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Taming Mr Hottie episode 3

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😉 Tamara😉

I grinned really widely, walking away from the popular guys table, ohhhh i so much love this.

“Excuse me, excuse me.” A voice yells, running after me, I turned around to see a girl in dorky glasses, that I’ve never seen in my life before running after me.

“Erm, how can I help you.” I asks the girl and she raised her hands up, signalling me to wait, she takes in a few deep breaths, then takes her bottle of water and drinks from it, before standing up straight to face me.

“So.., how can I help you.” I asks again.

“Hi Tamara, I’m Juliet, nice to meet you.” She introduced stretching forth her hand, for a handshake, and I stared at her hand, confused. like, how the hell does she know my my name. I can swear I’ve never seen this girl before, in my life.

She noticed my confuse stare, she smiled and withdrew hand, “I know you are wondering, who am I, and how did I get to know your name, but first why don’t we go somewhere else and talk, I heard the walls has ears.” She whispered the last part of her statement to me, staring at the walls suspiciously. Okay, I’ve got to admit, she’s weird.

Now the weird girl, didn’t even give me a chance to contemplate, if I should go with her or not, she just straight away, dragged me with her, like can you imagine. Geez.

“We are good here, no one comes here.” She whispers, letting go of my hand, I don’t get why she’s still whispering and you know, this place actually has walls, don’t know if you get what I mean.

“You’re right about that, I never knew we had an old school library, this place looks so desolated and old, how did you find it.” I turned my back on her, taking a look around.

“Well, I found it on one of my many adventures.” Juliet says, and I nod my head. She’s weird, I’ve never heard of a person going on an adventure in school. That’s weird, she’s weird.

“So care to tell me, why I’m here.”

“Of course, I’ll tell you. Like I said earlier, I’m Juliet, and I’m a geek, I know everything that goes on in this school, and so I know that you Tamara Blair, wants to tame our dear Ashton Reeds heart.” Yeah, she’s definitely weird, like, damn, is she a witch, I never told anyone of my plans to tame that idiots heart.

“And how do you know this.” I asks her with a raised eyebrow.

“I already told you Tamara, I know everything that goes in this school, I also know that you’re not a new student, like everyone thinks, no one knows who you are, because you were invisible before just like me. You see I know everything about you, Tamara Blair.” Wow.

“So.., what do you want exactly.” I question, wondering what her true motives are.

“I want to help you achieve, your plans, I want to help you tame Ashton Reeds heart.” She says not blinking a bit.

“Hmm, and why do you want to help me.” She sighs a little, and turns away from me, looking out the old dusty windows. “I once had a best friend, just like you, and just like Betty, my best friend was also in love with Ashton, she went ahead to profess her love to Ashton, and of course Ashton never refuse a free pussy, so he fucked her and dumped her. Clara never took the whole dumping stuff, easily.” I could feel the sadness radiating from her voice, and it made me remember my best friend, Betty. I miss her.

“So, is she dead.” I ask quietly.

“No! No, no, she’s not. That’s the one thing, you and I don’t have in common, my best friend is in a mental hospital, yeah, she ran mad.” Ohh, at least her friend it’s still alive. We both stood in silence for a while, each of us in our in thoughts.

“How did you know about my plan.” I ask breaking the silence.

“I once saw Betty with Ashton, I warned your friend about him, and told her what he did to my own friend Clara, she didn’t listen, so I watched her, and finally I got to know she committed suicide. Seeing you this morning in school, looking so different, I knew you were up to something, and I knew I was right, the minute I saw you walking past Ashton, like he was a nobody, eating in the popular table and also ignoring Ashton.” I stared at the girl right in front of me, and the only thought that could go through my head, it’s, she’s smart.

“So, what do you say, we team up and beat Ashton to his game.” She asks, smirking, stretching her hands forth for a handshake.

“Hmm, I say we teach Ashton, why he shouldn’t break lady’s heart, Partner.” I grinned and claimed her outstretched hand. Things just got better.


I sighed happily plopping down on my soft foam, ugh, today has been full of event, I’m glad the first two steps of my plans, went well. I hung out with Juliet, and it turns out she’s really a cool girl, though I still think she’s weird.

Hmm, well I’ve got to go, to bed now, I have another exciting day planned out tommorow.

😶 Ashton😶

“Why do you look so upset bro.” My sis, Avery asks, walking into my room, and should I say uninvited.

“Leave.” I said simply, not even taking a look at her, sipping from my glass of wine.

“Wait a minute, did you get rejected by a girl.” She asks, and I sighed dejectedly.

“Oh No way, a girl rejected the great Ashton Reeds, who the heck is she, I need to see her.”

“Sis, take your bowie self and leave my room.”

“Fine I’ll go, but I’m tot’s posting this, my brother the ladies man just got rejected by a girl, have a goodnight bro, sweet dreams.” She yells happily, and hopped out of my room. Oh geez, Tamara I won’t let you put a stain on my good records, I’m the biggest player on the whole of Westfield, I’m going to get you, no matter what.


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