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Taming Mr Hottie episode 5

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                😋 Tamara 😋

The chirping of the early morning birds woke me up, and I smiled opening my eyes, wondering why my alarm didn’t wake me up, ugh, don’t tell me it malfunctioned again. Ugh, so annoying.

I got up from my bed and did my morning rituals, had my bath, wore my beautiful dress. “You look beautiful Tam, Betty would be so proud.” I smiled sadly, and take a look at my dress one more time before leaving my room.

“Good morning mum.” I greeted cheerfully, walking into the kitchen, I went ahead to take a bottle of water from the refrigerator, water is good for the body, always stay dehydrated.

“Good morning sweetie, how was your night.” My mum asks, placing a plate of pancakes in front of me, my parents might be rich but they love doing stuffs by their self, even though we are rich, my parents has refused to employ a house help and to be sincere I really don’t care.

“Wow, mum wasn’t joking when she said I won’t recognize my little sis anymore.” My mouth flew open in shock, on hearing that voice, I turned around slowly and, just like I thought the voice belongs to my brother.

“Ryan!!.” I yelled happily running over to him and he spreads his hands wide for a hug. “How is it possible you’re here, you told me you won’t be coming back till next month.” I said hugging him tight.

“Well I had to come back quickly, so I could see this whole change for myself. Damn, you look good, sis.” Ryan held my hand and made me spin around, so he could take a good look at me, and I happily obliged.

“I missed you so much, bro.” I said hugging him, you see, my brother is in the university and it’s not here in America, which means I only see him once in a blue moon.

“I missed you too, sis.” He replies hugging me back.

“Awn, nobody misses daddy.”

“Ugh, I can’t miss you dad, if I see you everyday.” I said rolling my eyes, at the same time taking the strawberry syrup, poured a good amount of the syrup on my pancake, and then enjoyed my breakfast.

“I’ll have to go now, bro. See you when I get back from school.” I kiss my mum, my dad, and finally my bro on the cheek before walking out of the house to my car. Another day of scheming, and fun await.


“So…, what plan do you want to put into action today.” Juliet asks, stuffing her face with spaghetti, this girl loves food a lot, and with her dorky eyeglass, she’s quite the character.

“Today, it’s the perfect introduction.” I said smirking, taking a sip from my drink.

“Ohhhh, tell me all you’ve got planned out.” She rubs her hands together fastly, having an evil grin on her face. She’s weird.

“Okay, here’s the plan.”

Step three: The perfect introduction.


“Girl Hunter, the target is approaching, over.” Juliet squeaky voice, comes through the earpiece in my ear, and now I’m beginning to regret taking the damn earpiece from her. Juliet is a big fan of actions movies, and so she wants to live her dream of being a crime fighter.

“Question, who’s girl hunter?.”

“Oh geez, come on. You’re girl hunter.” She exclaims.

“And why are you calling me, girl hunter.”

“Uhm, because you’re a girl and you’re hunting down Ashton Reed, duh.” Wow.

“How about you call me by my name and then, we get back to the mission at hand.”

“Ugh, you’re so boring, but anyway, your target is fast approaching.”

“From which sides, left or right.” I ask confuse.

“Left, he is only a few feet away from you, good luck, girl hunter.” Oh geez, she just doesn’t get it, that I don’t like the name girl Hunter. Ugh.

I’m currently standing behind the door of gym class. From what, Juliet told me, Ashton is always comes to the gym at this time, the guy loves to be in a good shape. so I’m going to create the perfect introduction, it’s about time I introduce myself to Ashton. I can’t b

“I’ll do a little bit of a countdown, and when I say one, you make your move. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, oops i miscalculated, do your thing now, now, now.” Juliet yells and I immediately rushed out of the class, and just like I expected, I collided with Ashton. I brought I and Ashton falling down hard to the ground, with me on top of him.

“OMG, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there.” I apologise frantically, getting up from on top of him.

“Well, that won’t be surprising considering the fact, that I’ve been really invisible to you. Wait a minute, did you just apologise to me, like you said sorry.”

“Very funny, I say sorry when I’m wrong, and in this case I’m wrong, though I’m pretty sure I’ve never done anything wrong to you, before.”

“Yeah, that’s true but with the way you’ve been ignoring me, I saw you as a proud girl.”

“Ooh really, well I just wasn’t in the mood to talk to you yesterday, Mister….”

“Wow, you don’t even remember my name, well I’m Ashton, Ashton Reed.” He introduced, stretching forth his hand for a handshake, and I smirked, claiming his outstretched hand. He’s wrong I do remember he’s name, I can never forget the name, Ashton Reed.

“I’m Tamara, Tamara Blair and I’ve got to go, see you around Ashton.” I said happily, walking away and then Ashton calls my name, I stopped in my tracks, turned around to face him, and waited for him to state the reason why he called me back.

“I’ll be having a party on Saturday, you could come if you want.”

“Hmm, I’ll think about it, see you around Ashton.” With that said, I walked away.

                🐶 Ashton 🐶

“Hey guys, Andrew, get ready to lose your car.” I said smirking, walking into the game house, this is where me and the guys hang out, after school or when we are less busy.

“Yeah, keep on dreaming. You’re never getting her Ashton.”

“Sorry to break it you, Andrew,but guess who just agreed to come to my party.” Okay, I know she did not exactly say she would come, but get, I guy could hope, can’t he?

“Just because she accepted to come to your party, doesn’t mean she’s going to fall for your charms, Ashton.” Andrew says boredly.

“Keep on thinking I can’t have her, you’ll be so surprise when I start driving your car around town.”

“I hope you’re not thinking of drugging her, that is against the rules.”

“You seem to be forgetting one little information, we never made any rule, Drew. And to answer your question, I will not drug her, who knows, she might just have too much to drink.”

“So, you’re saying, you’re going to get her drunk.” Justin asks.

“Nope, she going to get herself drunk, and then I’ll seduce her, in her drunken state, and boom, I’ll have her right under me, moaning out my name.” I said grinning.

“Oh geez.”


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