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Love and Adventure – Episode 8

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Love and Adventure 

Episode 8

Written By Nathaniel Anuma 


All the eyes of the students were fixed upward admiring God’s wonderful creatures. Joyce moved closer to Jerry and said, “This is marvelous!”
“Yeah, i love it” he replied happily.
“You love it?”
“What else do you love?”
“Excuse me?”
“I mean who else do you love?”

“Yes” Joyce became emotional staring at him. Only then did Jerry notice her seeing the most beautiful part of her thereby beginning to develop feelings for her. He saw some particles of dry leaves on her face then began to dust them out gently. Joyce couldn’t believe it! Before he said a word, Miss Vivian interrupted the romantic moment.

“This is a typical example of a terrestrial habitat; tall trees, broad leaves, etc. I want to ask a question; animals in water are called aquatic animals, the ones on land are called terrestrial animals, what do you call the ones that live in the trees?”

Everywhere became quiet again for a while before Regina said, “Arboreal animals”
“Yes, arboreal animals are creatures who spend the majority of their lives in trees.

They eat, sleep and play in the tree canopy”
“Like that monkey over there” Dan pointed at a monkey in one of the trees. “Miss, the Monkey is already falling inlove with you” he added then everybody laughed including miss Vivian who found the students funny and loved them the more.
“I’ll be right back” she went out of sight while the students admired the monkey.

Miss Vivian called Glory secretly on the phone again and said, “I don’t think i can do this again” “Why?”

“You should see these children, Glory. I can’t bring myself to harm any of them anymore”
“Listen Vivian, you have to finish what you’ve started or none of you, i repeat, none of you will come out there alive!” Glory hung up the call. Immediately Vivian turned, she saw Henry standing before her, so she became shocked.

Both stared at each other at the secret place in the forest. It became obvious to her that Henry had a clue of her mission coz he caught her red-handed.
“What are you doing here, Steve?”
“Why are you frightened, Miss?” Henry threw back the question still with his hands inside his pocket.

“Why should i be frightened when I’m not guilty of anything or hiding something?”
“If you are telling me the truth, your hands won’t be shaking” Henry had already observed her hand quivering in fear. Miss Vivian noticed it then placed her two hands behind her.

“From your phone call, you planned to bring harm to us the students but have suddenly changed your mind. Who are you and what’s your mission, Miss?”
“Steve, we have to leave this forest now” Miss Vivian wanted to pass but he blocked her.

“We are going nowhere until you tell me who you are and why you brought us to this God forsaken place” Henry persuaded seriously.
Miss Vivian suddenly became emotional then broke down in tears. “I met this my friend who is very rich. She easily get rich men who pay her a lot of money after sleeping with them.

These rich men can not just come by, she gets them through the power of a goddess of this forest after making some sacrifices. So i wanted to be like her that’s why i brought you people here for the goddess to choose three virgins each both boys and girls. But as it stands now, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to bring harm to any of you”

“Come with me” Henry dragged her by the hand going to his fellow students. When all the students noticed them coming in such a manner, their eyes went to them leaving the monkey in the tree.

Henry stopped and released her hand. “All this while, my suspicions and observation were right! I tried to make you all understand that Miss Vivian isn’t the person you think she is! Now it has become obvious..”

he told them all that Miss Vivian told him and the students shouted in fear. Some started crying already why some wanted to run out of the forest immediately but fear couldn’t let them. Joyce had held Jerry tightly crying too.
Mary came out with tears in her eyes.

“I never knew Miss Vivian was this evil coz she also wanted to have sex with me. She..”
“My children” Miss Vivian interrupted her. “You all need to forgive me. The only thing now is that we are doomed if we don’t get out of this forest! It doesn’t matter whether you are a virgin or not. We shall all die if..”

Before she concluded, the ground opened and swallowed her instantly making Henry and others to run out in different directions flinging away their books and bags. Some fainted while some fell down on their way, thus, sustaining injuries.

Some, who didn’t know the direction to run to again began to shout each others names to meet together.
“Henry!” Mary shouted at a lonely area running back coz she didn’t know any road to follow. Henry and Ruddy followed the direction of her voice and met her at the same time in a way Mary was in between them.

“Come on, Mary, let’s get out of here” Ruddy stretched his hand for her to grab.
Henry didn’t say a word as Mary looked at him then ran to him leaving Ruddy’s hand hanging. So he became disappointed and called other missing students who arrived at the spot complete in number-30.

“Our teacher is gone. No matter what happens in this forest we must stick together! No one must depart from another. Be your brother’s keeper” Ruddy turned, glanced at Mary who stood beside Henry and led the way then all followed him.

The goddess of the forest made their journey endless until all dies one by one. As they walked blindedly, a coconut from nowhere fell on the head of a female student making others to run away from her but later circled her. They could see her quivering and vomiting white liquid foams.
Henry rushed her.

“Cynthia! Cynthia!” he called and shook her to open her eyes but the poor girl got cold in his hand and died. Everybody began to cry. Henry stood up with tears in his eyes too. He removed his eyeglasses and threw it on the floor. “If you all had listened and reasoned with me, this wouldn’t have happened.”

he stepped out.
A female student plug off a broad leave and covered dead Cynthia before all began their hopeless Journey again. Mary went back and picked the eyeglasses without Henry’s knowledge.

The day had become dark and the students were still in the forest.

Already, at Divine Glorious Academy, parents of the students had gathered around crying and blaming the principal and other teachers. They were actually waiting for the bus driver who had gone to bring them but he finally came back without them.

“I couldn’t find them” he told the principal.
“What of Vivian?” he asked.
“Her number isn’t going sir”
Hearing that, all the parents bursted out in a thunderous cry.

To Be Continued 

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