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Love and Adventure – Episode 14 [Final]

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Love and Adventure 

 Final Episode 

Written By Nathaniel Anuma 


Back to the forest, at the river, Jerry swam out lying face up at the bank of the river and breathing hastily. His head ached and couldn’t bear the pains of the broken leg.

Henry’s shirt was still tied round his head. His stomach was as flat as a blade due to lack of food. He struggled to stand up limping towards the same spot Henry stood looking at the sun. Though there was no more sunlight but he also looked up remembering what Henry said. “The sun rises from due East and set at due West” he began to limp toward West.

After limping for a moment, he began to gallop. He suddenly stopped, pulled his shirt, tied it on his leg to enable him run. Though he was heading to the right direction but slightly missed road thus heading down to the base of the cliff where Henry fell down.
However, Henry who landed on the branch of a tree, climbed down after several minutes of staying there and both of them met at the base of the cliff. Henry couldn’t believe his eyes! “Jerry?”

They ran and hugged each other happily.
“I’m so happy to see you, Jerry” Henry released him. “What really happened?”
“It’s a long story” Jerry replied. “Where are others and what are you doing here all alone?”
“It’s a long story too, bro” Henry replied and hugged him happily again.

Both finally went to the main road then stopped a car that helpe them. Inside the car, Jerry brought out a white rosary. The mother had always wanted him to wear it but he hated to do that. On the day of the excursion, he left the rosary on his bed but the mother found it and made him wear it. After he left the house, he put it inside his pocket.
Henry looked at the rosary. “Where did you get that?”

“My mum gave it to me. It was actually what saved me from the goddess. I never knew it was in my pocket”
“How did it safe you?”
“After i was dragged into the water by the goddess..” Jerry began..

The goddess dragged Jerry into the river. He saw a beautiful world with all kinds of flowers, buildings and beautiful naked ladies. It was exactly like a marine kingdom.

It also seemed to Jerry as if he could breathe under the water. As the goddess brought out a magic rode to strike him to death, the rosary floated out of his pocket. Seeing the sigh of the cross on it, the goddess shouted, “Take that out of here!”
Jerry didn’t know what she was talking about until he saw the rosary floating beside him. He picked it and began to swim out..

“Wow!” Henry exclaimed. “That was a miracle” he added and also told Jerry his encounter with Ruddy.
“That guy is stupid!” Jerry said. “I guess they all think we are dead now”
“It’s a pity”

“You should have seen Joyce crying for you” Henry smiled.
Jerry smiled too. “Something happened between us in the forest”
“Something romantic”
Henry remained quiet smiling seriously coz he had an idea of what he was talking about-sex.

“Joyce told me something” Jerry began. “She said Mary is in love with you”
“You don’t need to tell me that. I have read her mind already” Henry replied.
“How come you are so wise and observant?”
“I was born like that”
“That’s a great gift”
Both looked at each other smiling endlessly.

At Divine Glorious Academy, up to thirty parents were still there battling with the principal who never had a rest of mind since the day the students left. It was evening time, no student was found around the vicinity except parents and teachers. Suddenly, sir best arrived.
“How’s Mrs. Angela?” the principal asked him.
“She’s fine but demanding to see her son, Henry” he replied.

A bus was seen running to the school environment and all stood up staring at it until it arrived. The twelve students jumped down and parents gathered them. Those who saw their children embraced them while those who didn’t see began to cry, thus, making the students cry too.

Mary sat at a corner crying with Joyce before their parents came round.
“What happened?” the principal asked looking at Regina who was also in tears. That question attracted everybody except the students who cried at different angles.

“Miss Vivian caused it all” Regina told the story about Miss Vivian’s mission in the school and how she led them to the forest to have virgins sacrificed to the goddess but suddenly changed her mind which brought about the death of students in the forest. She never mentioned the lesbianism part of it.

After concluding the story, a thunderous cry began among the parents who their children died. Even the principal and sir Best couldn’t help it but to shed tears.

“Please, take these children to the hospital” the principal ordered going inside his office while many parents followed him. Some dragged him on the trouser while some on the shirt demanding to provide their children.

“Please, don’t take me to the hospital, take me to the kitchen” Danny demanded entering into the long van. Others had entered except Mary who sighted Henry coming with Jerry.
“Henry? Henry!” she shouted running to
them. Her voice attracted Joyce who also rushed out from the van when she saw Jerry. They embraced the two boys tightly together.

“Thank God you are alive!” both said at the same time.
The principal and other students were amazed and happy to see them after they told their story on how they survived. Mary also told them how Ruddy died before all were taken to the hospital.

Mary paid Henry a surprise visit. Mrs Angela was in her room while they remain in the parlour standing before each other.
“You never told me you were coming”
“Wanted it to be a surprise” Mary smiled. “Have more surprise for you” she added.
“What could that be?”
“Close your eyes”

Henry closed his eyes with a smile. Mary brought out his eyeglasses and placed it on his eyes before he opened them.
“Wow! How did you..”
“I picked it for you” Mary interrupted.
“Thank you so much!”

They embraced each other smiling.
“I love you, Mr. Steve” Mary said on his shoulder.
“I love you too, Miss Jacob” Henry also replied. He disengaged her and surprisingly kissed her!



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