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My Hell — Episode 3

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Days passed and still my loving husband was here. But nothing felt quite right, I wasn’t used to Peter treating me like this. I still felt scared when he appeared at the side of me. I was petrified that I might say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing and he would snap. Truth was, I didn’t love him anymore, I hated him, I didn’t want to be his wife anymore I was terrified that if I left he’d come looking for me. He had hurt me too much for me to ever forgive him and deep down I think he knew that too.

One night I decided to make a plan to leave without Peter knowing. He had given me my keys and phone back so I wasn’t a prisoner anymore. The next morning after Peter had left for his morning walk, I raced up the stairs, grabbed my bag, I started stuffing clothes inside it. I grabbed my passport from the kitchen draw and raced outside to my car. It felt weird being outside , it had been over 3 months since I left the house. I drove to the airport and got the first flight to Miami.

My mother and brother lived there and I hadn’t seen them for so long. It would take just over 3 and a half hours from New York to get to my mother. After a painfully long plane ride we eventually arrived in Miami. I hailed a taxi and soon arrived outside my mother’s house. I wiped my tired eyes and patted my messy hair down before knocking on the door. A young woman opened the door. I had never seen her before. “Hello. Can I help you miss?”

“Umm… Hi. I’m looking for my mother Julie Greene?”
“Are you Jodie?” She asked in shock.
“I am.”
“Come in, come in. I’ve heard so much about you. I’m Amy. I’m your mother’s assistance. Follow me I’ll take you to her.”
“Thank you.”

As soon as I saw my mother, sitting at her desk My legs went weak and I fell to the ground with tears pouring from my eyes. She rushed towards me with her arms wide open, she cradled me in her arms like she used to do when I was younger. Her tears started to fall as we sat hugging on the floor. She waved Amy away with a swift flick of her hand and just held me for what felt like hours. Finally after we both finished crying she pulled me up from the floor and lead me to the settee that was in her office. She sat down beside me with her hand on my knee.


“What happened to you Baby?” My mother asked gently. I looked down at my feet, could I really tell her everything that I’ve been through? Could I do that to her? Just the thought of her listening to everything that Peter put me through sent shivers up my spine. Looking at my mother now I knew she knew something bad had happened to me. Fear ran through her eyes as I started to cry again.

“You know you can always tell me anything pet, but if you’re not ready to tell me then it can wait. You look exhausted dear, why don’t I show you to the spare bedroom?”

“Thanks mum.”
I followed my mother to the second floor, she opened the door to show a room with a large bed, a television, dressing table and a chest of drawers. She tucked me into bed just like she used to do. She kissed me on the forehead before leaving the room.

I woke a few hours later, I climbed out of bed and changed into a pair of shorts and a simple white vest top. I made my way into the kitchen and poured a glass of Orange juice.

“Did you sleep well dear?” My mother asked from the doorway.
“I did. Thank you. I’m ready to talk to you now mom”
“Ok dear.”

We headed for the settee.
“Peter wasn’t the man we thought he was mom. A month into our marriage he lost his job, he became angry all the time and he started to hit me. He took my phone, and locked me in the house for 3 months. It got so bad that I attempted to kill myself, Peter found me. After that he felt that bad that he changed into nice Peter. I escaped mom. I couldnt stay any longer” I explained.


I looked at my mom, her hand pressed to her mouth, with tears tolling down her face. She didn’t say anything, just pulled me towards her, for the second time today we sat and cried until we had no more tears left. After a while she took my hand in hers.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you. I should of known something was up, I let 3 months pass us by and I did nothing to protect you. I’m so sorry.” She wept.
“It’s not your fault mom. It’s Peter’s. I’m just glad I’m finally free.”

The next morning I left my room and went into the kitchen. My brother had finally turned up, I could tell by the way he looked at me that he knew.. He knew everything about Peter. He put his glass of juice down and wrapped his arms over me.

“If I see him again Jodie I will kill him” Reece said quietly. I squeezed his shoulders in return. It had been ages since I’ve been with my family and I didn’t want to waste time talking about Peter.

“What are you both doing today?” I asked.
“I have to go to work and mum has a few Meetings to attend too.”

“Oh. I’d like to take you both out for dinner tonight”
“Sounds wonderful dear. I promise I will only be gone an hour or 2.”

“It’s ok. I’ll head out and look for a dress tonight” I said.

Mum and Reece left for work. I showered and changed into jeans and a t shirt before heading out of the door. My mother had agreed to lend me her car for the day, I entered the garage and something didn’t feel right. The hairs on the back of my neck stood to attention. I heard heavy breathing.. I wasn’t alone. I took a step back and went to open the garage door when a hand reached out from shadows….

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