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Taming Mr Hottie – Story description

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Ashton, Ashton, Ashton. Ashton Reed, the most popular guy in school, the most hottest guy in school. Everybody knows Ashton, everybody wants a piece of Ashton, girls wants to have sex with him, guys wants to be like him. everybody adores fucking Ashton Reed.

And I Tamara Blair hate Ashton, I hate his smug smile, I hate his handsome face, I hate his annoying smirk, all girls seems to love. I hate the way he used girls like they were a few changes in his pocket. As a true hater of Ashton I stayed away from him, and never crossed his path but then my stupid best friend Betty just had to join the train of girls ogling Ashton Reed, and Ashton Reed always appreciated the extra pussy. So he sets a date with my best friend and she foolishly went, they had fun, they had sex. She described that night in this excat words “it was a night of explosions, Tam. I can never forget that night.” And she was right she would never forget that night, because fucking freaking Ashton Reed, decided to upload that night, that night of delicious sex, that night that’s only supposed to be between my best friend and him, he decides to upload for the whole school to watch and his face was blurred.

My best friend couldn’t take the humiliation she brought upon herself, she was tagged a whore, a slut, a freaking prostitute. And well what happens next, I saw my own best friend in a pool of her own blood. She killed herself.

Life went on, Ashton continued his amazing life, not feeling a bit guilty of what he did to my friend and that got me mad, Betty is dead and he gets to live his life the way he wants, that’s not fair. And so i decided to break Ashton heart and make him feel the one emotion he feels he could never feel. I Tamara Blair will tame Ashton Reed hearts, I’ll tame the hottie.

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