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Taming The Play Boy — Episode 2

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( The Nerd And The Bad Boy )


( Lucia )

A gasp escaped from my lips the moment I recognized what was happening in front of me.

Ashton Harold, the school’s biggest player was dumping his latest catch. I felt pity for the poor girl who thought she could be the one to “tame” him and be different. It sucks really. He noticed my gaze so I walked away.

I got to the cafeteria and as always after getting something to eat, I’ll seat in the corner and eat by myself silently watching other people.

After I was done, I disposed of the remnants and walked away.

I got to the restroom and adjusted my glasses cleaning them slightly before placing them back on.

I had history class next so I would head to my locker first before going to class.


The bell was rung for recess so I waltz out of class to keep my locker before going to the theater to rest for a while.


Did someone just talk to me?.

I pinched myself lightly before turning back poking him on the chest.

“Ashton Harold just said “hi” ” I mumbled to myself, his hands were in his pockets and he was smirking.

“Umm I think you’re talking to the wrong person.” I shifted my glasses a little and walked away.

“Wait….” He held my hand,I tried to protest and my back touched the Lockers.

He placed both his hands on both sides of my head caging me slightly.

“What do you want.” I didn’t falter in making my voice sound extremely confident.

“You actually.” He responds making me furrow my brow.

“Like I said Ashton I think you have the wrong person so if you’d just let me go I have somewhere I need to be.” He smirks again and his gaze is on me.

“You’re intriguing I can tell. Underneath all this facade you’re intriguing. ” He states making me roll my eyes.

“I am not. I’m boring and I’m plain. If you’re looking for a past time , it’s not me.”

I said trying to leave.

“I’ll prove it to you. Just watch.”

“I am not interested Ashton. There are alot of girls in the school willing and ready please leave me alone.”

“No, I want you.”

“Good luck with that.” I said and quickly got out from under his arm.

“Wait…” He called out tugging my by my arm before crashing his lips on mine.

I froze because this idiot was stealing my freaking first kiss. I pushed him off as hard as I could cleaning my lips.

“Stay the fuck away from me!” I exclaimed and stormed away in rage.


After recess was over, I got to class and tried to focus but girls were whispering behind me and it was getting annoying.

“What is it!” I snapped glaring at the both of them.

“The glorious nerd finally catches the eye of Ashton.”

“What are you talking about!” I demand still glaring.

“You’re Ashton’s new catch. He announced it to everyone which means you’re off limits to every guy until he’s done with you. I’m just surprised you caught his eye I mean there’s nothing special about you. You’re plain and boring.” She fired before focusing on her books.

“The nerve of that….” I trail off squeezing my pencil until it snapped.



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