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Love and Adventure – Episode 3

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Love and Adventure

Episode 3

Written By Nathaniel Anuma 



“Heeeyyy!” all the students shouted. Only Mary remained quiet looking at Henry’s boldness. She still didn’t believe that he could be that bold and mean to his teacher. “What does Henry see in this young lady?” she thought.

However Miss Vivian had noticed that Henry had a bad impression about her and might have a clue about who she really is and her mission. Therefore she walked out of the classroom angrily going to the principal’s office.

That caused a great pandemonium among the students. Some supported Henry’s action while many girls condemned it. Just as the noise continued, Ruddy, the head-boy stood before all the students saying, “Let me have your attention!”

Everywhere remained calmed and Mary looked at him to see him looking at her too. It was obvious Ruddy had always wanted a relationship with her but still waiting for the right time to profess his love for her. Of course, as a girl, Mary noticed it.

Ruddy continued, “Seriously, I’m not happy with what happened now. Henry is trying to put this class into a serious danger. We just managed to have a Biology teacher but he..”

“Enough!” Henry interrupted him thereby making him feel embarrassed. He stood up walking to the front of the classroom as all stared at him.
“Henry, you shouldn’t have interrupted me like that?”
“So i should have allowed you make me look like a fool”

“You are being too disrespectful”
“Open your eyes, Ruddy!” Henry turned to the class. “You all should open your eyes because the worse nightmare will become a reality one day. Miss Vivian is not who you think she..”

“Enough with your stupid observation!” a female student interrupted him and others joined in condemning him. Just then, sir Best entered and dragged him by the hand going to the principal’s office.

Before they left, Henry’s eyes caught with Mary’s who began to fall inlove with him instantly, so she looked through the window like other students to know where he was being dragged to.

Inside Mr Dickson’s office the principal, there were a lot of images of old teachers on the wall. The image of the president of the country and governor of the state were seen hanging side by side as a respect to national symbol. Before the office table was Miss Vivian seated with an angry face. Sir Best entered with Henry.

“Steve” the principal called Henry by his surname. He normally addresses students by their surnames. “What nonsense am i hearing?! Have you gone bankers to insult your teacher?! You must be punished severely for this unacquainted misconduct! Now i order you to apologize to her!”

Henry looked at Miss Vivian who also stared into his eyes not knowing that he was actually collecting more data from her eyes.

He couldn’t bring himself to apologize to her seeing how evil she could be from her eyes. Nevertheless, he said, “I pologize to you, Miss Vivian for my improper attitude. I pledge it will never happen again”
“Now, get out of my office!” the principal commanded.
Henry dressed his trouser, adjusted his eyeglasses, glanced at Miss Vivian then walked out.

Students began to troop out of their classes. Henry remained quiet throughout the remaining hours of the day. Before Mary hung her bag to join the crowed, Ruddy showed up at her locker. “Hi, Mary”
“Hi, Ruddy”

“Wanna go with you today”
“Really? Why?”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea” Mary began to move out while Ruddy followed her then stopped her at an open place outside the classroom.
“Listen to me first”

“Fine, what’s it?” Mary asked. Just then, she sighted Henry coming out of the classroom with Jerry. He looked more handsome to her thereby falling for him the more. Before Henry turned to look at their direction, she averted her eyes instantly.
“Are you okay?” Ruddy asked her.
“What did you say?”
“I was trying to..”

“Is okay, you can come with me” Mary permitted him to avoid long explanation and disturbance. But before they set to leave, a junior student tapped her from behind and they turned.
“That Miss is calling you” the poor boy pointed at Miss Vivian’s office.
“You mean Miss Vivian?” Mary wanted to be sure.

“Okay, thank you” Mary’s heart skipped and she became restless because she was getting worried by the sudden invitation by Miss Vivian. She looked at Ruddy. “You can go alone”

“Let me wait for you” Ruddy suggested.
“Okay” Mary began to go towards the office.
However, Henry had been observing her, the junior student and Ruddy.

He watched her until she entered into Miss Vivian’s office and closed the door behind her. So he shook his head pitifully and began to go home with Jerry.
“Guy, you’re over reacting about this new teacher. Xup with you?” Jerry wanted him to talk but he never said a word until they departed.

As Ruddy waited patiently for Mary to come out from Miss Vivian’s office, Joyce arrived at the spot. Meanwhile, before Mary went to the office, she handed her bag to Ruddy to hold for her. When Joyce saw the bag, she asked, “Why are you with Mary’s bag?”
“She gave it to me to hold”
“Where is she?”

“In Miss Vivian’s office”
Joyce directed her eyes there but averted them back to Ruddy. “You can give me the bag and go home”
“No, I planned to go with her too” “Then let’s wait for her” Joyce concluded.

Inside the office, Mary stood before Miss Vivian’s table while Miss Vivian herself was in front of a mirror dressing her hair. She had not said anything to her since she came in and greeted her.

Mary wondered why she was summoned and kept in silence for over ten minutes. As she wanted to enquire, Miss Vivian turned from the mirror to her chair.
“What’s your surname?”
“Mary Jacob in full, right?”

“Yes” Mary replied. She observed how she spread her legs like a man and left the upper part of her shirt open in a way the tip of her breasts became visible. “Why is this lady behaving naughty?” she began to think. “Does she think I’m a man? I guess she’s a les..”

“Jacob” Miss Vivian interrupted her thought. “I’ll like to be your friend” she smiled shaking the office chair romantically.
“No problem” Mary let out a smile to cover her fear and tension.


To Be Continued.…

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