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Taming Mr Hottie- chapter 1

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Tick! Tick! Tick! The ringing of my alarm, inflitrates my beautiful sleep and ugh, I hate the disturbance, so annoying, I still want to sleep…. Oh my God, today is school and also the most important day of my life, what the heck am I still doing on bed, sleeping!.

I opened my eyes and checked the time, what the.., I’m gonna be late, okay I do want to be late but not as late as this, the popular guys might get to school before me and I can’t let that happen, it would put a stain on my plan.

I quickly did all my girlie stuff in the bathroom, after that I dryed off my body, rubbed my cream. “Well, dress, today is the day, I’ll be wearing you, I know you’ve waited so long and I’m happy to tell you the wait is over, really over.” I said, bringing out my dress, I’m not good at describing clothes, all you need to know it’s the color of my clothe, is red and also has blue stripes.

I wore my dress, applied make-up on my face, making sure, I used a red lipstick.

“Ohh my daughter, you look so beautiful, so gorgeous my daughter.” My mum cries out, walking into the room.

“Mum!, Why didn’t you knock.” I asks her frowning.

“Do I have to knock, before walking into my teenage daughter room.” My mum asks smoothly walking into the room, casually.

“Yes, yes mum, you’ve to knock before walking into my room.” I said sighing.

“Ugh, fine I’m sorry, I and your father are just so extremely excited to know you won’t be that hoodie girl anymore, we are so happy for you.” My mum says, tears rolling down her eyes. You see, I used to be the unpopular kid, the unseen one. I’m literally invisible whenever I’m in school and that’s because I just love my personal space. I’m pretty sure if you ask anyone in Beverly high, who is Tamara Blair, they would be looking like you, like as if you’re in the wrong school. The only friend I ever had, was my childhood friend, Betty and now she’s gone, all because of Ashton, freaking Ashton Reed, I hate that name as much as I hate the person bearing it.

“Your mum is right, princess. You look so stunning and we are proud of you, that you won’t be hiding behind that dreadful thing called a hoodie.” My dad says, walking into my room, he stands next to my mum and placed a hand around her waist, drawing her closer.

“Thanks parents for all the compliment, but I have to be on my way now, and that means I would need the both of you out my room, because I’ll have to lock my door.” I said pushing both my parents out of my room.

“Ugh, teenagers.” My mum drawls.

“Ugh, parents.” I retort, sticking my tongue out and my mum rolls her eyes.

I locked my room door, and together but I and my parents walked downstairs together.

“Honey, remember me and your mum love you so much.” My father says and kissed me on my fore head.

“I will always remember that, bye mum, bye dad.” I said my goodbyes and walked out of the house and to the garage, I took out my car keys from my handbag, and then walked over to the black Bentley Bentayga my father bought for me as a Christmas present for me, and I refused it, I wanted nothing to do with a flashy car and now I’m thanking my stars that he didn’t return it, like I asked him too, this is the big entrance I need for today.

I slide into my car, placed my hands on the steering wheel and tried gathering my thoughts together, I’ve got this. Tamara, you’ve got this. I took in a deep breath and then started the car.

In a few minutes, I got to the school and I sigh in relief, as I saw the popular guys are not here yet, I parked my car right outside the school compound and waited for the popular guys to get here, after a little while of waiting, Andrews car drove in, followed by Justin then the leader of the gang, Ashton, my enemy. He drove in next in a red sport car.

I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel, and waited a bit, before driving into the school, I parked my car and then brought out my left leg outside the car and then my right leg, before fully coming down from the car, all eyes were on me and that’s the way I want it, I smirked and put on my black sunglasses, waved my hair a little bit and then walked towards the popular guys.

Step one: Get his attention.


                  😎 Ashton😎

I hummed to the music being played on the radio station, nodding my head to it’s afrobeat, if I had a choice I won’t be driving to school today, but of course I don’t have a choice, cause dear father wants me to go to school, and if I don’t, he’s gonna take away my baby, by baby I mean my car(lamborghini veneno Roadster). I love her so much.

I drove into the school and just like always, a lot of students gathered in front of my car, mostly the ladies, what can I say, I’m the ladies man.

“Hey bro, I thought you said, you won’t be coming to school today.” Justin asked, exchanging an handshake with me.

“Old man threatened, to take my baby away from me.” I answered frowning.

“At least your old man threatened, mine didn’t, he just took my car keys, the minute I refused to go to school, today.” Andrew says, exchanging an handshake with me.

“But wait, you drove your car to school, is parked right behind you.” Justin says, pointing right behind Andrew, to prove his point, and yeah, Andrew car is parked right behind him.

“What did you expect, I took the keys right under my old man’s nose.” Andrew says smirking and I chuckled.

“Hey babe.” A high pitched voice calls out, walking towards me, Sophie. The bitch won’t just understand that I’m done with her, i dumped her ass a week ago, and she just won’t understand, I’m done fucking her damn pussy.

“Sophie, stop hey babing me, we are done okay, get that into your fucking skull and leave me the hell alone, I’m done fucking your pussy.” Her eyes shone a little sadness, but she quickly replaced it with a smile. “I can’t leave you, Ashton, I love you.” We both know that’s a lie, the only fucking reason, she’s still hanging around, is because of the popularity she had while dating me, she became the school queen bee, and now that I broke up with her, her popularity is slowly decreasing, soon no one will even know her name anymore. I was about replying the stupid bitch, when a blue Bentley Bentayga (I love cars a lot) drove into the school, every student attention was now on the car, wondering, who’s in the car.

The car stops, and the car door got open, and a very long tanned leg was placed on the floor, and then the other leg follows, after that, the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen, stepped out of the car leaving me speechless. Hmm, I think I’ve got a new catch, may the good Lord bless your soul father.


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