us. When you come over it's strictly studying and once you're done, you're out no extra curricular activities."

"Neither am I. Imagine my shock when I'm watching a soap opera, someone knocks at the door. I twist the knob, the male version of you pops out. He says you two have a study session of some sort. Am so proud of you sweetie... "