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My Marriage Contract — Episode 3

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My Marriage Contract

Written by Faith Isabella
[Fatimo. A.Bakare]




I kept smiling as the breeze from the street kept blowing my hair, I love the way it seems like I’m in a movie where I am the main cast.

I wish my life is a movie that will surely have a happy ending but sadly even if it is, it’s definitely gonna be a tragedy.

I didn’t want to say anything to the rude and crude man, at least he is helping me home which is good cause he actually saved me from trekking home today.

“Is that your place?” he asked looking across the street

It’s not my house actually, it’s a frat.

Only guys live there but they love me just the way I am and in fact, it’s only two guys that stay there and my roommate Monica so it’s good for me .

Grandmother has done a lot for me, I can’t stay at her place again at this age. I didn’t really go to school so it’s hard to find a better job.

“Yes, what about it?”

“Those guys are actually smoking and I think there is a party”

” it is not a new thing ”

” I see” he looked at the place then back at me

” go back to Grandma’s”

” you don’t tell me what to do”

“I can and I want to, that place doesn’t look like a good place. Why lie to your own grandmother” he faced me like I am his younger sister who he is rebuking.

“Okay dude, for your information, I ain’t your younger sister. I’m over 18 and I don’t know you neither do you…”

” what can I do?” he interrupted

” huh” I raised my eyebrow looking at him

” What can I do so you won’t go back there,” he asked with his eyes peering into mine

I laughed before replying

” well, millions of dollar will do” I jested

“okay” he simply answered

I know he is joking definitely, I smiled then tried to get down from his car but he pulled me back

“Aren’t you interested anymore”

I double blinked my eyes

“But we are gonna sign a two-year contract”


“you’re gonna marry me for two years, you’ll have to help me take care of my mom. I’m trusting you with this cause I saw how much love you showed those kids and your grandmother so…”

” you are joking, right? where is the camera?” I started to look around

I touched his head just to find the camera, I touched his face and shirt

“it’s not a prank, just listen to me and keep shut!” he yelled

I startled then sat right, I sat so well and became quiet.

“After the two-year contract I would have found a better lady and you can use the million dollars to better your life ”

He talked waiting for my reply

I kept staring at the dark street

“Hey, come on talk”

I didn’t reply

“you’re not gonna say anything about it?” he tapped me

I didn’t reply

“aren’t you interested ”

I didn’t talk

“Okay don’t keep shut ”

I immediately faced him with my questions

“who is your mom?”

“Are you that rich?”

“Is this some kinda movie?”

“Don’t you have a woman to marry?”

“Are you gay?”

“wait, who are you?”

“You don’t look America, you Indian right?”

“One at a time ” he yelled at me feeling very uncomfortable.

I startled before staring back at him as he continued to talk — yell talk

“You know what? I hate lousy people so much and I don’t think I can even cope with you. All this, all this is so much impossible…”

“…You’re a wh0r£, a dirty one
I shouldn’t have even associated myself with you in the first place”

I blinked my eyes twice looking at him like some comedy show I can’t laugh at, that’s horror.

I almost used the back of my hand to slap him across the face so hard but I cautioned my self.

I smiled at him, this is not even the first time someone is calling me a wh0r£ or slut or dirty names.

As long as grandmother doesn’t call me that, as long as grandmother doesn’t find out — I’m fine

“I think you’re bi-polar” I jested even though a big part of me agrees

“What?” he looked surprised

“I’ll be going inside now,” I said

I opened the car door then left smiling at myself, at least today I made my grandmother happy again.


I drove back home, it is empty and dark just like I love it. I pulled my shirt and shoes, my keys found themselves on the floor.

I slept off on the bed thinking about mother, I haven’t called her yet. I plan on getting on the plane back to Indian first thing tomorrow.

I’m so happy I didn’t even think about the wh0r£, I hate her. She is so dirty and unclean. Mother would definitely hate her if she finds out who she is.



The next morning my whole body felt heavy, it feels like I danced all night without resting

My head felt heavy too

“Are you okay?” the voice came into my ears.

I got frightened

I turned around just to see my P.A

for a second there, I thought it’s the crazy wh0r£ I won’t say sadly cause I’m happy she isn’t the one.

“Sir, you okay?” she asked again coming closer.

she wore her trouser suit as usual.

“Yeah I’m fine” I sat up on the bed.

“The plane will be ready in the next 30 mins sir” she bowed to me before leaving.

I held my head like it’s about to fall, I did my business in the bathroom.

A few minutes later, I was already dressed

a driver drove me to the airport, it’s kinda stressful but I have to get back to Indian.



I rolled over my bed again even though I know it’s already morning, I rolled over and over again.

“Hey b!tch,” Monica, my roommate yelled at me.

“who dropped you yesterday?” she asked as she sat beside me.

“None of your business” I sat up

I removed the hair in my mouth, I looked like a zombie with my hair hanging out in the air.

“What’s the time?” I asked her

“Buy a battery to the wall clock or better still buy a phone” she yelled at me

I scratched my head

” I don’t want my phone to be stolen again”

“5:30” she threw it like a bomb.

I yelled before running out.

I have to work from 6 to 8 for money as well.

“You better don’t kill yourself!” Monica yelled at me

I didn’t even answer her


(Home sweet home)

Nothing can be compared to home ever, I love this place so well. Everything about my country is so different, the busy people, the food and the women of natural beauty.

The car halted at the parking lot while I rushed inside just to see my mother.

Just as always, stepmother is in the living room with Rajesh, my stepbrother.

My mother was pulled out by another woman I recognize so well.

“Ryan,” mother called

“Your stepmom just gifted you, may the gods bless her. This is your new wife” Mother talked

I blinked my eyes looking at her in a sari, who knows a sari will fit a devil-like her.

“What??!” I asked looking from mother to stepmom and Stepbrother.

She was laughing like the evil she is.

to be continue

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