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Taming The Play Boy— Episode 6

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(The  Nerd And The Bad Boy )



Throughout the rest of the day, my thoughts were filled with ways in which I could get Ashton away from my house. So far, I could only come up with one. “kidnapping.” It might sound a little extreme but I had so many ideas of exactly what he’s capable of.

For one, he could make up lies about the two of us. Get my mom’s hopes up and make my dad want to kill the two of us. He probably wouldn’t care given his bad boy aura and all but I really don’t want any form of attention.

Before, I go through school, dinner and sleep. Same routine daily and Ashton tries to change it. Problems are bound to arise so I’m going to have to kidnap him.

I began to think of how I could possibly pull it off. He’s stronger than me so over powering him is not an option. The next best thing to do would be tricking him. I’ll have to lock him up in a closet and I’ll come back for him later on. My parents would hate him and ban him from visiting . In that way, I get to solve two problems at once.

I smiled to myself finalizing every detail of my plan. Then, I focused on the teacher and my school work.

When it was time for lunch break, I couldn’t risk going to the cafeteria knowing fully well Ashton would create a scene. I spent my time in the library reading a book up until someone approached me.

It must be the Ashton curse. One minute with him and boys and girls alike want to know what’s so special about you that made him choose.

This time when I raised my head up, it turned out to be a boy.

“Hi, am Ted.”

He introduced and my eyes twinkled in recognition.

He’s the closest thing Ashton has to a best friend. I know this because most times they’re always together. He never leaves his side so why am I not surprised to see him here. I bowed my head going back to my books uninterested for whatever the reason he’s here.

“Lucia right?”

He spoke up but I continued reading ignoring him. He had better take a hint and leave because if people saw us together and Ashton constant bugging, talks arise and I get attention. The last thing on my bucket least, right after “never.”

“Aren’t you going to say anything.”

I ignored him once more. He suddenly grabbed my book checking it out.

“What is it?”

I groaned.

“Finally, she talks.”

He grinned slyly.

“This is a library. People don’t come here to bring up conversations, they come here to read so please ..”

“Actually, it’s lunch break so people don’t come here at all.”

I looked around and he was right. We were on the only two people in apart from the librarian.

“I need to finish this book before the bell is rung so please by all means, how can I help you?”

He grinned once again.

“I’m going to make this really easy. Simple question actually, are you really a nerd or you’re hiding something?”

His question was funny and confusing at the same time.

“You and Ashton seem to be way in over your heads. Doesn’t the glasses tell you everything. You said it yourself, I am in the library when most people are out there having fun. I am one hundred percent a nerd.”

“Great. I don’t have any problem then.”

He chirped leaving me perplexed.

“Goodbye Lucia.”

With that, he got up and left.

“What did mean by no problem?”

I thought to myself unable to read anymore.

To be continue…

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