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My Marriage Contract — Episode 4

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My Marriage Contract




Written By Faith Isabella.

[Fatimo. A.Bakare]






Just as always, stepmother is in the living room

My mother was pulled out by a lady I recognized so well



“Ryan,” mother called as soon as she set her eyes on me.


She smiled at me


“Your stepmom just gifted you, may the gods bless her. This is your new wife” Mother said.


I blinked my eyes looking at her in a sari, who knows a sari will fit a devil-like her.


“What??!” I asked looking from mother to stepmom

she was smiling like isn’t as evil as I know.


“Mother, what do you mean by my wife? Moreover, mother, I don’t want to be married to that lady” I said looking at Nemia


I know Nemia as a girl then that I took a little interest in, I later found out she is stepmother’s sister, I had to do away with her cause I know stepmother sent her to me.


“Ryan, please tell me why Nemia isn’t good enough. Can’t you see she is so beautiful, she is Godly and knows a lot about our traditions? Tell me, Ryan, are you really Gay? Or you want to marry a foreigner? Tell me, let me know now. Let me know how my son would prefer to kill me”


“Mother, why are you talking like this?”


I glanced at mother then stepmom before Nemia


“Mom, I have a wife already” I blurted out


My mouth is faster than my mind


“Really?” Mother asked


She wheeled herself to me leaving Nemia and stepmom stranded.


They both looked at me like some horror movie, I love the shock on their faces.



“Is she Indian?” Mother asked


The only person that came to my mind is the sl-ùt.



“Yes, mother” I lied.


it’s the only thing I thought of doing


“I’m so happy my son, please bring her home. Where is she?” Mother asked


“I’ll be bringing her home, next week mother, she is so pretty you would love her,” I said to my mother.


She hugged me then kissed my forehead, she took my hand to her mouth.


“Your child will also make you happy as you have made me”


I smiled


“No, you shouldn’t say that grandmother, you don’t even know if he is saying the truth” stepmother yelled trying to touch mom


“Please stay back, my son has promised to bring his bride so please stay out of it” Grandmother cautioned.


I smiled.


Stepmom calls her grandmother but I’m so used to calling her mother that I don’t even mind remember to call her grandmother.


Dad is her first and only child since I’m a replica of him, she loves me just as much.





   I can’t believe grandmother would even believe his stupid story, I know he is lying. I know he has no other girl except Nemia that I sent on him


Nemia isn’t even my sister, she is my own daughter, I had her with another man now I want her here as the wife so we’ll be able to take what’s rightfully ours.


If only Rajesh is half as good as him, my plans would have been accomplished by now.


Just then Nemia walked into my room, I really like the creamed colored sari on her and the jewelry made her face pop out the more, it’s one of the finest quality I bought just for her and Ryan ruined it.


I hope he is joking.


“Mother, what will be your next plan now?” She asked as she sat on my bed


I faced the mirror just in front of me fixing my makeup


“I’ve given you countless opportunities with Ryan but you kept failing, if only you were extra careful will Ryan ever find out we are related somehow? I wonder if you’re even my child at all cause you haven’t been productive not even once” I said


She pouted then faced me


“I’m just as evil as you mother” she said.


I hissed at her before I continued my make up


I know I have to think of something fast and soon.






Collins drove around California, I love everything about it. Is it the busy streets? Or the tons of amazing light?


“Ever been to club Oz?” He asked as he drove into the parking lot



“Now I’m here” I answered getting down from the car


I had to be in America cause the real fun lives here. My country especially my home is so full of religion and all these stuff but here I’m free like a bird.


We entered into the club, men kept smooching girls against the wall which made me laugh.


I love the vibes, we were able to find out V.I.P’s spot.


Our drinks arrived minutes later, I know Ryan is back in India, mom is always planning while I’m always here enjoying my life cause life is way too short.


“Dude, cool down” Collins talked as I gulped down a whole bottle of tequila


I love the burning taste it’s given to my throat, that’s the real fun. I suddenly felt my stomach turning so I tapped Colin’s


He was busy with some girls, I had no choice but to run out instead of looking for the bathroom.


I did my business outside by the side, I placed my hand on the wall, I felt relieved until a sharp pain came in like something sting me.


I yelled when the pain excruciated, I held my hand while using my eyes to scan what bit me, it was a snake!


Rattlesnake I presume, I kept hearing the sound of it hissing


I fell to the floor.


“Are you okay?” a gentle voice asked


I kept staring at the swollen spot


“Jeez, a snake bit you?” she asked me looking at my hand


She dropped her bag immediately.


“Rachel get me ice” she said to the girl beside her.


Seconds later the other girl came with ice, she places it on my injury. She touched my hair then my face with skills on her face which I presumed is suppose to make me calm down but I wasn’t even trying to do that.


She washed the spot with soap and water before tying a cloth at the upper part and the lower part of the spot. She smiled then bent to my level


“I’ll suck out the venom now” she talked to me




“Don’t do it Michelle” the other girl warned


“it’s not that hard. If I don’t, it will spread all over” she talked then did a X mark on the spot


She did as she had said, she sucked out the venom then spat it away


“Oh, God!” I yelled as she did her business.


I felt like I was gonna die


Just then the paramedics arrived, I didn’t even know who called but I’m happy they are here.


Before I knew what was happening I had passed out, I kept seeing the girl staring and smiling at me…





  After mother has slept I went into my room, I took my phone just to call my assistant, she is still in America so it’s easier. I have to get that sl-ùt, I have to sign the contract with her.


I should have done it before but I had just too much pride but now I have no choice.



📲 “I need you to find that sl-ụ̀t”


📲 “sir?”


📲”With immediate effect”


📲”I’ll send you an address so you can’t start from there” I said.


📲 “Okay” she replied and I hanged the call.



I’m happy I was able to drop her at her grandmother’s place, it will be easier for me.


I know I have a lot to do, I can’t do them without shutting stepmother up.




To be continue…

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