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Love and Adventure – Episode 9

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Love and Adventure

Episode 9

Written By Nathaniel Anuma 

All the remaining students settled down at a spot because the day had become dark. They had loss four more students making their current population twenty-five. They seated in circle watching as Ruddy tried to make a fire with a stone at the centre.

From the position of all the students, one could tell that they were not only afraid but feeling cold too. Mary and Joyce seated among their fellow girls while Henry sat with Jerry and other male students. Suddenly, the dark place became illuminated by a light from the fire Ruddy had made using a stone after which he joined the circle too.

They became happy to have a fire that did not only generate light for them but also heat. None said a word but exchanged eyes contact with one another through the flame of the fire.

Henry reasoned Ruddy’s previous characters then stared into his eyes to collected data but the voice of a female student who started singing a sorrowful song interrupted him. “Quiet!” he commanded her.

The girl stopped singing while Ruddy looked at her. “Continue your song” he urged, thus, challenging Henry.

Jerry noticed they wanted to start exchanging words again, so he stood up angrily standing at the centre near the fire. “Is high time both of you stopped this challenge of a thing! Just look at us, we are doomed! A journey that took us just an hour plus is now taking us a whole day.

We’ve loss five of our friends and all both of you could do is to compete for what i don’t know instead of finding a way out of this creepy forest!”
Ruddy stood up. “Henry is always the cause getting on my way each time” he paused and looked around.

“Nevertheless, we shall spend our night here and continue our journey tomorrow”
“Is that the only solution?” Regina interfered then all looked at her. “Isn’t there any way we can call our parents or teachers?”

“The last time i checked, only Miss Vivian was with a phone and she was swallowed by the ground with it” Mary inferred.
“Then we can still go dig up the ground to get the phone” Joyce suggested.

“I don’t think that’s necessary” Jerry objected.
However, Henry hand been quiet listening and looking at each of them until Jerry asked him, “Why ain’t you saying anything, bro?”

“I go with Ruddy’s idea; let’s have a sleep and continue our journey tomorrow” he replied, laid on his back and closed his eyes.
Seeing that, all returned to their positions and did likewise while some couldn’t sleep at all.

There was no school activity going on. Parents, students, teachers and policemen were seen at every angle crying, deliberating and chatting about the incidents.

Inside the principal’s office, Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley, Regina’s parents, Mr. Jacob, Mary’s father, Mrs. Steve, Henry’s only mother and other parents and DPO were seen deliberating with the principal.

“We are sending the police into the forest to get our children. Please, i urge you all to exercise patience.
Everything will be alright”
“Who knows the way to the forest?” the DPO asked.
“The bus driver, he will take you there” the principal replied then they began their journey to Kenji forest.

Back to the forest, a lion from nowhere pursued the students. All were running at the same direction. Only Regina couldn’t run as fast as others, unfortunately for her, she stumbled and fell down making her skirt fling open thus exposing her underwear. “Help me!” she shouted.

However, the lion had drew near and stopped before her. Other students also stopped at a far distance watching to know what would happen. Surprisingly, the lion left Regina untouched after roaring and pursued the other students again until he caught a male student and devoured him to death.

The remaining students including Regina stopped at a cliff after running for several minutes panting and gasping. All directed their eyes to Regina.
“Why are you all looking at me like that?” she asked them.
“Why did the lion leave you unharmed?” Ruddy asked her.

“I don’t know” Regina replied, and truly she didn’t know. It was because her destiny had been taken by the goddess the day she had sex with Miss Vivian thus making her her agent.

That means any girl Regina has sex with in that forest, her destiny will go to the goddess too and the girl will remain safe in the forest. She was yet to discover that.
“Something is wrong somewhere” Jerry began. “Regina must tell us why..”
“I said i don’t know!” Regina interrupted.

However, Henry had observed the cliff to be several metres long, so he said, “We should look for a way to climb down this cliff first. All the boys should pull their shirts to make a rope”
The boys did as he said but the length of the jointed shirts didn’t go anywhere, so all looked at the girls.
“Pull your shirts” Ruddy told them.

“What?” Mary shouted closing her shirt the more making sure no place was left opened.
The girls’ population were more than the boys. They couldn’t move or say anything after they were told to pull off their shirts. They could see the boys already without shirt wearing only singlets and their red trousers.

“Pull off your shirts!” Ruddy shouted again.
Regina first pulled her white longsleeve shirt off leaving only her red skirt and bra which pumped her voluptuous breasts upward.

She gently handed the shirt to him while Ruddy gave it to Henry who started joining it with others in form of a rope. Seeing that, other girls began to pull off too. Joyce looked at Jerry and saw him staring at her, so she shyly hid behind a fellow girl.

She came out with her shirt in her hand then handed it to Ruddy after taking a glance at Jerry again. She was left with her red skirt and white bra which also had black colour. Her breasts fully saturated in it.
Mary was the last person who began to unbutton her shirt gradually.

She occasionally glanced at Henry who didn’t show any concern tying the shirts one by one. After she pulled if off, she walked to Ruddy and handed it to him but he suddenly lust after her body: There were fairy hair that lined up from inside her skirt up to her stomach. Even without her pink bra, her breasts would still be standing upright and one can deduce that its nibbles had not yet fully formed.

Henry took a glance at her after tying all the shirt then lowered the rope off the cliff. “Not yet enough” he looked at Ruddy. “I guess we men gonna pull off our trousers”
The men did as he said wearing only their boxers. The shape of their dicks could be visualized through them. After tying and lowering for the third time, it wasn’t yet enough, then they all looked at the girls again.
“Don’t even say it” Mary warned them even before Ruddy said anything.

“What do you mean? You have to pull off your skirts for us to get out of here! Or do you prefer going back to the lion?”
“There is no way we gonna strip naked here!”
“But we are naked!”
“You are men!”
“What difference does it make?”

“Woah woah woah” Danny interrupted them standing between the boys and the girls. He looked at the girls and said, “Alright, if you don’t want to pull off your skirts, donate your bras and pants coz they are even more like a rope than your skirt. Hope I’m making sense”

The male students smiled while some giggled but the girls were mean except Regina who laughed aloud. “Very soon we will donate our pussy too for a rope like dick” she said causing more laughter among the students thus making them feel less worried about their situation.

To Be Continued… 

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