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Love and Adventure – Episode 6

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Love and Adventure

Episode 6

Written By Nathaniel Anuma 


Regina reasoned his question for a while without having a clue why he asked that. “Could it be that he knows where I’m going tonight with Miss Vivian?” she thought.


There were many girls dancing and drinking in the sitting room. Sandra wasn’t an exception. They all wore mini skirts and dressed like prostitutes which they were. By slightly bending downward, one could see their inner wears. A music blasted out from a Home Theater DVD.

Miss Vivian glanced at her wrist watch occasionally and looking at the door with ears wide open for the alarm door. She was the only girl that dressed decently in a long handless gown that can slightly expose her breasts if dragged down. Suddenly, the alarm sounded and she opened it to lead Regina in. She looked more mature and attractive than in a school uniform.
“Welcome, dear”

“Thank you”
Regina didn’t see any masculine in the building but didn’t bother because she knew why she came. She saw what she expected.
An introduction was made by Miss Vivian thereby causing a loud excitement in the room.

Regina drank and danced feeling a bit inferior until Miss Vivian led her into one of the bedrooms. She closed the door behind her and gently began to kissed her sitting on the edge of the bed with her.
Regina quit the kiss. “I don’t know how to do it, Miss”

“It’s simple, just touch me where you would like to be touched too. It’s the best feelings ever” Miss
Vivian took off her gown. Her body was amazing! The curve butt and round breasts that stood firmly got Regina’s eyes fixed on them.

She returned to the edge of the bed and resumed the kiss. One of her hands got hold of Regina’s breasts romancing them through her top.

She could feel her breathing rate changing therefore stimulating her nipples which got hard immediately. She totally quit the kiss and off her top and bra then her breasts became more sensitive to touch.

Regina watched her drag her skirt off and she adjusted to the inner part of the bed with her legs spread open. Miss Vivian met her again then the kiss and touching continued.

When she stimulated her clit through her pant she moaned in her mouth hungrily devouring her lips and thrusting her hips up and down. Already, in between her legs had become an ocean of wetness.

Miss Vivian left her lips to her nipples sucking them gently and at the same time putting off her pant which Regina finally kicked off to the ground. She felt her teacher’s mouth left her nipples going down to her abdomen. Sooner did she feel her soft, delicate and cold tongue on her pussy.

Miss Vivian sucked her clit and fingered her at the same time thereby stimulating her g-spot which she couldn’t bear its sensation anymore thrusting, squirming and twisting her hips with hands on her teacher’s head.

She let out a loud moan and cum in Miss Vivian’s mouth who tasted her juicee feeling the walls of her vagina contrast and clit being more sensitive. She departed from there back to her mouth and began to kiss her making her taste her own cum in her mouth.

“How was it?” Miss Vivian asked.
Regina couldn’t say anything but just smiled. How would she had known that her destiny had been taken from her? How would she had known that she would never have feelings for men again, thus being a straight lesbian? Oh!
“Now is my turn” Miss Vivian laid down and Regina climbed her…

After assembly, Henry observed Miss Vivian exchanging romantic smile with Regina in a suspicious manner. Nevertheless, he averted his eyes from them going into the classroom while Miss Vivian entered the principal’s office in her outmost glowing beauty. She took a seat even before the principal permitted.
“Good morning sir”

“Morning, is anything the matter, Vivian?”
“Not really, sir. I just want you to permit me to take the SS3 students to an excursion for them to have more and reliable knowledge on terrestrial habitat and Ecosystem at large. You know learning is much more retaintive in students’ memory if practiced or experienced.

You would agree with me that experience is the best teacher”
Mr Dickson smiled at her explanation shaking his chair in a harmonic motion. “That’s good, Vivian. All that you are saying is you’ll be taking them to somewhere like a forest”
“Exactly, sir”
“Do you have anyone in mine?”
“Kenji Forest sir”

“Haven’t heard of that”
“It’s a bit far from here. It has all the features of an Ecosystem that..”
“Is okay” the principal interrupted. “The school van is available, fix a date and you are good to go”

“Oh, thank you very much sir!” Miss Vivian stood up, shook his hand and left with a happy and smiling face. Henry sighted her from the window of his classroom and read her mind through the smile and happy attitude. “Why would she be that happy?” he thought.

After Miss Vivian entered their classroom and announced that they would be going for an excursion in the next three days, Henry then discovered the reason for her smiles and happiness. So he frowned thinking critically. “This lady, Mary entered into her office happily but came out worried, she gave Regina a birthday card which i also saw with Mary who tore hers; meaning she didn’t like the invitation.

Regina accepted it yesterday and both exchange strange smiles today, she entered into the principal’s office and came out very happy only because she must has been granted the permission to the excursion. She must be up to something dangerous” he concluded and kept his observation in mind.

All SS3 students were seen in a long van running on a high way. All seated in pairs: Joyce with Mary, Henry with Jerry, Regina with a female student, Ruddy with a male student.

Henry hadn’t given Mary his attention since then and it seemed to her as if the most precious thing was being denied from her. She occasionally looked towards his direction and both eyes caught each moment.

Joyce also wished Jerry make a move on her.
On the other hand, Ruddy still had his eyes on Mary.
Regina found herself falling for her fellow girl and that was no other person but Joyce.

A few hours later, they all arrived at the entrance of Kenji forest and began to go down from the long van one by one.
All SS3 students came down from the van standing at the local road-not the main road. The road wasn’t tiled neither was it straight. It had potholes from any little distance.

There was an excitement among the students who chatted with one another happily coz they were free from school environment thus giving them the freedom to do or say anything. But the basic rules and regulations of the school never departed from their minds.

Henry stood at a spot with Jerry. All waited for Miss Vivian to start her teaching or better still lead them to the innermost forest.
“Mhen, i guess this gonna be fun and adventurous” Jerry broke the silence between him and Henry.

“Definitely” he replied with his eyes fixed on Miss Vivian who was telling the bus driver to drive back to school.
Regina met Mary and Joyce where they were also surveying the environment like other students.


To Be Continued…

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