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Love and Adventure – Episode 11

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Love and Adventure

Episode 11

Written By Nathaniel Anuma 


Oh, my God!” Joyce shouted.
Ruddy observed them one by one then noticed them dead.

Already, other female students had started crying
“They were killed by the fruits” Henry said.
“But what about Regina and Hannah who also ate the same fruit?” Ruddy asked while all eyes went to the two girls.
“What?” Regina asked biting more of the fruit.
“What did both of you do?” Henry queried.
“We..” Hannah wanted to say but Regina interrupted her.

“We did nothing”
“Lair!” Henry angrily wanted to force her to talk but Ruddy blocked him. Suddenly, stones began to fall from nowhere down the cliff.
“Run!” Ruddy shouted and all began to run but one of the stones hit Jerry down.

“Jerry!” Joyce shouted, thus, attracting Henry’s attention who stopped instantly to see her running back to Jerry. Already, a stone had broken his head, before Joyce and Henry could get to him, another broke his leg. Just then, the heavy stones stopped dropping.
“Jerry, are you okay?” Joyce asked with tears when she saw blood rushing out from his head.

“Come on, let’s carry him up” Henry tried to drag him up but he shouted, “I can’t move my leg!” “You need to try!”
“No, Henry” Jerry began to breathe heavily. “I don’t think i can make it”
“Yes, you can!” Joyce encouraged him.
Already, other students had gradually returned standing in circle and watching them.

All were shedding tears even Regina and Hannah coz it wasn’t only painful to see their friends die one by one but was inhumane to be tortured before dying like the present case of Jerry.
Henry wasn’t ready to lose him neither did Joyce wanted to lose him too not this time they know how much they love each other.

Seeing the blood rushing out from his head, Henry pulled his shirt for the second time and tied it round his head to reduce the blood lost. “Alright, Jerry, you can do it. Let’s get out of here”
“Please, try to stand” Joyce added.
The two students held him on two arms then pulled him up but the injured leg didn’t touch ground.

“Henry, i can’t walk” Jerry said bitterly. Even Henry noticed it, so he placed him on his shoulder and carried him as all began their hopeless journey again.
After hours of walking, they had to rest under a tall canopy tree.

Jerry laid on the ground while Joyce sat beside him with a broad leave she used as a hand-fan fanning him. Other students had sat down quietly enduring the hunger their bodies cried for.
Ruddy glanced at his wrist watch. “It’s 3:30pm and it seems we have gone nowhere. Does it mean we gonna spend another night here?”

“Obviously yes” Regina replied.
“Spending another night here is like spending my entire life in hell without food or water!” Danny shouted and collapsed on the ground then all became quiet again.

Henry exercised his brian thinking critically on why Regina and Hannah remained the only people who didn’t die after eating the fruit. After he couldn’t get a meaningful answer, he stood up walking out from them.
“Where are you going, Henry?” Mary asked him.

He stopped and turned slightly, “To get a walking stick for Jerry”
“May i follow you?” Ruddy demanded.
“If you care” Henry began to walk again followed by Ruddy. As they walked out of sight into the innermost forest, Mary sensed trouble between them.

Inside the innermost forest, the two boys were seen trying to break a huge fresh stick with their hands. They suspended it after getting tired panting and breathing heavily.

“You know what?” Ruddy began. “I shouldn’t remind you that Mary and i are in love with each other. So you better back off”
Henry stared at him for a while and began to push and pull the stick without saying anything.

“Hey bro” Ruddy tapped him thereby making him to stop again. “I’m serious about what I said otherwise either you kill me in this forest or i kill you”
Henry resumed his work yet without saying anything.

After few minutes under the tree, other students saw the two boys coming with the fresh walking stick. Immediately they arrived, a bird landed on the grasses singing a song. Danny was the first to see it, so he said, “This bird is our lunch” he stood up to take the stick from Henry.
“Wait” Henry said staring at the bird.
“The bird is singing”

“And so what?” Danny frowned.
“I mean its trying to communicate to us”
Everybody’s eyes went to the bird while Henry moved closer but suddenly turned to others. “Does someone know how to interpret the language of birds?” he asked.
“Let me try” Mary stepped forward.

“My grandmother use to interpret it before she died and she thought me few things about it”
The arena became as quiet as a grave yard. Only the singing bird was heard across the area as Mary began to interpret her song thus,

“A circle is a circle. the sun is a circle and the moon is a circle. A light is a light and the sun and the moon give the light. The earth is a circle controlled by the sunlight and the moonlight. A power is a power but the sun has the greatest power..”

The bird flew away while Mary paused.
For more than two minutes, none of the students said a word looking at one another.
“What does that mean?” Henry threw the question in the air.

“It is so confusing” Regina said.
“We still need someone to tell us the meaning of that song”
“Another interpreter?” Danny provoked. “Look at a manner from heaven God sent to us to fill our hungry stomach with, and you guys let it go after singing a meaningless song! Heey!” he sat on the floor rubbing his head harshly.

“Let’s continue our journey” Ruddy said. “Our population is now twenty, so stay close and be your brother’s keeper” they all began their journey again but Henry kept the song in his mind. Jerry supported his broken leg with the walking stick given to him as all matched forward like the people of Israelite walking in the wilderness, but Joyce never departed from him.

Suddenly, Jerry stopped and began to pant. The white shirt tied on his head had been engulfed by blood already.
“Jerry?” Joyce stopped too while others continued walking without knowing they had stopped.
“Joyce.. i.. i don’t think i can make it alive from here” Jerry swallowed hard painfully.
“Why are you talking like this?”

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