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Taming Mr Hottie episode 6

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                  😒 Tamara 😒

Fast forward to saturday>>>>>>>

“Woah, you look so beautiful and hot, guys in that party would have a hard time staying away from you.” My bro whistles as I climb down the stairs, I shake my head laughing out. My family is still trying to get use, to me dressing like this.

“Dear, your brother is right. All those naughty school boys, would have great difficulty staying away  from you, don’t you think your brother should go with you to the party.” My father says from behind me.

“Dad!, This is the first party, I’ll be going and I do not want my elder brother babysitting me, in a party.”

“Okay sweetie, your father gets your point, there’s absolutely no need to yell. I’m so happy you’re going to that party, I’ve always wished you went out more often. I’m so proud of you, sweetheart. Don’t stay out late, okay.” My mum says, kissing the top of my head.

“Okay mum.”

“I don’t know mum, dad is kind of right. I think I should go with her.” My brother says smirking, and I glared at him.

“Oh please, we both know the only reason you want to come with me, it’s because of the beautiful highschool girls you’ll meet at the party. Bye mum, bye dad.” I waved them goodbye and walked out of the house, and straight to my car. I got in my car, and drove off to Ashton house.

“Damn, you look hot.” A voice says behind me, and it’s no one else but Ashton.


“I never thought you would make it.”

“Well, what can I say. I hate turning down an invite to a good party.” I said. Juliet wasn’t joking when she said, Ashton parties are always the best, this party is on fire.

“Follow me my lady.” Ashton says  and bows in a chivalrous manner, using his hand to show me the way. I laughed.

“Oh please, spare me the gallantry, you’re not fooling anyone, neither are you fooling me.” I said smirking. He grins and leads me into the house, forget what I said about the party being on fire, cause this party is burning. This party is on flames.

Ashton leads me to a secluded couch, far away from prying eyes, and I wasn’t in the least disturbed, I don’t want to join the party.

“What should I get you my beautiful lady.” Ugh, he’s not going to stop this, is he? No matter how you rain flattery on me, I’ll never be under you, moaning your name.

“I’ll just have water.” I said.

“Okay, seriously tell me what should I get you.”

“Water.” I stare flatly.

“I don’t know if you know this Tam, you’re in a party not in a funeral.” He says boredly.

“First of all, you can’t call me Tam only my friends are allowed to refer to me as Tam, secondly. What’s wrong in having water at a  party.”

“Wow, I thought we were friends already, it hurts to know you don’t consider me as one, and everything is wrong with you requesting for water in a party.” He exclaims, and I sighed.

“Well, I’m sticking with water.” I said deadpan.

“Come on Tam, don’t be a party pooper, we are in a fucking party not a graveyard. Just have one drink.” Ugh, well I guess having one drink wouldn’t hurt so much, besides I’m no more the old Tam, is time I should start acting like my new personality. Wait a minute the idiot still called me Tam. Agh.

“I’ll have one drink, and don’t call me Tam.”

“I’ll go get your drink my lady, and Tam I shall call you.” Ashton says the last part in a Scottish accent and I laughed, okay this guy is charming, now I see why ladies falls for him. Good looks + charming character.

                  😤 Sophie 😤

“Girl you have to see this.” Katherine says, taking me by my hand.

“Okay, what I’m I suppose to see.” I ask her.

“This.” She points at a secluded area, and I had to stare at the place really hard, cause it’s a little bit dark over there.

“No way, it’s that Tamara. What’s that bitch doing with him. Aghh.” I watched as Ashton says something to her, and she laughs. Agh, I so much want to take that bitch by the hair and dragged her out of there, Ashton is mine!.

“Calm down bestie, very soon she will be out of your skin.” Katherine says, patting my shoulder.

“Yeah, very soon. How’s the plan coming up.”

“Wonderful, she won’t be able to escape it.”

“Great, for now let’s leave her to enjoy the moment. Come on bestie, let’s party.” I stared at Tamara one more time before walking away, with Katherine.


I walked over to the bar, placed my hand on the counter, “Mark I need a drink, I need a really strong drink.” Mark isn’t exactly a popular guy, infact he’s not supposed to be in any of  my parties, but you see mark works in a bar after school and he knows a lot about drink, so we had a deal, he will be the barman at every of my party and I’ll invite him to every of my party.

“Are you trying to get a girl drunk.” He questions grinning.

“Yeah.” I answered, refusing to go into detail.

“Okay, I’ve got the right drink for you.” He says and got to work, mixing different types of drink for me, I don’t know the names, and I don’t care to know, as long as it will get the job done, then I’m okay with it.

“Here is your drink, my lady.” I said charmingly, I can’t wait to taste her so I can stop buttering her up.

“Thank you, kind sir.” She replies grinning, taking the drink for me. Chuckle.

My eyes were on her the whole time, as she drinks from the glass of alcoholic mixtures.

“I think I need to use the restroom.” Tam says getting up, only for her to fall back on the couch.

“Are you okay Tam.” I asks, faking concern. She’s drunk, she might be a light drinker, cause she hasn’t even finished the whole drink.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” She replies, trying to get up again, only for her to fall back but this time I caught her.

“You don’t look fine, Tam.”

“I know, I think I’m drunk, can.. you help me to the restroom.” She requests and I smirked. Perfect. I think I know the right restroom for you.

I helped her up and led her upstairs to my room. My parents are not around,is not like we I care if my mum sees me with a girl making ou. And for my sis, she’sis in her room, so I’m clear.

I sat on the bed and waited for Tamara to finish her business, after a while she staggers out of the bathroom, and I quickly got up and helped her.

“I think you should lay down a bit, so you can rest, maybe then you’ll be alright.” I said, leading her to the bed, helped her got on it, made sure she lies down on her back. I got to work and removed her shoes, after then I climbed on top of her and whispered in her ears, “How about we have a little fun, tonight.”


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