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My Life As A Shy Guy – Episode 2

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Just as I slowly stood up, I could see over a hundred eyes boring holes on my body. I tried not to turn my head, because my mind could go blank if my eyes meet with any lady in class. I cursed the devil silently who had
succeeded in putting me in such situation.

“will you answer my question or get out of this class” Dr. Mike barked when I didn’t say
anything after a while of standing
“erm………erm……….” I stammered “actually………. I……….I”

That was the last words I could remember
saying. I knew I was still speaking, but could
not remember what I was saying, because my mind was far from what I was saying.

All my attention was focused on the eyes in class boring holes on my body, especially the ladies. I kept wondering what might be on their minds as they stared at me. Could they be thinking bad of me. could they be saying I’m not smart enough to be in this class. All these and other thought occupied my mind.

It was when I heard a big round of applause
from the class that I realized I had answered
the question. I focused my attention back on
the lecturer standing in my front. He observed me for a while before speaking.

“so you knew the answer all this while and
you didn’t answer” he said
I kept More “why did you wait until I point you before you answered the question?” he asked

I remained mute
“Anyway, I will pardon you this time, because
I like the way you answered the question. You gave a detailed explanation just the way I want it. what’s your name?” he asked
“Christian” I answered sharply.

“okay Christian. Once you know the answer
to a question, don’t wait until you are called
before you answer the question. is that

I nodded in affirmation
“good” he said
“you can have your seat now”
I sat down immediately and let out a hot
breath which I didn’t know I was holding all
this while.

Dr. Mike walked back to the podium and
continued with the lecture. All other questions he asked were answered by other students without delay. The class went on smoothly and he joked from time to time which made us laughed out loud. I later found Dr. Mike to be an interesting lecturer.

After lectures for that day, I quickly rushed to the school restuarant to have lunch before I collapse. it’s as if the few words I said in class had drained all my energy. I didn’t even allow my food to be placed on my table before I started devouring it.

After a while of eating, I heard someone
screaming my name from behind. My heart
missed a beat when I realized it was the voice of a lady. I slowly turned to see a lady
standing at the entrance with smiles on her
face. She must be my coursemate for her to
know my name. She must have heard it when I mentioned it to Dr. Mike.

She started walking towards me. my heartbeat kept increasing in geometric progression with every step she took. She got to me and sat opposite me.

“hi Christian” she said smiling
I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t even stare
at her. I just kept staring at my food on the
” hello” she stressed the word when I didn’t

I waved at her and said “hi” in a whisper. I
was sure she didn’t hear that, because it was
not audible enough for her to hear.
She observed me for a while.

“Christian are you okay?” she asked
“yes” i responded sharply
“okay, i just want to thank you for answering
Dr. Mike’s question in class today. You are
our saviour. Who knows how many students
he would have sent out of his class if not for
you. I’m very sure I would have been among
those that would be sent out because I had no idea of the answer. You did really well.

By the way, I’m Joy.” she said
I didn’t respond. I just kept staring into air.
“are you sure you are okay?” she asked
“I…….. I………. I want to go home. I feel
dizzy” I said
She quickly stood up from her seat and sat
closer to me. she placed her hand on my

“Are you sick?” she asked
Her closeness made me more uncomfortable.

“I’m not sick. I’m just tired. I need to rest.” I
“okay you can start leaving. make sure you
take care of yourself” she said feeling

I stood up immediately and was about heading for the door.
“wait” she said walking towards me
“let me have your number so that I can call to check on you”

I didn’t like the idea of giving her my
number. what am I suppose to say to her
when she calls. She stretched her phone to me and I collected it. I typed my number and
gave her back her phone.

” okay I will call you” she said
“I hope you are coming to school tomorrow?”
She asked
I nodded in affirmation

“okay see you then”
I waved at her and left the restuarant


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