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Taming Mr Hottie episode 9

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               😏 Tamara 😏

“Juliet, have I ever told you that you’re a freaking genius.” I asks her hugging her really tight.

“Nope you haven’t.” She replies pouting.

“Well I’m telling you right now, you’re a freaking genius. By the way, how did you get to know it’s Katherine and Sophie that got me framed.”

“It’s very simple, I implanted CCTV cameras, on the hallway so all I had to do was check the footage.” She replies shrugging.

“But wait, i thought the school has CCTV cameras also, why didn’t Mrs Smith, check the footage.”

“Ohh, that’s very simple. Sophie is banging the security officer in charge of the camera, so there’s no way Mrs Smith would have found the footage.” Juliet answers casually, shurrging her shoulder, throwing more chips in her mouth.

“Well at least I can now clear my name, and there’s absolutely no need for me to say thank you to Ashton, though I think I should say sorry to him, I did accuse him wrongly.”

“Girl, Ashton does bad stuff everyday. He breaks a lot of girls heart all the time and he never says sorry, so why should you say sorry to him, huh?.”

“I don’t know, I just feel it’s the right thing to do.”

“Well in this case, this is not the right thing to do.”

“Ugh whatever, can we just go for lunch before break time is over.”

“Yeah sure.”

“Wait a minute. I think, actually I have the perfect way to reveal Katherine and Sophie. let’s go for lunch babe.” I smirked and whispered all my plans in Juliet ears, what? The wall has ears.


I walked into the cafeteria looking really confident and so happy, hmm my enemies would soon be put to shame.

“Ugh, I always knew there was something not right with you, I just never knew you deal with hard drugs are you sure you don’t want me to call a doctor, I heard hard drugs like cocaine, makes people go mad.” Sophie’s mocking voice says behind me and I turned around to stare at the witch.

“And I also heard that the madness could be transferred, I could transfer it to you if you want.” I replied her, playing with my hair.

“Are you confirming that you smoke cocaine.” She asks feigning a shocked face,placing a hand over her mouth.

“Do you hate me that much, that you would wish for me smoke something that’s not healthy.” My tone of voice sounded so sad, Sophie glares at me. That’s right two can play this fake game, Sophie. I walked over to her and whisper in her ear, “before the end of lunch we are going to find out who really smokes cocaine.”

I stepped away from her smirking, her eyes got wide open. She knows I know, that she’s the one who framed me. You’re so going down Sophie “ta da, I’ll see you later.”

I happily walked away from Sophie to the popular guys table, I would have hop but that would be disgraceful and besides I’m wearing a freaking high heel. Once I got to the popular table, I ignored Ashton and he’s gang look, and took my seat then got ready for the big show.


I stared after Tamara as she walked away, my throat constricts, my heart beat accelerated. How did she know, how did she get to find out I framed her.

“I’m back. Guess what? I got you, your favorite, come on let’s look for a table to seat, unless you want to sit at the popular tables today.” Katherine says walking over to me, tray in hand.

“We have to leave this cafeteria, right now.’ I said anxiously.

“What, but why! We just got here.” Katherine exclaims.

“She knows we framed her, tamara knows we are responsible for the stuff found in her locker, and I have this feeling she’s planning something big against us. We have to leave now.”

“Oh my Goodness, but how did she find out.” Katherine asks looking so speechless. I internally groan, is she deaf or… hasn’t she being hearing the part where I said we need to leave the cafeteria, really fast.

“Katherine I do not know how she find out, but right now all I know is that we need to leave this place, right this minute.” I took the tray containing our lunch from her hand and placed it on a near by table, then dragged Katherine by the hand. we were about walking out of the cafeteria, when the TV in the cafeteria started playing a video, and guess what, I and Katherine is the star of it.

I stood transfixed watching the TV in horror, the video showed when Katherine pulled the fire alarm, and when I placed the cocaine in her locker. This is very bad. Lots of gasp could be heard from the cafeteria, all eyes were on me, accusing eyes.

“Sophie Hart, you’re in big trouble.” Mrs Smith says behind me, oh God. I raised my head to look at the popular table, and right there is Tamara smirking down at me, this is not the end.


“Ma’am please, you can’t expel me, my parents would be so disappointed in me, please there’s got to be another punishment you could give me, I beg of you Mrs Smith.” I pleaded, with the principal, but she didn’t even raise her head up to look at me, she just said simply, ” you didn’t only brought cocaine into the school premisses but you also framed a fellow student, we can’t have kids like you parading the school. You will influence the other kids with your bad behavior. Leave my office, go straight to your locker and pack all your belongings, you’re no longer welcomed in my school.” Can you believe she said all this, head bowed attending to some documents, she won’t even look at me so she could see the fake tears on my face. Ugh.

I stared at the principal for a while and seeing she’s damn serious, I had no choice but to walk out of her office looking really dejected.

“I told you, you shouldn’t waste your time begging her, now you see what I’m talking about. Whenever her mind is made up, is really hard to get her to change it.” Katherine says, I sighed and together, we walked to our deferent lockers, packed all our belongings into our bags. I jolted in surprise, as my locker was banged really hard, it almost hit my face.

“Hi bitch.” Tamara says smirking.

“You’re here to rub it in, aren’t you but let me tell you, I’ll be back, this is not the end.” I said glaring at her.

“Yeah it’s not, you still have to get your ass out the school, ohh and remember when I told you we are going to find out who’s the real smorker, guess what we just find out, it’s you.”

“Agh, get out of my way.” I yelled angrily and pushed her out of the way, then walked away. I might have gotten expelled but this is not the end Tamara.

                  😝 Tamara 😝

“Have I ever told you, you make the best plans ever.” Juliet says standing right beside me, as we watched Sophie and her stupid friend walk away. I just got them expelled. I know, I’m the best.

“Nope, you haven’t.” I replied her with a lopsided grin.

“Well, you make the best plans ever, so what now?.” Juliet asks, turning to stare at me.

“First we celebrate our winning, and then we go back to taming our dear Ashton Reeds heart.”

“That looks like a plan I could follow, but just so we are clear bills on you right?.”

“Of course it’s on me, today it’s the best day ever.”


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