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Taming The Play Boy — Episode 1

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( The Nerd And The Bad Boy )


Glasses on, world off.

She’s the unnoticed girl. No one knows she’s exist and she likes it that way.

Her head buried in her books. The nerd of the school. What she didn’t expect was the school’s bad boy to take an interest in her and turn her world upside down.


Lucia Perkins is your average boring girl. Boring life, boring behaviour, boring everything.

Ashton Harold is the school’s bad boy and a certified player

He takes an interest in her because he believes she’s faking her nerdy life. According to him, no one can be that boring. He believes she has a hidden secret.

He sees the bad nature in her and is determined to make it come out. He won’t stop until it does, no matter what ut takes.

Does he succeed?

What happens when it becomes a bet between his friends?

Is Lucia really a nerd or is there more to her boring life?

Is there a love story in there somewhere?


           ( Lucia )

I folded my fists and crushed my alarm clock as hard as I could hoping it was break. The same prayer I make every day and yet it’s incessant ringing wakes me up the next.

I groaned before getting out of bed, taking my glasses from the desk and putting it on I carried out my morning routine.

Hi, am Lucia Perkins. The Nerd of Lakewood high school is what I would say if I was being interviewed of something.

Safe to say that my life is extremely boring. Wake up on my boring bed, take a boring shower eat boring breakfast and go to school in my boring car.

Yeah, I own a car. My parents are rich so it isn’t really weird. They got me one when I turned sixteen last year, it helped me alot since I got to go out. Who am I kidding? I hardly go out.

I put on my glasses and keep my head down getting through another boring day at school.

After taking a boring shower and doing the other necessary things, I strode down the stairs greeting both my parents settling down to eat.

In under five minutes, I was done and ready to leave the house.

“Have a great day dear.” Mom says full of smiles.

“Yeah, as if.” I mumbled internally. I swiped my keys from the counter, got in my car and was on my way to school

The school was in sight and as always, I found a spot in the parking lot for my car. I adjusted my glasses and walked straight to my locker.

Being introverted has its good side but there’s also the obvious fact that I have no one to talk to.

While the other girls gossiped about how they spent their weekend, I clung tightly to my books once again adjusting my glasses and moving straight to class.

I heaved a sigh of relief when the bell was rung for lunch break. I gathered my books keeping the ones I didn’t need in my locker and the rest went into my bag.

I was about to get into the cafeteria when my eye caught something strange.

“Oh my….” I gasped in sheer shock.


I grinned lip locking with this bitch in front of me. After I was done, I pushed her away with a smirk on my face.

“We’re over.” I announced making her gasp. Tears flushed her face and she started crying. I rolled my eyes and was about to walk away when something caught my eye.

A girl standing at the end of the hallway. One look at her tells you she’s boring, glasses and all but I got the feeling there’s more to her.

I was about to walk up to her but she turned towards the other direction and ran.

“Yo man! You’re done with that bitch right. I’m hungry.” Ted, my best friend says taking me to the cafeteria.

“Hey guys, who’s that girl over there?” I asked pointing to where she sat alone looking dejected.

“That’s Lucia Perkins. The most boring girl here.”


“Yeah, she never talks to anyone. Doesn’t do anything just keeps to herself.”

“That’s impossible.” I retorted.

“It is.”

“Maybe she’s hiding something.”

“Look man that girl is b for boring.”

“Or maybe she has a sweet pussy.” I said licking my lips.

“Yeah maybe, I doubt there’s anything sweet in her.”

“Who knows? I would love to find out though.”

“Care to make it interesting…” Ted says smirking.

“And what do you have in mind?”

“You can prove that she’s not the nerdy girl we think and make a s£x tape with her, I’ll give you my bike and a hundred thousand dollars.”

He says making me gasp.

“Don’t play with me!”

“I am not. I’m betting those two because I’m a hundred percent sure you’ll lose.”

“Alright then. It’s a bet.” I said grinning and staring at her.


To be continue….

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