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My Marriage Contract — Episode 2

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My Marriage Contract




Written By Faith Isabella

[Fatimo. A.Bakare]




Ryan Kept turning around as Mimi hit the back of his head


“What did you call me?” she asked denying the fact she heard him well earlier


She slapped his head when he didn’t reply, Ryan, on the other hand, was already exhausted, he kept breathing like he just ran a marathon race.


He fell to the floor making her fall with him, her body rested on his chest with her long black hair covering his face.


“Hey, you still have to apologize” she yelled at his face


“Get off my body first” he yelled back at her.


She gently sat up on his tummy, he winced in pain before sharing her a bad glare.


“Now take it back” she talked gently


“No” he yelled at her face


She jumped on his tummy, he yelled


“Okay fine, you’re not a wh0r£ so get off me” he surrendered



she smiled before patting his tummy


“Good boy”


He glared at her



{One Person’s POV…}







She is definitely the worst person I can ever meet, I looked at her as she drew her gown down. Thank God she is even wearing an underwear, my eyes would have actually seen something worse.


She smiled at me before she took her bag from the floor, I hate her.


“Are you gonna drop me?” she asked


Before I knew it she took out chewing gum from her bag.


“Don’t do that here please”


She eyed me.


“You kidnapped me” She eyed me


“I didn’t, You were unconscious”


“Yes you did, when a person is unconscious, the right place to take him/her is a hospital but no cause you’re such a dummy head you took me straight to your house, for what?” she dramatically placed her hand on her waist.


I looked at her like some anime show I’m being forced to watch, I just can’t get my eyes off her but it annoys me.


“You can’t win against me so better take me home. This is America we really cherish our females”


“Even a wh0r£” I muttered to myself before finding my keys


“what did you say?” she curved her hand in a punch trying to release it on me.


“Uhm I said even a hoar”


She eyed me before walking ahead of me.


I just want her out of my sight sincerely, her brown skin gives me all the creeps.



Just then the door opened from outside, it turned out to be my P.A


She bowed to me before coming closer with shock visible on her face. I don’t blame her, it’s rare to see women with me, especially one on a casual and nasty look.


“Hey,” I said


“Sir, it’s urgent,” she said to me


The wh0r£ smiled at me again before walking in front which I intend to be a privacy.


“Your mom came back tonight” she dropped the bomb


“can’t be” I mouthed


The person I call mom ain’t my real mom but she is just like a mom, she is my mom’s best friend, she loved me and took care of me like hers so she automatically became my mom.


“Why Is she back so early” I whispered like someone is listening


“The doctors discharged her, He said no one could take care of her over there”


I took my hair back looking like a frustrated human being


“I can’t go back to Indian now, I can’t go back there” I talked


“Sir you have to, everyone is waiting for you. First off, your mother needs someone to take care of her. The doctors sent her over for that reason.”


“I don’t have anyone!” I yelled


She stared at me like she is frightened.


“Sir, you don’t get this, you’re not always home. Your stepmom is there with her son, you know well anything can happen to your mom ”


“I know that alright but then again I have no one I can trust with my mom. Aside from that, mom said she doesn’t want a woman that isn’t my wife, that’s why I sent her to the hospital”


“That one” she gestured to the wh0r£


“That’s a wh0r£” I said


” Good enough for us” she mouthed


I glared at her


“Sir, you both have the same mindset then. She ain’t ready for a marriage neither are you, just sign a two-year contract by that time your mother would have been fine and good to move on her own and maybe you would have found a better woman so you’ll just divorce, the shareholders want you to prove yourself, that’s what the meeting was all about. They are watching both you and Rajesh right now. You need this sir.”


I listened to her with keen interest cause she is kind of right.


After I’m done, I’ll leave her alone.


“But we both know she is a sl-t what If she is offered something better by stepmother


“She is a sl-t , she will be loyal for sure ”


I eyed her


“She allows different men to sleep with her what more level of trust do you want ”


I almost laughed


” Sir, I just think you should think about it ” she finalized before leaving



I almost fell to the floor cause I’m exhausted


I walked back to the whore , I scanned her again from her head to her toe


She looked so sultry, I hate the whole look. I’m an Indian man, my family is too and we are very religious

She is so dirty to me


She smiled again, I tried to look away but I couldn’t


“Hey,” I talked


“What?” she answered with a smile


“don’t worry,” I said to her


I don’t want to make the mistake of trying to trust her

I know mother really need this and she wouldn’t accept any other lady that ain’t my wife, and she needs this



“Please you’ll have to stop at the market side, I need to buy some things” she talked with a complete innocent I don’t care kinda voice



“I’m not your driver ” I yelled


“You’ll choke on your own voice if you don’t stop yelling”


I looked at her, she was actually knitting, a small cardigan


“what are you looking at?”


I removed my eyes from hers, I was lost thinking “she knits? She knits? seriously?” I didn’t expect something like that from a person like her


I stopped at the market place, she smiled then got down


I didn’t follow her while she did all she wanted to

I’m sure she wants to purchase more condoms, such as a dirty person. I have to fast for 30 days and pray to God to cleanse me


“I’m done” she smiled so brightly that I didn’t want to see the impurity in her anymore


She held three plastic bags, it looks like foodstuff but I didn’t bother staring more



I did some turns as she directed before finally getting to her house.

it’s not really fancy like I expected

it doesn’t even have a fence or gate


Just then some kids ran out to her,


“Mimi” they yelled



She smiled at then than kissed their forehead

I should drive off but this scene is too interesting


“I did this for you since you said the cold is too much these days” she gave to the little boy among them


” Mimi what about mine?” a little girl asked


“will I ever forget my Valerie ”

she brought out another


the little girl jumped with you before hugging her


Just then a woman in a wheelchair came into light


“Wow, my daughter ” she smiled as she talked



“Grandmother ” she talked then hugged her


” I bought food,” she said to her


“Again? thank you, my dear”


“You didn’t buy any for me ?” another woman came into light


she wore a short jean white black hoodie


” why would I forget my lovely aunt ”


“Michelle, your gown is too short,” the grandmother noticed


“I went out real quick just now that’s why” she lied


” Ohh I know”


Of course, the innocent grandmother doesn’t know her granddaughter is a maid


“Are you staying ?” she asked


“no, I have to go back ” she smiled at them


” Mimi, I really want you to stay,” the girl said in her tiny voice


“me too” the boy also talked ”


” You know Mimi has to work right ” she mimicked their tiny voice too


they both nodded


“so then let me go, I’ll be back huh” she smiled at them


she hugged them before hugging her grandmother then the aunt


she waved them goodbye and waited for them to go back in.

she came back into the car


“you’re such a liar,” I said to her facing the street


” I’m not, that’s the one woman that loves me in my entire life. Even my own family left me, she didn’t. I don’t want her to see me like that, ever. I don’t want her to blame herself for anything or how my life turned out”


” why deny your grandmother ?” I asked still facing the streets


she faced me


” she is not, well, she is but she isn’t my family .”


She smiled before opening her purse


” Now I have to walk home”

she emptied her purse

there was nothing left


” I thought you made a lot of money”


“Are you blind when I went to market ”


” you should have kept some for yourself “I raised my voice at her too


” I know but I couldn’t ” her voice became solemn


“I’ll take you home” I talked


“Ohh, thank you, thank you, thank you!” she yelled



I don’t know why I am being so gentle with her now but I know, I know she can never be loyal so I ain’t taking Sandra’s advice. In fact, mom would kill me if she ever knows she is a sl-t.

To be continue…


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