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Love, Time & Death | Owajiinyi Isaac

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✍️ Owajiinyi Isaac




Now the question is, why do we love? Why do we waste time? Why do we die?
Why do we go to work? Why do we get up from our beds? Why do you eat? What
you eat? What are you? What’s your purpose?

Are our so desired answers to the burning questions within our ever evolving world? Sometimes we wonder if there would be any answer suitable enough to be the answers to these questions.

Life’s about connecting with each other and how can we do these through the
trinity (love, time & death). These three abstractions connect every single human
being on Earth.

Everything we covet, everyone we fear not having or getting, it’s because at the
end, one day, we long for love, we wish we had more time, and we fear death.

Time heals all wounds, but everyone seems to ignore all the good things that time has taken away from us, how beauty becomes ash, how the young become old, a dead ement that would never decompose, it haunts us like we’re criminals, it comes upon us as a plague, and we’ve no control over it, isn’t that so sad?

But well, everyone seems to concentrate on the fact that time heals all wounds, no
doubt, yes, but there are wounds that time could never heal or heal. I would never be able to forget the day I got a phone call from my childhood friend’s parents, telling me that my closest friend back in the day is dead. See how time flies, every day I wake up from my bed it seems it’s all in the past but that wound is still open.

As kids growing up, we had dreams though we didn’t know what it was, we made a vow never to leave each other and to travel the world together but today I guess it was all dreams and childhood talks that never came to pass, time and death took all that away from us. We loved each other, but every day I regret not telling him that he was my brother and that I loved him and now he’s gone forever, I’ll never see or talk to him, that’s the impact of time on us that people never talk about.


Time runs so fast and each year we take to the world a celebration of birthday, but
we fail to realize that on each birthday, we’re a year closer to our graves. Wow!!
Time is so smart.

Time, to some is Heaven on Earth and to others it’s a prison sentence waiting for
an actual death. Time is a gift and you’re reading this article because you have the
time to. Time is a stubborn persistent illusion meaning the real sense January – December or  Sunday- Friday is all in our heads, so said Einstein, isn’t that true?

Death, causes so much and instils so much fear. Sometimes death never gives us the time to grief or feel the pain before our loved ones are taken from us. But well, we have grown and have come to terms that one day we shall sleep and wake up and all this would be over, all we be gone and the loved ones are still forever gone.

It’s clear now that Death gives time all of its values.

Love, we never get to choose the one who we love and who loves us back, well it’s
even more complicated than this.

And I ask myself questions like, did our parents love each other when they first met? How did they start loving each other and later came to an agreement of tying the knot forever? Why do the ones we love not love us back? Why do people love? Is love real? Or an Illusion? And I have gotten no answers yet.

Love can be scary at first, but when held on to can give the best and amazing
sensation ever. We hear it in the laughter of those we love, feel them inside when
called out by names, heartbroken and sometimes disappointed.

Loves brings out the best in us, it brings out the sunshine, darkness and the rain but also the pain.

The “Ultimate Why” we sometimes look at the special someone and not see love
but become love ourselves. But at the same time, I feel as if love brings to the light more of pain and darkness more than the best in us. Imagine loving someone and  telling them how much you love them but at the same time you are so afraid of losing them, you are so afraid they wouldn’t love you back. Deep down you know  you can never stop loving the special someone and you lie in wait longing for the day that special someone will tell you he or she loves you back, you keep on imagining how wonderful and mind blowing that would be but still yet, you don’t see that day coming. You start to feel an unending pain, just like two cars speeding towards each other with broken breaks and everyone wished something might just stop the cars from colliding but it can’t be stopped, the two cars collided and everyone is dead.

You’re locked up in a dark room by love and deprived of the days light and you know it’s not getting any better, that’s what I feel love does to people
who love truly.

Quoting my favorite lines from the TV show, “Money Hiest – La Casa De Papel
“Betrayal is an inherent part of love”

(Berlin). And thus, there discussion goes this way:

Berlin: Brother!

Sergio: I feel bad for her. She’s young, and she’s in love, but you’re sick.

Berlin: Didn’t you hear the priest? “Till death do us part”.

Sergio: Maybe for you it’s the grand finale, but for her, it’s the beginning, and it
isn’t a fair one.

Berlin: She knows I’m sick. Everyone knows I’m sick.

Sergio: You’re betraying her feelings.

Berlin: I’ll give her the best two or three years of her life. Yes, and after
that….. Actually, I will betray her in a way. Anyway. Since we’re on the subject, have a look.

Nathaniel. What a legend! My best friend. He’s happy. Would he betray me? Of
course he would, in the right circumstances.

Beauty? Beauty would too.

Sergio: You say you experience love, but you only see traitors everywhere.

Berlin: No, I’m not saying that. I’m saying betrayal doesn’t depend on how deep
or how much you love someone. It depends on how difficult your dilemma is.
Would you betray your beloved ones? In theory, No. But what if you were told that if you did, you’d be given a drug to save your beloved brother?

That is the real dilemma.
Seems love is much more than just a mere word. It’s deep and dark.

There are events we as individuals’ face where these abstractions have the ball of
the game of our lives in hand. And aanswer to someone’s prayer can be a friction tospark the beginning of a yet unsaid prayer in your life. Love is creation and death is destruction.

Time is just the terrain or bridge in between. Nothing is ever that  of far out of reach. It’s all the fruits we bear as humans to others that brings us closer to our reach.


Events/situations play a greater role than it seems in the Trinity abstractions of
Life. As humans, once we are hurt, we return to our holes where were, before we
were found and if allowed, we stay in there struggling when expression is the only  healing tool.

There are times when we call out to a greater force in the universe in our time of heightened depression and the answers sometimes never as we want them but must be said.

Wherever life might take us, be sure to always notice the Collateral Beauty in
everything. A profound connection to everything (Love, Time & Death).

Yeah, am being pessimistic, here and there but am just trying to make sense of it all. Is not too late to start over though. Love genuinely, show massive care and
enjoy life each day as if it’s your last because time and death are just some distance away.

Thank You For Reading…🙌

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