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Taming Mr Hottie episode 7

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                  😕 Ashton😕

I licked my lips hungrily, my hands itching to touch every part of her body, my lips waiting in anticipation to suck those perky breast of hers.

I brought my face down to her hair and inhaled deeply her amazing scent, lavender. I brought my lips down to taste her mouth, the same sexy mouth that has tempt me for days, today I finally get to taste it, I was about merging my lips with hers when I received a resounding slap on my face, I wasn’t able to digress what just happened when I got a kick on my dick. F**k.

I landed on the floor really hard, I could feel my back bone breaking. “Aghh.” I screamed out in pain, my hands on my d**k. My eyes widen in shock as I watch Tamara walk up to me, she grins staring at me as I groaned in pain on the floor.

“Now listen to me Ashton, the next time you try such trick I’ll cut off your dick. I knew you were up to something, when you kept staring at me really intently, as I drank what you gave to me, so I pretended to be drunk to see if my suspicion were true and of course you did not disappoint me. Have a goodnight Ashton, I’m out of here.” She raised her shoulders in a high manner and catwalked out of my room. Oh geez, my dick is on fire.


I walked out of Ashton room all smiles, the fool thought he could get me drunk and have sex with me, do I look that stupid to him.

“Don’t tell me he didn’t like your pu**y that much, it’s not even up to a minute you walked in there.” Sophie says smirking, standing in  the hallway.

“Well I’m not as cheap as you are slut, I didn’t go in there to f**k Ashton Reed, I went in there to… Why am I even explaining myself to a slut like you.” I throw my hands up in the air, pushed her out of my way, walked to the sitting room and out of Ashton’s freaking house. I think I’ve had enough party for one day.


“I can’t believe Ashton will stoop so low, as drugging you, just so he could have you in his bed.” Juliet spits out clearly annoyed.

“Well I’m not surprised, we are talking of the one and only Ashton after all.” I said boredly.

“Ugh, but it just proves Ashton is more rotten than we thought, he’s despicable.” Juliet utters frowning.

                   😥 Ashton 😥

“You can have the car keys, after you show us the evidence.” Austin says the minute I walked into the game room. I ignored him taking a bottle of wine from the bar, drank out if it and plopped down on the nearest couch next to me.

“Wait a minute, you didn’t sleep with her, did you?.” Austin questions smirking.

“Yeah, I did not she’s a lot more wiser than I thought, but that doesn’t mean the bet is off, okay.”

“Yeah sure. I knew I was right when I said you won’t be able to have her.” Austin exclaims, then went ahead to take the wine bottle from me and poured his self a drink.

” I’ll prove to you, that you’re wrong. Yesterday was just a set back. nothing more, nothing less.” I state flatly.

“Whatever makes you sleep at night.” Austin drawls and I glared at him.

                 🔥 Sophie 🔥

“I just don’t get it, how would she be in a room with Ashton for over a minute, and nothing happened between them.” I utter confused, while Katherine rolled her eyes.

“And I remember telling you she’s lying, she just wants to make fun you.” Katherine replies, chewing on her finger nails boredly.

“I don’t know katherine, I feel there’s something more to this but I’ll forget it like you said. Is the stuff ready.”

“Yeah, we just have to create a distraction, so I can plant it in her locker.”

“Okay, I’ll put it in her locker and you go ahead and ring the fire alarm.” I instructs.

“Wait a minute, do you know her locker combination.” Katherine asks, looking confused.

“Yeah, I saw it the day I warned her to stay away from Ashton.”

“Okay then, once you hear the fire alarm and you’re sure everyone has run outside, then you’re free to do your part. Good luck bestie.” Katherine blows me a kiss, walking away. Why is she telling me goodbye, I’m only going to frame a certain someone, not fight a war.

The fire alarm blared throughout the school, and I smirk Katherine handswork. I went ahead and hide, then watched as teachers chased students out of the hallway, once I’m sure there’s no other soul hanging around the hallway. I rushed over to Tamara’s locker, put her combination, and then boom the locker opened. Nice.

I placed the goods in Tamara’s locker, locked it back, gave myself a high five then walked out of the hallway.


“How was school sweetheart.” My mum yelled from the kitchen, as I walked through the front door. I don’t just know, how she always gets to know who’s at the door, without seeing us.

“Annoying, some dump asshole pulled the fire alarm, and that resulted in school closing earlier than the usual time.” I yelled back, climbing the stairs.

“That’s really bad, who would have done such a thing.”

“I don’t know mum, I do not know.” I replied her back and got into my room. My brother had gone back to school, which means I’m back to being alone in this house, and that’s why I spent the rest of my afternoon at Juliet’s house. Juliet is living with her aunt, her mum is in prison and her dad abandoned her mum when she got locked up in prison. I know it’s sad.

I pulled off my clothes, got into the bathroom, had my bath then went to bed straight. I ate at Juliet’s so there’s absolutely no need for me to go back downstairs and eat.


My alarm woke me up the next morning, and I got ready for school, wondering what today has planned out for me. I had my breakfast, then drove off to school.

“Hey best friend.” Juliet calls out walking to me, as i put my combination in my locker

“Hey, Juliet.” Juliet wants us to be best friend, but I can not bring myself to give her Betty’s position, but Juliet never listens, so I let her call me best friend but I don’t call her back.

“So what’s on today’s agenda.” Juliet asks, excitedly. I was about answering her question, when my principals voice comes through the speaker in the hallway.

“Tamara Blair, Tamara Blair please come to the principal’s office right now.” Okay, why am I being called to the principal’s office, I didn’t bother finishing my combination anymore, I just told Juliet to save a seat for me in English class.

I knocked on the principal’s office door, feeling so nervous. “Come in.” A voice says behind the door, I gulped down nervously and opened the door, then walked in.

“You must be Tamara Blair and you’re in big trouble.” What!


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