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My Marriage Contract — Episode 5

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My Marriage Contract



Written by, Faith Isabella.

[Fatimo. A.Bakare]










I and Rachel stayed all night in the club drinking and eating, I swear the guys we met today are just the best after I’m done eating I’ll just run away I’m not ready to get laid tonight, I’m over exhausted.


“You’re taking the black dude right?” Rachel whispered at me


I looked over at the black guy, he is cute but I’m exhausted, black guys are usually very strong


“Nope,” I answered






I woke up then the next day in a ward, my hand was banded already and I’m feeling a lot better now.


“Are you okay?” a voice asked.


I sat uprightly looking around the neat ward


“Yeah sure” I answered the slim nurse


“Where is she?” I asked referring to the girl that helped me last night


“Who sir?”


“The girl, the one that helped me ” I answered


“I don’t know about her, no one came with you sir”

She took the tray on the small table then left


I sat well wondering who that she is, I wonder why she didn’t come with me. She really saved my life last night now she isn’t here so I can at least thank her.








After turning all around California I finally got to the address Sir Ryan gave me, I hope I find the girl cause I can’t do all these for anything.


I parked in front of the house looking at it, it doesn’t even have a gate.


I walked through the pathway to the door, I knocked just to be answered by a woman


“Hi,” she said to me with smiles


She wore a short knicker and a red tank top, her hair is packed in a messy bun with sweats forming on her forehead


“I’m here to find Michelle,” I said to her


She stared at me for a while before letting me into the small living room. I saw a grandmother with two little kids, she is telling the story, probably.


“Michelle? why?” the grandmother asked me.


I stood behind the one-two sitter chair between the small room. It’s small and moderate.


“I’m her friend” I manage to answer


“Ohh Michelle only comes here in the night” the woman answered


“She doesn’t have a phone?” I asked


“Yes” they chorused plus the children


I smiled at the adorable children


“I’ll wait until she comes”


“it’s just 10 am”


” I’ll wait,” I said again


They all stared at me, I had to smile to ease the tension.


“I’ll come back later when she comes please call me, I’ll leave my number now,” I said to them


The woman nodded then collected the paper from me


“What do you want from aunt Michelle? You look like a cop. Are you here to take her away? please don’t, she is not a bad person” the little one said to me with her tiny voice


I need to change my clothes color, I can’t keep wearing black like a horror character.


I bent to her level.


“I know Michelle is not a bad person” I roughed her hair then bowed to the grandmother and aunt before I left






I kept walking back and forth in my room expecting a call from Sandra. I wonder what’s happening now?


Has she gotten there?


Did she meet the sl-ụ̀t I’m happy I took her to her house that day if not I know I wouldn’t be able to get her ever.


Just then my phone rang, I quickly picked it up, I checked the caller ID, it’s Sandra


📲“Tell me…”


Before she talked, the phone got disconnected, I tried it but it didn’t go through, I threw my phone away in anger. I hate to be kept waiting like this.







I slept overtime at home so I decided to go to Grand mother’s place, I can’t even stay in the house with the boys, they can be brutal.


I wore my long skirt just like how grandmother loves it, I wore a blue top with it then took my shoulder bag with this I left the frat house.


I took a cab to Grand mother’s place, it dropped just in front of the house, I kept smiling at the things I bought for them cause I know they’ll love it.


“Oh jeez” I heard a voice yell


I looked over at the young lady that dressed just like a man, I love tomboys so I just walked over to her


She kept looking at the floor, she bent over to the side to pick her phone.


“Are you okay?” I asked


“My phone fell” she answered trying to fix it


“it’s broken ” I helped her realize


“Yeah, I can see that”


She finally looked up at me, I welcomed her face with a smile.


“Wait, wait, you’re Michelle?” she asked


“Yes,” I answered with smiles


“Ohh God, thank you” she came to me then held my hand




“I’ll explain later, right now you have to come with me to India, we have a lot of things to accomplish” she rushed her words.


I kept staring at her


“Well, I don’t know…”


“A lot of money is involved’ she answered the obvious question on my face


“Deal,” I answered shaking her hand vigorously


She smiled.


We both entered into grandmother’s house, she was so happy to see me.


She even loved the skirt so well


“My beautiful daughter” she half yelled wheeling herself to me


“Michelle!” the kids called out.


I hugged them together with my grandmother

Aunt rushed out like a crazy mother, she is cooking, sweats formed on her face.


“My crazy nephew,” she said to me


She hugged me before sitting just beside me. The lady stood beside me like a soldier, I felt so uncomfortable.


I scratched my head before throwing the bomb to grandmother


“What do you want to say?” grandma asked


“Well, I’m going to India”


Aunt looked into my eyes while grandma kept staring at me like I just said something bad.



To be continue….


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