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Taming The Play Boy — Episode 5

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( The Nerd And The Bad Boy )



I went back to my room and laid on my bed doing nothing until it was time for dinner.

Mom called after I showered and changed into my nighties.

After dinner, I would wait for a while before going to bed.

Usually, the Perkins dinner are boring. Mom and dad talk about their boring day at work and occasionally asks me questions about the school. The answers I give are usually mono syllabic. It’s either a yes, no, fine, alright. Afterwards, I excuse myself and end the misery.

“Welcome home dad.”

I greeted before taking my seat.

I nearly done with my meal and so far the only interesting thing said was the release of a new book.

“So dearie, how was school today.”

Right on cue.


I respond and go back to my meal.

“It was more than fine darling. Lucia here made a new friend. ”

“That’s amazing.”

Dad says excitedly.

“He’s not a friend mom, study patterns.”


Dad questions scrumming his nose suspiciously.

“Call it whatever you want dear but that boy is cute.”

“I want you to have friends but a boy as a first choice. What’s so special about him? In fact I want to meet him.”

I drop my fork at his words.

“You want to?”

“Yes, invite him over for dinner tomorrow.”

“Dad, you’re making a big deal out of nothing. We just study together that’s all.”

“You’ve never mentioned anybody from your school and suddenly you and this guy are studying together. What kind of father would I be if I didn’t meet him? I want to see him tomorrow.”

He demands and I have to oblige.

“Alright, I’ll see what I can do but he might be busy.”

“If he doesn’t come see me, he can’t come over anymore. I mean it, Tomorrow. Make it happen Lucia. ”

I groaned before clearing my plates and getting up.

“Goodnight mom, Daddy.”

“Good night darling.”

They respond simultaneously and I head back to my room.

I know Ashton would turn down the opportunity and that’s what scares me. What am I going to do!


As always, I reach for my glasses before starting my day.

I dozed off thinking of ways to prevent my dad and Ashton seating at the same table. I didn’t come up with a plan.

After getting ready for school, I got a reminder from my dad before leaving the house. A part of me actually prayed he would forget about the whole dinner after he sleeps but I guess my prayers don’t get answered.

I started my car and drove off to school hoping things turn out just fine.

I shut my locker softly surprised to see Ashton behind it.

“What do you want?”

I hated the looks I’m getting because of him. Being a nerd gets you zero attention and Ashton just skyrocketed it.

“Well I’m excited for later today.”

“New rule, stay away from me in school. ”

“You didn’t include it yesterday which means it’s not a rule. There are only three rules.”

“I can add whatever I want.”

“Too bad, I’m breaking it.”

“Just leave me alone. I have to get to class.”

“Is that all you think about? Getting good grades, being the teacher’s favourite ”

“Isn’t that what nerds do?”

“But you’re not a nerd. Well you are but you’re something more, just don’t know yet but I’ll find out.”

I sighed at his words knowing it was now or never.

“My dad wants to see you later today. Apparently it’s suspicious for me to have friends.”

He starts grinning after hearing what I had to say.

“But you and I know I don’t want you there so you come over and Five minutes later you make a phone call from your “parents” saying they need you back at home and then you leave.”

“But why?”

He teased.

“Because I don’t want you at dinner.”

“And that’s exactly why I’m going to stay. Let your  run wide about the many things I’ll tell your dad. See you by 5. Bye.”

He says and walks away.



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