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Taming Mr Hottie episode 10

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“Romeo, Romeo, Romeo, where are thou.” I muttered as I searched through the rolls of books in the shelf. Out of all the literature books, Mrs Juliet could give an assignment from, it has to be freaking Romeo and Juliet, the book is so olden days. Williams Shakespeare is dead, so why couldn’t Mrs Juliet give an assignment from a book the author is alive. Okay, I know you think I’m speaking gibberish, ugh, I just hate Romeo and Juliet so much. I could read any other book but not that bitter sweet ending. I love movies that has a nice ending, with nobody dying.

“Any luck.” Juliet asks from behind me, I turned around to face her with a tired look on my face. “Nope, I can’t find a single book with the name Romeo and Juliet, not even a single book!” I utter throwing my hands up in the air, in disbelief.

“What are we going to do now, the deadline for the assignment is tomorrow, what are we going to do?, I can not get a stain on my perfectly good record, Tam.” Juliet utters, hysterically. I also do not want to get a stain on my perfectly good record, ugh what do I now.

“Can’t you just, you know plead with Mrs Juliet to pass us. After all the both of you are namesake, she can’t possibly love a fictional namesake more than a real life namesake, right?.”

“Ugh, I wish that could work.” Juliet, says tiredly.

“You know ladies, I couldn’t help myself but eavesdrop on your conversation and luckily for the both of you, I do have a copy of Romeo and Juliet with me, right here.” Ashton says, walking over to us in his usual charming self. He stretched the book forward, and after eyeing the book for 5 seconds, I stretched my hand to take it from him, there’s no way I’m getting a dent on my perfectly good scores. I internally curse myself for being a fool, as Ashton draws the book backward, from my hold, having he’s annoying smirk on.

“”Ashton.” I growled.

“Yes babe. You see I’ll give you this book only if you apologise to me for accusing me, of framing you.” Ugh, not this again. Ashton has been trying to get me to apologise to him, but there’s no way I’m going to apologise to him. Why should I apologise to him, when he breaks a lot of girls hearts in a week. And besides did he ever say sorry to my best friend, not like he could apologise to her now, she’s dead.

“I have already told you before, and I’ll say it to you again, I will not apologise to you.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to apologise to him.” Juliet whispers to my hearing.

“Yeah, I’m sure. Besides were you not the one saying I shouldn’t apologise to Ashton.” I whispered back to her hearing, while Ashton watched us curiously.

“That was when Romeo and Juliet wasn’t involved, you have to apologise Tam.”

“No I’m not apologising.” I said through my teeth.

“Can the both of you just stop already. Tam are you apologising or not.” Ashton says, clearly annoyed by Juliet and I little exchange.

“No, I’m not apologising to you.”

“I guess you won’t be needing my book then.” He says smugly. Oh geez, I really need that book, then I had an idea. I smirked at Ashton, then bit my lower lip in a seductive manner, walking over to him in slow step.

“Ashton, you’re not being fair at all right now, you know I really need that book.” I drawled, my fingers drawing invisible lines on he’s chest. He gulps down nervously staring at me, “what.. what.. are you doing.” He stutters.

“I don’t know, what do you think I’m doing Ashton.” I purred, and before he could comprehend my next move, I kissed him. I smiled through the kiss, as Ashton returns my kiss. He’s a fool.

“Hey.” Ashton yells, as I dragged the book from him and at the same time separating from him.

“Yeah.” I replied innocently.

“You.. you just deceived me.” He says accusingly, and I smirked at him wiping my mouth clean of his spittle.

“Tell me something I don’t know, have a nice day Ashton. Let’s go do our assignment Juliet.” I grinned at him victoriously, then walked away leaving a stunned Ashton rooted to the floor.

Step 4 : Tempt him

                    😧 Ashton😧

I remained rooted to the ground not being able to move, my hands touched my lips unconsciously, did Tamara just kissed me?. I know I’m not in some kind of trance, an imaginary world, or dreaming. this is fucking real, she fucking kissed me. Tamara Blair kissed me, even though the kiss didn’t last so much, I could still remember the shockwave that passed through my body when her lips touched mine, that was the best short kiss ever.

Damn if kissing her feels this good, then what would it be like drilling her pussy. I need to get her on my bed, and really fast.


“Why do you look like, you’ve seen a ghost.” Austin asks, as I walked into the classroom, and then sits next to him on our normal seat at the back. I don’t know what the teacher is rambling, and I don’t care to know.

“Nope, I actually just kissed an angel, it was the best 30 seconds of my life.” I said, I think Tam casted a spell on me, I can’t seem to think of any other thing but the damn kiss.

“Wait what, who did you kiss, Ashton.” Justin asks glaring at me, the same way my father would glare at me.

“It’s not who did you kiss Ashton, cause I didn’t do the kissing. She kissed me.”

“And does she has a name.”

“Tam, Tamara kissed me.”

“Oh please Ashton, be serious. There’s no way Tamara could have kissed you.” Justin replies boredly and I sighed.

“That was exactly the thought I had when she kissed me, it felt so unreal but I know it’s real.”

“Okay fine, we are going to ask her.” Justin concludes.

“What! You can’t just walk up to a girl and asked her if she kissed a guy.” I uttered.

“Well we will.” Ugh.

                 😉 Tamara 😉

“Are you sure this dress isn’t to short.” Juliet asks me and I rolled my eyes for the hundredth time.

“Juliet once again, the dress isn’t short, by the way it’s not a dress it’s our school gym uniform and it’s definitely not a dress, it’s short and shirt.” I corrected her in a bored tune. At least we wear uniforms to the gym.

“Fine, but the short it’s too short.” Oh geez.

“This is the perfect shorts if I’m going to tempt Ashton Reed, can we just go to the field already.”

“Okay, but it’s too short.” Whatever.


“Nah, you don’t have muscles, I can’t see anything.” I said to Austin, who’s busy trying to flex he’s muscles to a group of girls nearby. I don’t know why Mr Peter is late, he’s the gym teacher.

“Guy, you got your face banged on a locker by a guy, and you’re talking about my…. Oh my God.”Austin my mouth hung wide open, looking right behind. I gave him a confusing stare and turned to see why Austin suddenly became speechless.

My eyes got wide open, and my mouth also wide open as i took in the sight of Tamara, in those extremely short shorts. Her legs on full display for all the hungry eyes to feast on. I groaned as my dick harden, those beautiful legs i wonder what it would be like running my hands on it, placing kisses at every single spot.

“Stop drooling Ashton, it’s embarrassing.” Tamara says mockingly walking right past me.

“I’m not drooling, why would I drool.” I yelled after her.

“Whatever makes you sleep at night, Ashton.” She yells back.

“You’re actually drooling bro.” Justin whispers in my ear.

There’s definitely no way I’m drooling. I’m the ladies man, girls drool when they see me, not me drooling when I see them. I thought, raising my hands to check my face for any sign of spittle. Oh my God, I was definitely drooling. This is bad.


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