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Taming Mr Hottie episode 14

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“Stop! Stop the car right now.” I yelled and Ashton stops the car immediately giving me a weird look.

“What is it?. Ouch!. Why did you hit me” Ashton yells out, rubbing his arms, where I landed a blow on.

“That’s for coming to my house, lying to my parents that you’re my boyfriend. What sort of expensive lie was that.” I said glaring at him.

“I only lied because you also denied ever kissing me, so take it as a payback. Can we go now?.” He asks boredly.

“No we can’t. There’s no way I’m going on any date with you.” I said trying to open the car door, only to find out he already locked it. Aghhh.

“Ashton, unlock this door right this minute or I will ….”

“You’ll do what exactly. Try anything and you’ll end up getting the both of us killed.” He replied smugly starting the car, I groaned inwardly.

“Don’t worry babe this would be the best date ever, I promise.” He says in a song manner.

“I haven’t been on a date before.” I whispered looking out the window. To say my first date is with my best friend killer, is never what I had planned out or expected.

“Wait, what! You’ve never gone on a date before, you’ve got to be joking.” Ashton utters really shocked by my confession. I shouldn’t have said that.

“I’m not joking, I have never been on a date before.” Why would I be on a date, when I’ve always been invisible all my life.

“I guess that explains your mum. But seriously, how is it possible that no guy has ever asked you out on a date before. Look at you, your gorgeous, smart, talented, you’re everything a guy would want in a girl. Guys should be fighting over you, and you should be chasing guys away, you’re drop dead gorgeous.” Ashton says looking straight into my eyes, I blush. I freaking blush.

“Wow, I should compliment you a lot more. You just blushed.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Yeah you did ” he argued.

“No I did not.” I argued back.

“Yeah you did. Stop lying Tam I saw you, you blushed.”

“No, I did not blush. Do you know what, just focus on the road before you get the both of us killed.”  He shakes his head at me and then focused back on the road, after some minute he says, “you blushed.” Ugh.


“I can not believe you right now Ashton. First of all you made me seat my ass in your goddamn car for over 7 hours, and now you’re making me walk through a very thick forest. What the hell are we doing here and where the hell are we going to Ashton.” I yelled really exhausted by the long walk. Ashton stops walking then turned around to face me, having a bored look on he’s face. “I already told you it’s a surprise. So stop complaining and keep moving.”

“That’s what you’ve be saying for the past seven hours. It’s already 4pm, for christ sake. If you’re planning on killing me and bury me in this forest, then I’m telling you that…”

“We are here.” Ashton announced cutting me off my long speech. Idiot. He sperated two huge flowers blocking the way. My mouth hung low as I took in the beauty before me.

“Wow, this is beautiful.” I utter staring at the waterfall in awe.

“Yeah, I know. I told you the 7 hours of sitting in my car was worth it. Anyway I found this place when I was 5years old, I was out camping with my dad and I kind of got lost, and that’s how I find this beauty. Ever since that day, I come here when I’m alone, down or sad. So you should know you’re the first person I’m bringing here.” I stared at him amused by he’s words, so should I be honored that I’m the first person he’s bringing here. Whatever.

“I guess I should be honored then.” I said rolling my eyes, sitting down on the ground next to him.

“Yeah, you should be.” He replies smugly.

My eyes watched the waterfall in fascination, as it falls down In rtyhm. It’s so beautiful, so fascinating.

“You said you come here whenever you’re sad. Does this means you came here before coming to my room the other night.” I asks, staring at me.

“I didn’t.” He answers simply. He looks at me briefly and then looks away. If this is where he finds calmness why would he come to my room then. Is Ashton Reed falling for me.

“When you said this is your first date, did you really mean it. Where you bring serious.”


“So… You have never had a boyfriend.” He asks curiously, and I nod my head.

“Wow.” He utters. We both stayed silent, just sitting down on the ground, staring at the mesmerizing waterfall.

“I was molested when I was 10 years old.” Ashton whispers softly, staring up at the evening sky. I blinked my eyes really confuse by what he’s saying, “what?.”

“You asked about my nightmares the other night. There you have it, I was molested at the age of 10 by my nanny.”I looked at him really shocked, how can he say such a thing like it was the most normal thing to just say outrightly. I said nothing cause I felt there’s more to be said by Ashton.

“My mum was a chattered account, a very popular one at that. My mum had a lot of clients, thus making her very busy. I barely saw her, she never had time for me. My dad was the one taking care of me, doing all the stuffs my mother it’s supposed to do. I only saw my mum late in the night, sometimes she travels for a whole month, at a time I thought I didn’t have a mother. My father noticed the big gap between I and my mother, he tried to get my mother to quit her job and go for a job that won’t take all her time, my mum she refused. She loves her Job, she loved it more than me.” He swallowed hard, then continued.

“On a really cool night, hell broke, my father asked my mum to choose between us and her job.” He stops, then throws little pebbles in the water. I could tell he’s trying so hard not to show any emotion.

“I’m guessing she chose her job.” I said softly, holding myself back from comforting him, I do not think he would like that.

“Yeah, she did. I begged her not to go. I cried, I pleaded with her but she left, she left not even looking back once. For days I sat by the door and awaited my mum, she never came back. My dad tried to take care of me but how much could an emotionally damaged man do. He employed a nanny for me, and that’s when I experienced horror, she raped me she molested me. She would ask me to lick her to suck her fucking boobs and when I refused, she beats me until I agree to do what she asks. How much pain could a little boy bear.” He threw more pebbles into the water, he’s eyes darken. I could feel the raw pain coming from him, my heart arched to console him, to make him feel better.

“My nanny threatened me never to tell anyone, and even if I summoned the courage to speak out, who would I talk to my mum was nowhere to be found, my father was soaked in he’s own misery. Well luckily for me a teacher at school noticed the scars on my body, she got the principal’s attention. The principal invited my parents to he’s officer. My dad came and so did my mum, I guess I should be happy to see my mum but months of torture in the hands of my nanny did not arouse any emotion in me. Besides it was already too late for her to come back.” He throws more pebbles in the water. Who would have thought the hottest guy in school had this much of a broken past.

“My case got investigated, my nanny got arrested, my mother quit her job asked for our forgiveness. My dad didn’t forgive her until after two years, I never did. And there you have it, the story behind my nightmares, every single night I dream of nothing but my nanny standing in front of me with her usual whip in her hand giving me insane orders.” I couldn’t help it anymore, so I let the tears fall. This is just too much. Could this be the reasons why he hurts ladies, breaks their heart without a second look. I guess that’s why they say, sometimes bad people do bad things just to forget the pains in their hearts.

“Come on, don’t tell me you’re crying. This happened 9 years ago, when I was 10 years old. I’m fine now. Come on let’s go swim in the water, and turn this sad date to a happy one.” He says getting up smiling widely. Is this how he hides his pains, by trying to look cheerful in front of everybody. He stretched forth his hands and I smiled forcefully placing my hand on his palm. “A swim is a really great idea.”

“I know.” He replies cockily, pulling off he’s shirt.

Sometimes in life the way you look at a thing or a person might not be the right way to look at it. Now I only have two question for myself.

Should I continue with my revenge plans?

Should I break a heart that’s already broken?

Should I?


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