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Taming Mr Hottie episode 15

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               😳 Tamara 😳

“What are you doing.” I stuttered a little bit, watching Ashton undress.

“What do you think.” He replies smugly pulling off he’s trouser. I almost had an heart attack thinking he would pull off he’s boxers also. Thank God he didn’t, I do not want to see he’s a$$ or anything else.

“Are you going to stand there all night or are you going to to get in the water. PS: the water is so so so refreshing and cool.” He says floating on top of the water. He’s right the water looks so good. But I can’t take off my clothes in front of Ashton, and I definitely do not want to swim in my undies while Ashton is just around the corner. Ugh, I also can not swim fully clothed, I would be taking the fun out of swimming.

“Come on Tam, stop being a chicken and get in here, the water is so refreshing. You would love it.” Ashton says swimming in the water. I feel so jealous, I want to be in the water feeling as free as that. Ugh, damn it. I threw caution to the wind, pull of my trouser and my shirt, then got into the water.

“Damn, you look so hot.” Ashton says hoarsely taking in my appearance.

“One more word from you, I’ll put on my clothes back.” I threatened. Ashton does a sign of zipping his lips then raised his hands up in surrender. I rolled my eyes at him getting into the water. On a normal day I should feel really shy swimming with Ashton in just bra and panties but for some reason I’m not. I guess this is not a normal day.

I swam around in the water, feeling the coolness of the water, everything feels so refreshing and peaceful. I feel so amazing, i feel for a minute I could just forget all my worries, all my plans and just keep on swimming and swimming, (splash). I opened my eyes then turn to stare at Ashton. “Did you just splash water on me.”

“Uhm.., did I? I don’t know what you’re talking about Tam.” He replies feigning innocent. I frowned at him then got back to enjoying the coolness of the water, then it hits me again. (Splash).

“Ashton!!, Why are you splashing water on me.” I growled at him, sending daggers at him with my eyes. I wish I had superpowers.

“You mean, why I splashed water on you like this.” Ashton asks smirking then splashed water on me, might I add for the third time. Aghh.

“Ashton if you dare splash water on me again, I will…” He dared. He dared splash water on me again.

“Fine, you asked for it and you’re so getting it.” With that said, I splashed a good amount of water on him, he tried dogging some of the water but he’s not so good at it, well that didn’t stop him from retaliating. And soon the both of us laughter could be heard resounding in the quiet forest.

                   😋 Ashton 😋

“Ugh, I feel so tired and it’s all because of you. It’s all your fault.” Tam let’s out breathing so hard. After the amount of fun we had in the water but of us ended up laying on the soft grass side by side, exhausted.

“And I’m happy to be the cause of that.” I replied her grinning, turning my head so I could look at her. She is still in her bra and panties, my eyes takes in her breast that is bearly covered by her bra. She noticed my eyes on her boobs, her breathing heightened.

“Ashton.” She calls gruffly.

“Yeah.” I replied back removing my eyes from her uncovered breast to look at her.

Her eyes bores into mine, I could see the longing in her eyes. I could see the flames of wanting reflecting in her eyes. Her eyes travels down my broad chest, she had a longing in her to touch it but something held her back from doing so.

My eyes travels down to her lips, those lips I had wished to taste since the brief kiss I had with her in the library. I had imagine what it would be like moving my lips against her, my tongue exploring the inner walls of her lips. I guess today my wish would be granted.

Without much thinking or hesitation, I lowered my lips down on hers. For the first few seconds she remained immobile under me, then she starts to return my kiss. I move my mouth against hers, my d!ck already hard. I’ve never felt so arouse by just kissing a girl.

“Ashton…  Hmp, we should… Aghhhh.” She moans out in my mouth, as my hands slips into her bra. I pinched her nipples making her moan out my name. I squeezed and played with her nipples for some minutes,before sliding my hands down to her pu$$y. She’s so fu!king wet.

I slide a finger in her, the walls of her pu$$y hugs my finger really tight. She’s a Virgin.

“Wear your clothes, we are leaving now.” I said getting up from Tamara. I could tell she was about to say something but she decides against it.


The morning birds wakes me up, I got up from my bed yawning. Agh today is Monday, I hate Mondays.

My mind drifted back to yesterday in the forest with Ashton. He’s lips on mine(touching my lips) he’s hard on pressed against my tie, I can tell he’s big. Aghhhh, Tam you shouldn’t be thinking about all this stuff and you shouldn’t have let Ashton kissed you. But I don’t get why he stopped he had the chance to have sex with me but he didn’t use it. What’s going on?

                  😣 Ashton 😣

“Hey guys.” I greeted walking into the guys locker room. I pulled off my football jersey and short, I’m in the football team and we just finished playing a match. I take out my towel and tie it around my waist.

“So… we heard you took Tam out on a date yesterday.” Justin says casually leaning against my locker.

“Yeah, I did.” I replied simply.

“So those this means in no time you’ll be having her on your bed.” Austin asks.

I took in a deep breath resting my head on my locker, then replied him honestly. “I don’t think so. I don’t think this is about having her on my bed anymore, I don’t think this is about the bet we had I think there’s something more now, something more I can’t explain.”

“What are you saying Ashton, I don’t get you?.” Austin utters staring at me with wide eyes.

“I don’t know okay, I don’t know what I’m saying. I just know I do not want to make Tam cry, like I had made the other girls cry. I don’t want to break her heart, I want to protect it. I want to see her happy all the time, I don’t ever want to be the reason for her tears.” I hit my locker with my fist, hating this feeling in me. Why do I feel this way, what is this feeling.


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