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My Marriage Contract — Episode 1

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My Marriage Contract

Written By Faith Isabella
[Fatimo. A.Bakare]


Ryan Shryua is the C.E.O of RJ Beauty in India, #No 1 ranked beauty company in the world. They are known for the finest products, Rj makes sure it’s product are top-notch

Ryan blew the minds of the market when he came up with the best selling cream in the world **NATURE-TY**

The cream blew the mind of the world cause it’s natural, no effect. Aside from that, it’s made;

Black remains black with no spot, it gives a shiny skin with no blemishes. It’s natural ingredients added long-lasting smooth skin.

Fair remain fair with no dark spot, no stretch marks attached to it. It gives sparkle and glows making the white and fair-skinned naturally beautiful

The company Ranked first after they launched the products, they received awards and prizes for being the best in the market. Envy set In, both for Ryan and the company.

Opponents started to create creams just like **NATURE-TY** but they couldn’t beat it or even meet it. RJ Beauty remained the first in the world despite the hate.



Ryan Shryua walked in through the Hi-Tech entrance to the building looking as stunning as ever, he wore a well-polished black suit with a designer shoe laced with diamond. Rumor as it that you all of his shoes are laced with real diamonds, that how rich he is.

All employees bowed as he walked past them. Ryan is a man of integrity and discipline, he isn’t a sadist neither is he a jovial person, he isn’t mean neither is he a playful person. He is just there and normal.

“The meeting starts in two minutes ” His Assistant reminded him

“who called for it?” he asked without sharing her a glance

He stood at the entrance, he unbuttoned two of his white shirt.

“Rajesh,” she answered looking straight

“Damn, ” he cursed under his breath before he finally walked in

Every eye on him, he took his seat just in front of his step bother. Rajesh is his stepbrother from another mother, his own mother is dead but Raj has a mother he so much hates.

“The meeting will start now.” The secretary announced.


Ryan rushed out of the conference hall in anger, all employees paved way for him while he stormed out. Sandra, his P.A rushed after him.

Ryan removed his suit jacket in anger, he sat at the back seat while his P.A drove.

“Arrange a plane, I’m going to America ”

“Okay sir ” she answered politely.


MiMi kept jumping up in excitement, she still can’t believe she made that much money in one night. She kept smiling to herself as she walked down the dark street with one or two street lights. It’s also empty but she didn’t care or look scared.

She is black and she loves her skin color more than anything, she also has amazing boobs and curves which gives her more advantage. She also has plump pink lips and a small dimple that’s only visible when she laughs or smiles.

She kept dancing to herself thinking she has made it in life. Yes, she is a whore, slut , prostitute, call it whatever but she prefers to be called a hustler. She does it for money most times, sometimes it’s for the pleasure but money is also involved

She kept walking like a drunkard until a car did a wrong turn, it didn’t hit her but she pretended to like it did so she fell on the floor.

Ryan came out of his car in fear, he didn’t know what to do. One, he is in a foreign country where he knows no one except his business partners and he isn’t here for business.

He squatted beside her slowly taking his head to her face, he couldn’t even get a clear look at her face, he was too worried to.

“ma’am please wake up” he talked slowly

**No reply**

“ma’am, at least say something” he talked again

**No reply**

He uses his hand to fan her face, as expected she opened one of her eyes then closed it immediately. He smiled to himself before he carried her in his arm.

He is going to teach her a lesson, she thinks she can scam him.No worries, by the time he deals with her, she’ll come to her senses and wake up, he thought.

He placed her at the back sit then drove home, his house here in America is really fancy but it can never be compared with the one in his own country, India.

He drove into the Hi-Tech entrance, the gate closed automatically while he parked well. He loves anything with high technology, he also loves an easy life but he is very hard-working.

He carried MiMi out of the car, up to the stairs, and into one of the rooms. The furniture in the room is mostly black, the wallpapers are white and the beddings.

He threw her to the bed making her hit her head on the headboard, she yelled in pain. Ryan didn’t just laugh at her, he also mimicked her.

“I thought you died,” he said gaining himself

“no, I did not, I was unconscious ” she answered rubbing her forehead

” you think you can scam me right? well I’m happy to inform you that I ain’t as stupid as you” he said to her face

” first off, I ain’t stupid neither am I a scammer. You hit me and I went unconscious now I’m awake, period. That’s not how to treat an unconscious person” she added still rubbing her forehead

“Now what do you want?” he said his face scanning her body, he knew immediately she is a whore.

“…Wh0r£” he added before turning his back on her

Mimi’s face curved in anger, she was so angry that she stood up then jumped on his back. Ryan, on the other hand, turned around intending to make her fall but she is just too stubborn

Mimi bit the back of his neck making him yell, she hit his butt again then tapped his head.

He doesn’t know MiMi


I have a feeling Mimi will be the funniest character.


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