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"A lot of money is involved" she answered the obvious question on my face.

I've given you countless opportunities with Ryan but you kept failing, if only you were extra careful will Ryan ever find out we are related somehow? I wonder if you're even my child at all cause you haven't been productive not even once" I said

Only guys live there but they love me just the way I am and in fact, it's only two guys that stay there and my roommate Monica so it's good for me

"I'm not, that's the one woman that loves me in my entire life. Even my own family left me, she didn't. I don't want her to see me like that, ever. I don't want her to blame herself for anything or how my life turned out"

Mimi's face curved in anger, she was so angry that she stood up then jumped on his back. Ryan, on the other hand, turned around intending to make her fall but she is just too stubborn