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Taming The Play Boy — Episode 7

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(The Nerd And The Bad Boy )


( Lucia )

I played the nonchalant card and made sure his words had zero effects on me. Ashton and Ted want to get a word or two out of me, I won’t give them that satisfaction. I’ll stick to my plan of closet-knapping, make sure he doesn’t get close to me or my parents ever again and just pray he wakes up the next day and let’s go of his new found Obsession with me. Seems like a plan.

I smiled to myself and carried on with my novel.

The bell was rung so I had to get back to class. I really wished I didn’t get the novel seeing as I would be busy all evening. First, I’ll have to lock him in. Then, I’ll have to go home to explain to my parents and finally I’ll have to go back to school to let him out.

“Or we could just leave him to spend the night over.”

My subconscious adds in a teasing tone. I consider the really tempting offer but quickly wave it off realising the troubles it’ll definately bring afterwards. His parents thinking their son has been kidnapped, my involvement when they finally find him. It’s better I stick with the original plan.

I shut my locker and moved towards class with a strict plan in mind. Not jinxing it but nothing will go wrong. Wait a minute, oh fuck I just jinked it.

The final Bell was rung. I jumped slightly before heaving a sigh of relief. It’s now or never I guess. Well, here we go.

The first step would be to get his attention. It sounds easy as I’m all he seems to care about but I have to be careful. If I make it seem like I want his attention, he’ll get suspicious.

The next step would be to pick a closet and get him close to it. I picked one farthest away from everyone. This only means I’ll have to wait a while so students can clear out. That means I’ll have to distract him for a little while. That shouldn’t be too hard.

The last step is the most trickish. I haven’t been able to come up with anything on how to expertly do it. I’ll just go with the flow and hope for the best.

I slammed my locker and hung my back once again exhaling. Right on cue, I noticed Ashton approaching with a smirk on his face.


He beamed, I hissed lightly folding my arms.

“Leave me alone Ashton.”

“It’s rude to refuse such a nice invitation. Let’s go. I’m famished.”

He says, I roll my eyes slightly watching students troop out.

“I don’t want you there, can’t you take a hint.”

“I can but I also want to annoy you. When you get mad, no more concealing.”

He grinned making me huff. Only one or two students were visible. It’s time.

“Don’t follow me.”

I cautioned using reverse psychology. I knew he’ll do the exact opposite just like I planned. He followed me and I stopped in front of the closet.

“I said not to follow me. I need to get something in there. It’s private. Girls clothing and all.”

I blurted out the first words that came out.

“Ohhh… Juicy.”

He licked his lower lip and rushed in. I walked towards the door about to lock it. Suddenly, he yanked me in with him closing the door behind him.

“Where is it?”

He asks huskily so very close.


I trail off looking away.


I blurt.

“Alright then, I’ll go.”

He says trying to open the door.

“What is it?”

I ask when his countenance changes.

“It’s jammed. It won’t open.”


I shriek in disbelief.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

I mutter under my breath.

To be continue…

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