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Taming Mr Hottie episode 8

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                 😐 Tamara 😐

“You must be Tamara Blair, and you’re in big trouble.” Mrs Smith the school principal says, what did I do. I can swear I never did anything wrong.

“What are you talking about Mrs Smith, I can swear I never did anything wrong.”

“We will find out very soon if you did do something wrong or if you’re innocent, let’s head to your locker.” She stood up from her desk, straighten her clothes and together we walked out of the office and straight to the hallway.

“Put in your combination Tamara.” Mrs Smith request, and I did as told.

“You can stand back now Tamara, I’ll take it from here.” I moved away from the locker and just stood there idly, wondering what’s going on.

Mrs Smith opens my locker, and right there in my presence brought out a cocaine. How did that get in there, I stared at the bag of cocaine in Mrs Smith hand, really shocked.

“Ma’am I swear I do not know how that got there in my locker, I don’t take cocaine.”

“Isn’t this your locker, Miss Tamara.”

“Yes it’s my locker, but I have not….”

“Save the explanation, an investigation would be carried out and if you’re find guilty, you’ll be expelled from this establishment, if you’re find innocent then you’ll be allowed to continue schooling here, but for now you’re going to pack up your bag and go home till the investigation is complete.” What!  I can’t just pack my bags and go home, I won’t be able to fulfill my aim anymore. Agh.

“There will be no need for that, Tamara will continue going to school here till the investigation is complete.” Ashton says, walking over to us.

“Are you aware that this is school business and the decision should be left to the school authorities.” Mrs Smith asked, clearly annoyed by Ashton interruption.

“And are you aware my father invests so much in the building of this school, and till date he still pours in money in this school.” Ashton retorts, hands in pocket.

The principal glares at Ashton before giving in to he’s demand, “fine she stays but the investigation will still take place.”

“Fine by me, what do you think Tam.” Ashton asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine with it.” I answered, I’m going to catch that bitch who framed me or could it be Ashton who framed me, so he could be my rescuer.

Once the teacher left, I took Ashton by the hand, bends his hands on he’s back then pushed him against the locker, “why did you frame me, how could you stoop so low.”

“What the heck Tam, I didn’t frame you and oh God you’ve got a strong grip there.” He groans and I pushed him really harder to the locker, “for the last time stop calling me Tam, and yeah I learnt martial art, so you better answer my question or I’ll be forced to design your handsome face.”

“Wait, you think I’m handsome.”

“That’s not my original question, Ashton. Did you frame me.”

“No I didn’t okay, I just thought I should rescue the damsel in distress, why would I even frame you.” I exclaims.

“After what you did at your party, i would not be surprised knowing you framed me and then tried to rescue me, so I could be grateful to you and forget the incident of that night.”

“Tamara, I’m telling you I had nothing to do with the cocaine, I just felt I should help you out that’s all, and I never pictured myself in such situation.”

“Hmm, I’ll believe you for now, but if I find out you have a hand in this, I’ll make sure you pay.” I whispered in his ear, then let go off him and walked away.


“I can’t believe I rescued Tam and all I got is my face banged on her fucking locker, so much for rescuing the damsel in distress damsel In distress my foot, someone like her could even beat a whole football player.” I muttered annoyed, walking into the game room.

“What’s with the face and the muttering, were you in a fight.” Justin asks, staring at my face weirdly, ugh so now he thinks I’m in a fight.

“Yeah, I don’t want to go into detail.” I lied, rubbing my face with my palm.

“Yeah, you don’t want to go into details because your target, beautiful Tamara shoved you damn ass against her locker. We witnessed it, and it was so hilarious, woah.” Austin says fist bumping with Justin, and I groaned. Idiots.

“Shut the fuck up.” I groaned.

“But seriously, did you frame her.” Austin asks in a serious tone.

“No I did not, why would I frame her.”

“Are you seriously asking us that, we both know you would do anything just to get a girl in your bed and also to win a bet.” Justin says shrugging, and I glare at him.

“Well, I’m so sorry to disappoint the both of you, I did not frame her.”

“So if you didn’t frame her who did, oh no..” I and Austin exchange a look of shock, there’s only one person who could I’ve framed Tam and it’s no other person but Sophie, that bitch.


“Ugh, who will dare frame me for a crime I didn’t commit, I don’t even take cocaine neither do I sell cocaine, I’ve got nothing to do with cocaine.” I exclaim pacing around the old library, really angry.

“And why are you not saying anything, Juliet. Are you okay with the fact that I got framed, you’re supposed to help me cone up with a plan I’ll used and catch the idiots that framed me, Juliet!! Will you stop pressing that goddamn laptop of yours, and help me with a plan.” I yelled, gosh I’ve never been this furious in my life, if my parents find out about this whole cocaine stuff, I’ll be in big trouble.

“You know, why you are busy being angry, pacing around I was busy looking for the idiot who got you framed.” Juliet says smirking.

“Wait what?.”

“You heard me right babe, and you’re wrong Ashton didn’t frame you, this idiots did.” She turns her laptop around, I looked at the screen and my fist tightened, so this idiots were the one who got me framed huh? Ohh they are so going down, they wouldn’t know what is coming their way😏.


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