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Taming Mr Hottie episode 12

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I walked into the field with a huge grin on my face, boys whistles as they sees me, everyone eyes on me okay there eyes are on my pretty amazing good legs. I use my eyes to search for Ashton and there he was standing with he’s friend. Austin eyes was the first to land on me, the next thing I knew, Ashton also turns around, probably wants to see what Austin is pointing at.

I looked elsewhere else, pretending not see the look of hunger on Ashton eyes.

“Stop drooling Ashton. It’s embarrassing.” I state walking right past Ashton.

“I’m not drooling, why would I drool.” Ashton yells after me.

“Whatever makes you sleep at night, Ashton.” I yelled back. From the coner of my eyes, I watched him touched his lips, probably looking for any sign of spittle on his lips. And yep, he saw I wasn’t lying when I said he’s drooling.

“Wait, please wait Tamara.” Justin, Ashton friend calls out and I stopped.

“Yeah, can I help you.” I ask, turning to face him.

“Yeah, I would love to ask you a question, if you don’t mind.” Justin says, and I nod my head asking him to go ahead.

“So Ashton says you kissed him, we want to know, did you kiss him.” Justin says and Austin nods he’s head in agreement.

“Seriously, you guys were really going to go through with these. I can’t believe the both of you.” Ashton exclaims, standing next to Justin.

“Don’t mind him Tamara, and just answer the question, did you kiss him.” Oh, this is going to be fun.

I laughed out hard, really hard holding on to my stomach, “Why are you laughing.” Ashton asks, looking really confused.

“Just give me a hahaha, minute to subside, hahaha. OMG Ashton, I never knew you tell jokes, you are so hilarious. This is epic, hahaha.”

“What!.” Ashton looks of confusion grows big on he’s face, as I laughed out my kidney. If that’s possible.

“Seriously Ashton you are so funny. Why in God’s name would I kiss you, you’re not my boyfriend, we don’t have anything together and lastly, unlike other girls I do not see you’re as a freaking hot guy.” Ashton stares at me looking so shocked. “Wait what, okay forget the part you don’t see me as a hot guy, but are you really denying the fact that you kissed me.”

“Why would I deny it, when it didn’t actually happen.”

“What!!!, Okay it happened, you kissed me in the library this morning , you were with your friend.”

“Seriously Ashton, if you’re going to lie then at least lie, a lie that everyone can believe. Justin, Austin, please have you ever seen me with anybody before?, Do I have a friend in this school?.”

“Nope, none that we know of.” Austin and Justin answers together.

“You see Ashton, I don’t have any friends. You know what I think, I think you had a wild imagination of my lips on your lips, and now you can’t differentiate real life from a mere fantasy, but don’t worry I’m happy to be in your imagination, but just so we are clear I will only remain in your imagination, cause you can never have the real deal. Bye Ashton.” I grinned at he’s shocked face one more time before walking away.


Okay, I’ve got to ask. What the hell just happened, for the first time in my entire life, in my whole life a girl just denied me flatly and in front of my friends and few students, oh my God this is so embarrassing.

“Woah, that burns.” Austin comments staring at Tam as she walks away, then he turns to face me, “but seriously Ashton, I can’t believe you would lie such a lie, that’s really expensive bro.” Austin taps me on the shoulder and together both him and Justin walks away.


“I can not believe you guys would believe her over me, I thought we were friends.” I yelled walking into the game room.

“And why wouldn’t we believe her. Come on Ashton, we all know you would do anything just to show off. Tamara kissing you only means she’s into you and you’re one step closer to eating her pu$$y.” Justin says taking a bottle of wine from the bar.

“Ugh, I can’t believe the both of you right now.” I sighed tiredly pouring my self some of the wine.

“Let’s forget about Tamara, I heard your mum is in town.” Austin says having a serious look on he’s face.

“Yeah, sadly she’s around.”

“Don’t you think you should try and make amends with her, she’s your mother after all.”

“If she was mother then she wouldn’t have let any of those shit to happen to me, I would have had a normal kid life, a life that it’s not filled with pains and bruises! I can’t believe you would even ask me to forgive her, even after knowing all the things I passed through because of her, she abandoned my father because of stupid work and now she thinks, she could just walk right back into my life and I’ll receive her wih open arms, that’s never happening I hate her. I’ll never forgive her, she caused it all. I’m out of here.” I struggled hard not to cry, not to break down like I always did. Memories of what happened to me is buried into my head. Every single memories torments me every night and every body, every single person thinks I should forgive her, she caused it. She caused it all, she’s the reason for my nightmares, she’s the reason for every fucking pain I passed through and I’m still passing. The scars, the wounds, every pain inflicted on me, she the cause. I hate her, I will never forgive her, never!.

                    💜 Austin 💜

“You shouldn’t have talked to him about he’s mum.” Justin mutters, taking a sip from he’s drink, and I sighed.

“I know but we can’t continue letting him hate he’s mum, he has to forgive her. I’ve you ever had this thought the reason why he breaks girls heart, is at a result of what happened to him years ago.” Justin shrugs, placing down his glass of wine, “I do not think, Austin. I know what happened years ago, is the reason our dare Ashton who was once a sweetheart is now nothing but a cold heartbreaker. Though I have this believe that things would soon change around here.”

“You’re talking about tamara.”


“I hope you’re right Justin. I’m tired of seeing him act like a happy charming person, when deep in he’s heart, he’s nothing but a broken helpless kid.”

              💖 Tamara 💖

I hummed to a familiar song as I arranged my bed, getting ready to sleep. I chuckled remembering the look of shock on Ashton’s face, thumbs up Tam. You’re the best.

A knock on my window startled me, I wonder who would be knocking on my window and by this time of the night. There’s a reason we have doors, ugh.

I walked over to the window, and gently open it, “What the hell Ashton, what are you doing here.” I utter shocked, staring at the one and only Ashton. There’s something different about him, he looks drunk and he’s hair is not in the normally arranged way, I see it everyday. He looks broken. “Are you drunk, what happened to you.”

“Please,let me sleep in your room for the night, please.” He’s eyes bores into mine, and right there I knew I could never say no to him or ask him to leave, Eve if I wanted to. “Get in.”


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