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Love and Adventure – Episode 2

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Love and Adventure

Episode 2

Written By Nathaniel Anuma 


Students wandered around the school premises. Nobody knew about the electric spark between the new Biology teacher and Mary except Henry who had just 10% idea about it. He also believed that the worse would soon happen in the school.

Just as he came out from his classroom, he spotted Mary sitting alone under a mango tree. Her posture was more like a rapped girl. As she wallowed in thought of Miss Vivian’s initial question and attitude, Henry came standing before her with hands in his pockets, so she straightened up surprisingly.
“I should be asking you that, Mary. What is your problem?”

Mary smiled. Everybody in the school knew Henry as someone who doesn’t have time for girls, so she didn’t want to believe that he had suddenly developed feelings for her by showing concern about her well being.

As a smart student, Henry read her mind and said, “I’m not interested in you or have any emotional feelings for you. So don’t get me wrong”
“Then why are you here?” Mary frowned.
“Can i ask you a question?”

“If a child goes into a room happily and comes out sadly, what do you think would be the cause of the sadness?”
“Something must have happened in the room which the child didn’t expect or like” Mary replied as an afterthought.

“Exactly!” Henry brought his hands out from his pockets and bent forward staring at her face seriously.
“You entered into Miss Vivian’s office happily but came out sadly. What happened inside the office?”

Mary became shocked at his question and intelligence. The more she waited feeling surprise about Henry’s question and intelligence, so as Henry took record of her suspicious actions for more observation. He was so smart that he can read your mind from your eyes and locomotion.

Mary suddenly became bold and said, “Nothing serious happened in the office. Miss Vivian only shouted at me. That’s all”
“Lies” Henry straightened up and put back his hands inside his pockets.
“I’m saying the truth”
“Then what took you so long to reply me?”
“What is your business by the way?” Mary glared standing up.

Henry brought down his voice but glared back at her. “It may not be my business but sooner or later i must find out what exactly happened inside the office”
Just then both sighted Miss Vivian passing from afar. She also saw them but averted her eyes and finally left out of sight.

Henry wanted to walk away at that moment but turned back. “My advice to you is to be careful with Miss Vivian. I don’t want to give you the notion that she might be dangerous but be careful” he finally walked out.
Mary pinned at a spot as if she was paused with a remote.

Different thought wandered in her mind. “Can it be that Henry knows what happened? But how can he? It’s true that Miss Vivian may be dangerous, but how did he know? He warned me to be careful, does it mean he cares for me?” she wondered in thought and left the mango tree immediately.

Inside Miss Vivian’s office, she entered and closed the door. There was a mirror hanging on the wall where she stood looking at herself. Suddenly a forest appeared in the mirror and a voice said, “You are running out of time”

“Just give me more time. I have to sleep with a girl first as instructed before bringing souls to you in the forest” Miss Vivian said.

Still on break period, Jerry remained in the classroom sitting on his locker. There were few persons in the classroom hanging around. As he remained quiet, a female voice came from behind.

“Missing someone?”
He turned to see Joyce with snacks. She sat opposite him. “Who do you think I’m missing?” he returned the question.

“Never mind” Joyce handed a snack to him hoping he collects it. Obviously she was inlove with him showing him all the green light for him to notice her.
Jerry looked at the snack then shook his head. “No, thanks”
“I’m not hungry”
“But at least you should have taken it from me as a gentle man”

Jerry smiled as both looked into each other’s eyes. Before he stretched his hand to pick the snack, Henry walked into the classroom followed by Mary. None of them were smiling as they retired to their various lockers.

“What’s wrong with them?” Jerry asked.
“I don’t know” Joyce replied. “I guess they have started falling inlove” she grinned.
“You and i know that Henry is the last person who would fall in love with a girl” Jerry smiled. “Moreover, don’t forget that the head-boy has his eyes on Mar..”

The presence of Miss Vivian and the sound of the bell interrupted them and everybody stood up to greet her. She stood at a spot after answering the greetings waiting for all the students to settle down.

Mary’s eyes occasionally caught with hers but she averted them and rested her head on the locker. “What’s happening to me? Has she charmed me with her beauty? What am i even saying? God, save me” she murmured.
“Good afternoon students” Miss Vivian began after all had settled down.

Hearing her voice, Mary raised her head up. She looked at Henry’s direction to see him staring at her, so she averted her eyes too.
Miss Vivian continued. “Where did you stop on Biology?” she asked walking tro and fro in front of the classroom. Henry observed how female students lust after her beauty and round butt then wondered what was happening.

“Terrestrial Habitat” a student replied the question.
“Who then can tell me the features of a terrestrial habitat?”
The class became quiet. Only the sound of her shoes was heard inside the classroom.

Nobody knows whether students were thinking about the answer of the question or they were actually thinking about her body.
“Presence of tall trees with broad leaves” Henry answered thereby making the class lively.

“Excellent!” Miss Vivian exclaimed. “I guess we shall be going for an excursion to witness what a terrestrial habitat looks like”
“You mean in a forest?” Henry queried.

“If you regard a terrestrial habitat as a forest, then yes”
“We like to know the name of the forest”
“Kenji Forest. Do you have any problem with that?” Miss Vivian was beginning to get angry.

“Yes, coz we’ve not heard about the forest before” Henry replied boldly as all the students listened to them.
“It seems like you are disrespectful” she angrily walked closer to his locker. “Who are you and what’s your name?”
“I should be asking you that. Who are you, Miss?” Henry queried back

To Be Continued…


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